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What Parrot's New Drones Can Do

Parrot has a bunch of new drones out right now — from the Disco, the first easy-to-fly fixed-wing drone that promises to give a “fully immersive” flight experience, to a pair of shiny new minidrones.

Here’s all the details.

This Drone Can Fly Forever Without A Battery

Want a drone to fly longer and farther? Give it a bigger battery. But that adds weight, which in turn reduces the drone’s flight time. It’s quite a conundrum. It seems like an unresolvable catch-22, except that someone has finally found a way to use wireless power to keep a drone flying.

UPS Desperately Wants To Do Drone Delivery [Marketing]

With many of its competitors throwing their drones in the ring, UPS has now decided to see what all the fuss is about. After all, the [marketing] strategy has won lots of headlines for other delivery companies.

These Simple Kits Let You Build Flying Drones From LEGO

Most toy drones come with a couple of spare propellers to get you flying again after a crash. But with Flybrix, even after a catastrophic collision with the ground, you can rebuild and get airborne again within minutes since the drone is mostly made from LEGO.

The New GoPro Karma Looks Like The Most Versatile Drone Yet

GoPro just announced its long-awaited (and long-delayed) flying camera platform: Karma. The folding drone comes in a backpack and features a removable stabiliser as well as a simple controller with a built-in display. It all costs $1195.95 and will be available in a month.

Google's Burrito Delivery Drones Have Officially Started Testing In Virginia

Last week we learned that X’s Project Wing (formerly Google) and Chipotle would soon be testing burrito-delivery drones at Virginia Tech. Well, the Roanoke Times has the first photos and video of what appear to be tests in nearby Blacksburg, Virginia.

This Quadcopter Can Perform Insane Stunts Completely Autonomously

Quadrotors need outside help to navigate and perform their remarkable stunts, whether it be a human behind the controls or an array of complex sensors placed around a room. But not this one. Developed by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, this drone is practically autonomous — which means it’s an actual drone. The future is finally here.

You Don't Need Waves When Surfing With A Drone

The more propellers and motors you add to a drone, the more weight it can lift. Freefly Systems’ Alta 8, designed to carry heavy video equipment, has eight rotors making it strong enough to tow a surfer on a wakeboard. Say hello to the new sport of dronesurfing where waves aren’t necessary.

GoPro's Karma Drone Is Going To Be Bonkers

Video: GoPro has been working in its Karma camera drone in secret for years, and it’s very, very close to becoming a real thing. If you like drones, and if you like silky-smooth, crystal-clear video, then this short teaser clip should get you hyped.

Pilot This X-Wing Drone To Shoot Down An Auto-Hovering Death Star That Fires Right Back

Spin Master has been doing some wonderful things when it comes to Star Wars toys, including a giant BB-8 that does almost everything the movie version did. But if space battles are more your thing, the company is releasing two new Air Hogs sets that let you recreate the space battles from the movies.

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