A Flying Star Destroyer Drone Looks Terrifying As It Descends From Above

If the opening shot of Star Wars emphasised one thing, it’s that the Empire’s Star Destroyers are gigantic imposing spaceships that everyone in the galaxy should fear. The same goes for Oliver C’s lastest quadcopter creation: a flying Star Destroyer that looks just as intimidating as it descends on you from above. And the loud whine from those four electric motors and propeller blades doesn’t help.

The FAA Will Let Amazon Drones Fly After All -- But Only For Testing

Just one short month ago, it looks like Amazon’s drone delivery dreams were dashed. But today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the company an “experimental airworthiness certificate.” Does this mean your Amazon Prime will come from the sky now? Not even close.

A Star Wars Speeder Bike Quadcopter Looks Perfect Racing Through Forests

Inspired by that wonderful scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke and Leia race through the trees of Endor using speeder bikes, there’s a small group of enthusiasts who do the same thing using camera-equipped remote control drones. Like Adam Woodworth who decided to take his hobby one step further by building a quadcopter that looks exactly like a stormtrooper riding a speeder bike.

This Waterproof Drone Floats And That's Awesome

Drones and water don’t get along. This tends to be a problem when you’re trying to film aerial footage of, say, some rad surfers or when your battery dies above a pond. But the Splash Drone is designed specifically to solve your waterlogged quadcopter woes.

Could A Jet Engine Survive Sucking Up A Drone?

You can say goodbye to the quadcopter. That much is obvious. But what about aeroplanes? Passengers on commercial airlines actually have little to worry about, as IEEE Spectrum explains today.

US Secret Service Flies Drones Over DC In The Middle Of The Night

Don’t worry about the UFOs flying over the US capital. At least, don’t worry too much. The blinking lights that zipped across DC’s skies between 1am and 4am recently were drones flown by the Secret Service. The US President’s guard is testing these small aircraft to figure out ways to knock them out of the sky.

Sony's New 4K Action Cam Has A Dedicated Drone Mode [Video]

This is seriously pretty cool. The latest version of Sony’s Action Cam comes with an advanced image-stabiliser that was especially designed for use with RC drones. The result is silky-smooth aerial shots instead of the ugly juddering that drone footage is infamous for. Check out this side-by-side comparison video for a taste of the results.

Journalists Arrested In France For Flying Drones

Three Al-Jazeera reporters have been arrested in the wake of the drones of Paris mystery. It’s likely the reporters were using drones to film the poorly thought-out segment on the mystery drones, not the original perpetrators. We have so many questions.

A Game Called Zyro Uses Flying Drones As Intelligent Tennis Balls

If you thought drones were only good for spying on people or filming incredible crashes, you’re only half-right. A new Kickstarter wants to turn quadcopters into intelligent tennis balls, badminton shuttlecocks, and even frisbees so players won’t need proper courts, line judges, or even decent skills to play a variety of games.

Great, Drones Are Spying On Mobile Phone Signals Now

Right now, at least one ad company is using drones to spy on unsuspecting citizens. And it’s having a “ton of fun” doing it.

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