Watch A Bat-Inspired Sonar Prototype Flying On A Drone

Horseshoe bats’ unique noses and big, flexible ears make them nature’s most dynamic sonar arrays. Engineers built a mechanical version and they’re testing it on a quadcopter drone.

New Detection Systems Listen For Drones Flying Under The Radar

On the heels of reports that drones are mysteriously buzzing around the Eiffel Tower and crashing into the White House lawn, a Japanese security company is developing a new drone detector — a system to sniff out any shady eyes in the sky buzzing around the wrong places. The march toward dystopia continues.

James Cameron Wants To See Better Filmmaking Drones

Camera-equipped drones swoop and shoot aerial shots for TV and movies with gorgeous Planet Earth grandeur. Now, director James Cameron’s backing a new contest in New Zealand to find drone designs to make the flying cameras even better-suited to Hollywood.

Report: US Military Drone Pilots Don't Get Enough Training

The U.S military is increasingly making use of drones rather than manned aircraft. But a new report from the Government Accountability Office suggest that as much as 65 per cent of drone pilots do not get enough training.

Good Kill Makes A Point About Drone Warfare You Never Considered

Good Kill is the latest high tech parable from director Andrew Niccol, best known for sci-fi flicks GATTACA and In Time. Set in 2010, it deals with “actual events” in the lives of drone pilots flying assassination missions over Afghanistan. The movie is uneven, but it will give you a look at drone warfare that’s unlike anything you’ve seen.

This Tiny Rural US County Is Getting Rich From Drones

Los Angeles = cinema, San Francisco = tech. And it looks like Klickitat County, Washington = unmanned aerial vehicles.

Flying Rescue Drones Will Claw Like Eagles And Swarm Like Bees

Nature-inspired engineering isn’t new — but engineers are still finding new ways to take cues from Mother Nature. We got the beastly lowdown at day 3 of the RoboUniverse conference in New York this morning.

Lily Flying Camera Drone: Your Latest Reminder That Flying Cameras Are The Future

You visit incredible places. You go on adventures. You want someone or something to capture them — and you — for posterity. But instead of reaching out with a selfie stick, you reach into a backpack… and toss a drone up into the air to film it all for you.

Uber's $3 Billion Google Snub, And Everything Else You Missed

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumours, real and fabricated. It gives us a look at what might be and will be. BitStream gathers the whispers all in one place to divine what the future has in store.

Drone Vandalism Is Now A Thing

By this point, drones have been co-opted into most human activities: proposals, religion, and yep, porn. As of Wednesday morning, you can also add vandalising a gigantic NYC billboard to that list.