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Watch These Drone-Assisted Aussies Catch Bluefin Tuna

Our drone-supplemented future will leave nothing untouched, including the untamed oceans that surround our corner of the globe. While the government might be busy employing the little flying contraptions to look for sharp-toothed aquatic hunters, these Aussie fishermen have smaller targets in mind. Tuna, to be precise.

Paris Police Want To Fly Drones Over Crowds To Make Everyone Safer

Drones flying over crowds are not normally a good mix — if there’s anywhere you don’t want four blades merrily spinning, it’s in the middle of a group of people. But nonetheless, Parisian police think they will be a useful tool for policing large gatherings.

An Absurd Solution For Keeping Your Crashed Drone From Drowning

A drone crash can be catastrophic no matter where it happens, but watching your expensive toy plummet into a lake is especially tragic because water and electronics don’t mix. There’s now a relatively simple way to ensure your drone survives an unexpected water landing, though. The inspiration? Insects.

A Drone Probably Didn't Collide With A British Airways Jet 

Remember how a week ago, British Airways thought that they had collided with a drone? British authorities are speculating that they might have hit something a bit more harmless: a plastic bag.

Drone Uses An Old Hitchcock Camera Trick To Capture Mind-Melting Footage

Video: Using a classic cinematography technique that Alfred Hitchcock made popular, where a lens is zoomed while the camera is simultaneously moved to keep the main subject the same size, Tim Sessler was able to capture some truly remarkable drone footage that might actually make you feel a little dizzy. Those of you with motion sickness, you’ve been warned.

What It's Like To Fly A Military-Grade Drone

Ninox Robotics is an Australian start-up that operates drones around the country, capturing visual, infrared or geospatial data for businesses. While its drones are mostly autonomous, they still require a trained pilot to chart flight plans and follow government-mandated protocols.

We talked to Colin Smith, a former major in the Australian Defence Force, about what it’s like operating a drone professionally, what training is needed, and what rules there are to follow while you’re flying.

DJI's New Drone Is The Most Powerful It's Ever Produced

Need to haul a heavy load through the sky? Then DJI may now have just the thing: It claims the new Matrice 600 drone is the most powerful professional drone it’s ever made.

A Drone Hit A British Airways Passenger Plane At Heathrow And Nothing Happened

Earlier today, a British Airways pilot on approach to London Heathrow said that he thought he collided with a drone. It’s the nightmare drone pilots, but according to British Airways, the plane didn’t get a scratch.

This Tiny 3D-Printed Drone Tracks Ice For The Royal Navy

As Kate Winslet and Leo can attest, piloting ships in icy waters can be hazardous. If you’re on an Antarctic naval patrol vessel, it makes sense to get some extra help.

This Is Why You Should Be More Careful With Your Drone

Before crashes could be simulated in a computer, aircraft builders would shoot chickens at planes to determine the damage from a mid-air bird strike. This rig, built at Aalborg University in Denmark, sort of does the same thing, but instead tests the damage a drone could inflict on a human.

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