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Giz Gadgets: Robot Athletes, Robot Butlers and Robot Citizens

Each new week brings with it an abundance of new gadgets — whether devised by tech giants like Google and Samsung or pushed by hopeful entrepreneurs to Kickstarter, they run the gamut from useful to niche to tech that nobody really needs. This week we’ve got robots galore — whether they’re designed to help humans, in-depth neural networks or just bots gaining their own autonomy.

What Are Commercial Drones Being Used For?

Following final approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Ninox Robotics is one of the companies who will begin commercial operations this month, deploying unmanned aerial systems for customised services to government, NGOs and private sector clients.

With the ability to detect animals, monitor plants or land areas, create detailed maps, improve fire management and search and rescue operations and provide surveillance, commercial drones are for more than just speeding up insurance claims.

The Pilot Of This Camera Drone Has Mad Skills

Video: Watching this footage of talented RC pilots making their planes perform amazing stunts is made all the more impressive when you stop to think about the skills needed to capture these impossible mid-air closeups.

Will Drones Be A Major Part Of Australia's Future?

What part can drones play in Australian society? Last week Intel hosted a ‘Drones For Good’ panel as part of Vivid Sydney, inviting the likes of one of the ‘Innovation Partners’ behind Australia Post’s drone trial, Dirk Van Lammeren; Aussie company Ninox Robotics’ Managing Director Marcus Ehrlich, and even Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop to weigh in on the potential of drone technology in Australia.

Look Behind The Scenes At Intel's Vivid Sydney 100-Drone Acrobatic Performance

Image Cache: Can’t make it into the middle of Sydney for Intel’s acrobatic drone light show? We’ve got a look behind the scenes at the 100-drone setup, created by Intel and Ars Electronica, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Drone Sightings Near Aeroplanes Have Fallen Since Last Summer

There are more drones than ever, but a new report claims that sightings by pilots are falling, so it’s possible we can put to rest some of the fear over a drone bringing a plane down.

The Best Drone Footage Of The Year So Far

Video: The New York City Drone Film Festival put together this compilation video using footage from the official selections of the festival, and it’s really cool to see. Sure, drones can be occasionally annoying when they’re buzzing around your picnic at the park — but when they’re controlled by the right hands, they can capture some truly astonishing angles on things in the world around us.

This Modified Nintendo Power Glove Will Make You The Lord Of Drones

Nintendo’s Power Glove is a favourite among hackers looking for new uses for the decades-old peripheral. This latest project puts humanity in dominion over our quadcopter subordinates.

Walmart Jumps On Drone Bandwagon, But Won't Use Them For Delivery

The retailer arms race continues as Walmart becomes the latest company to jump on the drone bandwagon. But unlike nemesis Amazon and other companies testing delivery drones, Walmart will use drones to catalogue warehouse inventory and potentially replace people who manually scan labels.

I Had A Lot Of Fun Repeatedly Crashing This Flying USS Enterprise

Having made drones easy enough for even a child to fly, Spin Master has taken one of its quadcopters — which impressed us in the past — and turned it into a flying version of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. You don’t need any Starfleet training to take the controls, but you will want to spend a bit of time practicing piloting your starship.

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