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These Duelling Star Wars Drones Can Hit Speeds Of Up To 56km/h

First revealed at the European Star Wars Celebration back in July, Propel’s fleet of remote control Star Wars drones is finally available for pre-order. UK-based sites like Firebox are finally listing the drones as available for $US300 ($394) a piece.

Clown Pranksters Have Already Killed The Only Good Joke Of 2016

Amidst a year widely recognised as a near-humorless slog, a Wisconsin uncle brought us a fleeting moment of joy this week, attaching a silly-arse skeleton to a quadcopter and buzzing passersby. As a great poet once foretold, however, poor Death hast died.

Where The Hell Is The DJI Mavic Pro?

Last month, DJI announced its very cool new Mavic Pro drone, a tiny, foldable, super smart UAV that can do lots of cool tricks. There’s just one problem: The shipment date has come and gone and customers who pre-ordered have no idea when they can expect to get their flying cameras.

Hero Uncle Terrorizes Public With Drone-Mounted Angel Of Death

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” – Revelation 6:8

Amazon's Vision Of The Future Involves Cops Commanding Tiny Drone 'Assistants'

According to Amazon, the cop of the future won’t just be a robot, it will be one that fits in the palm of your hand.

Welcome To 2016, We're Tracking Koalas With AI-Equipped Drones

Local councils are testing a new tool for protecting their vulnerable koala populations — drones equipped with artificial intelligence.

Fake An Alien Encounter With A Drone Covered In Blinding LED Lights

Video: The hefty, eight-armed Freefly Alta drone is capable of carrying a lot of weight. So in addition to a camera, the folks at YouTube’s rctestflight channel put 1000-watts of LEDs on board, and a smoke machine, unintentionally creating the perfect way to fake an alien encounter or a UFO abduction.

Watch A Drone-Hunting Quadcopter Attack Its Prey

Now that everyone with a few hundred bucks to burn can become an amateur drone pilot, we’re seeing quadcopters buzzing all over the place, including places they’re not supposed to fly. That’s where the drone-hunting Airspace comes in. Like a bird of prey, it hunts down other flying drones and knocks them out of the air.

The Australian Government Is Reviewing Drone Laws

Today the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester will announce a Federal Government led safety review into drone usage rules, which the minister describes as “general”, aiming to “enable growth and innovation in drone usage” and will be overseen by CASA.

Striking Maps Show The Devastation Of Italy's Huge Earthquakes

To help understand just how destructive earthquakes can be, researchers could spend years examining the aftermath. But displaced residents need to begin cleanup, and return to their homes, as soon as possible. So researchers at Brigham Young University came up with a way to preserve the destruction caused by an earthquake so it can be studied indefinitely.

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