The First Drone Lawsuit Settled For Pennies

Back in 2011, a man called Raphael Pirker ‘recklessly’ flew his 2.2kg foam aeroplane around the University of Virginia without hurting anyone, an act the FAA thought worthy of a $US10,000 fine. A few years of wasted court time later, and both parties have agreed to settle for $US1100.

The Engineering Challenges Facing NASA's Mars 'Helicopter'

We’ve put a rover on Mars, heck, we’ve got a few of them up there. What’s the next step, before the inevitable invasion by humans? A helicopter obviously! Well, more specifically, drones that can help the poor ground-shackled rovers get a better idea of what lies ahead in their travels.

Mad Scientists In Switzerland Built A Drone That Flies And Walks

Meet DALER. That’s short for Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot, and it’s designed for rescuing victims in dangerous places after a natural disaster. How does a robot do that? Well, it requires flying into a dangerous place and then walks around that dangerous place. DALER does both.

In Australia, Posting Drone Video On YouTube Might Get You Fined

If you own a drone, you have to be responsible about where you fly it — and that means respecting the existing rules in place from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Uploading footage of your less-than-legal drone antics might see you copping a fine from the boys in blue.

Pentagon Scolds US Air Force For Wasting Nearly $US9 Billion On Drones

Drones are expensive. Aircraft like General Atomics’s MQ-1 Predator or MQ-9 Reaper cost millions of dollars piece, while the cost of maintaining the fleet stretches into the high tens of billions dollars over their lifespans. The Pentagon’s internal watchdog is aware of this, and recently lambasted the Air Force for not justifying the purchase of 46 Reapers — potentially wasting $US8.8 billion of taxpayers’ money.

This Drone Crashed While Trying To Deliver 2.7kg Of Meth

The future of drug smuggling lies not with stomachs lined with coke-filled condoms or baboons ferrying floating smack balloon parcels, but with high-flying drones. Or at least it would if the dealers could keep the things from crashing.

This Footage Of Ukrainian Aftermath Is Why We Need Drone Journalism

On Friday, 16 January, The New York Times published a report detailing Ukrainian rebels’ conflict to seize the Donetsk airport, now a bombed-out shell of its former self. Although the Ukrainian Army says it’s rebuffed the attack, it would have been the rebels’ first major advance in months since the cease fire on Sept. 5.

CASA Reinforces Drone Rules After Amateur Nearly Hits Police Officer

I personally haven’t seen any amateur drone operators doing their thing over the holidays, but given the affordability and availability of quadcopters, it’s likely many, many people received one for Christmas and have wasted little time terrorising the rest of us. Or in the case of one Melbourne man, stacking his drone in the middle of a police operation and narrowly avoiding a police officer. Some angry cops and a $850 fine later and CASA is once again trying to get the word out.

Australian Crashes RC Plane, Results In The Best Underwater Animal Shots

Video: GoPros are pretty good at filming underwater. They are also excellent at capturing the sad demise of remote-controlled aircraft. So it makes sense that if you crash a RC plane into the sea, you’re going to end up with some awesome footage.

Skydio Turns Your Phone Into A Crash-Proof Magic Wand For Flying Drones

Fully autonomous flight is the future of consumer drones. But today’s “autonomous” drone technology isn’t foolproof. Now, a startup called Skydio wants to change that with a new kind of auto-pilot that uses a drone’s camera. It looks insanely great.

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