Here's What The Roomba For The Sky Will Look LikeĀ 

We’ve known for a long time that Helen Greiner, who co-designed the original Roomba and co-founded iRobot, was building a drone. Now, we know that drone looks pretty awesome.


What do you give the guy who has everything, from an entire religion to a Mercedes with a bulletproof glass room on top? You give him a drone. And that’s exactly what some grade school kids from Rome did on Thursday.

Bats Fly By Touch Using Sophisticated Sensors In Their Wings

As if bats weren’t badass enough, we now know that their wings are loaded with ultra-sensitive sensors that help the bats manoeuvre like airborne ninjas. This could lead to aircraft design that might reduce turbulence, improve flight control, and generally be a lot less clumsy.

Does It Really Take Drones To Get You To Adopt A Dog?

It’s National Adopt A Shelter Dog Day. So we’re here to remind you that there’s hundreds of thousands of new best friends just waiting on you to come save them. What are you waiting for? Drones?

Watch This Insanely Fast Drone Fly At Impossible Speeds Into The Clouds

Holy crap. Once this drone decides to go, it just guns it like a warp speed rocket ship into the air. It’s so fast that I can’t believe it’s real. But Quadmovr has been showing iterations of its super fast drone for months now and everything else in the video seems to be moving at a normal speed so my God, this is awesome.

Australia's Drone Cops Say New Laws Are Coming Soon

Australia’s flight safety body, the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) is currently working on new rules for drone pilots, which will change the way you fly your quadcopter around the country.

Awesome Video Shows Unmanned X-47B Drone Refuelling In The Air

Earlier this week, the badass X-47B drone became the first ever unmanned aircraft to refuel while in the air. Think about how cool this is, the drone has to meet the KC-707 tanker plane in the air, position itself perfectly to snatch onto the fuel line and then gas itself up with no one on board. So freaking cool.

US Navy Secretary Wants To Stop Using Fighter Pilots In Favour Of Drones

Manned fighter jets may have a limited future. The secretary of the US Navy has announced that the new F-35 Lightning II “should be, and almost certainly will be, the last manned strike fighter aircraft the Department of the Navy will ever buy or fly.”

Flying Drones Over A Crowd Of Concert-Goers Can't Be A Good Idea

British rock n’ roll band Muse have a hotly anticipated new record coming out soon. It’s called Drones. Topical! We’ll optimistically reserve judgement on the music. The band’s plan to fly actual drones around over the fans at concerts, however… um.

3DR's New Solo Drone Promises Airborne Footage Without A Learning Curve

Flying drones isn’t easy — which is why I recommend a cheap one to start. It gets even harder if you’re trying to control a camera at the same time you’re flying around. But drone pioneer 3D Robotics believes it has a fix: the new 3DR Solo. You just show it what kind of shot you want… and it will do the flying for you.