Japan Is A Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage 

Summer’s zooming by. Wish you could teleport from your cubicle to a sandbar in turquoise waters? Well, there’s no Hyperloop yet — but thankfully, drone-shot 4K movies of Japanese paradise can make you feel like you’re there.

$US75,000 Offered To Find Drone Operators Who Interfered With Firefighters

After three separate instances of drones grounding firefighting efforts, a Southern California county is getting serious about finding and punishing their operators. San Bernardino County Supervisors have offered a $US75,000 reward which they hope will entice people to come forward with information about the quadcopters in question.

Watch A Drone Rescue Another Drone With Coat Hangers

Video: Harrisen Howes was one beloved quadrocopter short after a drunk roommate managed to get his drone stuck up on the roof of their house. Lucky for Howes, drones are plenty capable of rescuing one another — given the right tools.

Pentagon Confirms That A Grey Eagle Drone Has Been Lost In Iraq

Yesterday, images of a supposed US military drone crash in Iraq began to circulate online. Now, the Pentagon has confirmed that it has indeed lost an MQ-1 Grey Eagle drone in the country.

US Authorities Are Investigating A Teen Who Weaponised A Quadcopter

Earlier this month, a 14-second video entitled “Flying Gun” was posted on YouTube. It shows a flying quadcopter outfitted with a handgun firing four shots. Now, it’s become a Federal Aviation Administration investigation.

Australian Startup's Delivery Drone Drops Medical Supplies In The US

While drones were busy mucking up rescue fire rescue efforts across the I-15 freeway last night, they were helping to save lives elsewhere. Yesterday, the very first FAA-approved drone delivery dropped much-needed medical supplies to a rural popup hospital in southwest Virginia.

Firefighters Can't Save People Burning In Cars Because Of A Stupid Drone

A giant wildfire currently spreading through Southern California’s Cajon Pass is burning cars on a freeway in what the San Bernardino County Fire Department is calling a “mass casualty incident.” But the firefighters also issued a report that due to a drone seen flying in the area, they couldn’t get their helicopters to the scene right away.

Drone Footage Shows Massive New Border Fence Between Hungary And Serbia

Hungarian police are erecting a 175km razor wire fence along the border between Hungary and Serbia. This depressing video from Drone Media Studio shows how the beautiful countryside is being destroyed — literally and figuratively — by anti-immigration policies.

Drone Delivery Services Might Hit The Swiss Alps First

Long before Amazon drones begin zipping around US suburbs delivering everyone’s same-day air packages, we might get to watch unmanned aerial vehicles climbing the Swiss Alps to drop emergency medical supplies.

With A Drone Inside, R2-D2 Can Finally Fly Like A Bird

Master drone builder Otto Dieffenbach is back with what is probably his most amazing flying creation to date. Unlike the flying R2-D2 we saw in the Star Wars prequels, this version of Artoo is able to take to the skies without a pair of pop-out rocket boosters — just a quadcopter cleverly hidden inside.