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7 Big Ways Our Cities Will Improve When Driverless Cars Hit The Streets

The idea of streets swarming with robot-piloted vehicles paints a scary picture for some urban-dwellers. But a new project called FutureNYC helps to showcase all the positive ways that autonomy will benefit New Yorkers by highlighting what residents will get back when our cars can drive themselves.

Killer Robots Hit The Road, And The Law Has Yet To Catch Up

Much of the conversation about killer machines has understandably focused on unmanned military vehicles. Yet civilian robotic vehicles also present ethical and legal questions. These have been highlighted by Tesla Corp’s recent crossing of the continental United States in a car that largely drove itself and by the first trial in Australia, involving a Volvo SUV, on Saturday.

5 Cities With Driverless Public Buses On The Streets Right Now

Last week it was announced that the US will be getting its first driverless bus fleet in a Bay Area office park as soon as next year. But say you can’t wait that long. You want to see the future now. So why not hitch a ride to one of these cities where you can ride in a public, autonomous vehicle in 2015.

All The Accidents California's Driverless Cars Got In By Being Too Good At Driving

Driverless cars are designed to cut down on traffic accidents, but that hasn’t stopped human-driven cars from crashing into them anyways.

The US's First Autonomous Buses Will Drive Around A California Business Park

The robot cars are here! The robot cars are here! For the first time in the US, driverless shuttles will zip around employees of a Northern California office park. The first public trials are set to start next summer, pending local approval.

Google's Latest Hire Could Take Its Driverless Cars To Market

Google just hired a man who’s worked in the automotive industry for 25 years, John Krafcik, to lead the company’s self-driving vehicle project as Google Auto’s CEO. This hire is big. Why? Because it’s the first major hire from the automaker side of the road.

This GIF Is Amazing, But Those Aren't Self-Driving Cars

Over the past month, this video of traffic at a busy intersection has gone viral. People are sharing it as a demonstration of self-driving cars on the road. And while there’s some truth to the general idea that cars will be able to caravan and avoid each other much better in the future, that’s not what this video actually shows. The video is an art film that’s been heavily edited in post-production.

Welcome To Mcity: The Fake Town Built For Testing Driverless Cars

It’s been a tough road for driverless cars: We recently learned, for example, that all of the crashes involving Google’s test-phase autonomous vehicles have been caused by humans. Which is one of the reasons experts have just opened up a testing center in Michigan that’s trying to recreate the chaos of the human-built street in a controlled environment.

Google's Prototype Driverless Car Hits US Roads This Winter

Google’s first consumer-focused prototype driverless cars will takes their first drive on public roads this winter, taking to the streets of Mountain View in the US. In a blog post, Google’s self-driving car project director Chris Urmson explained that a handful of the cars will be rolled out in Google’s neighbourhood.

I'd Rather Have A Half-Driverless Car 

Companies like Google are racing ahead on driverless cars development, and technovisionary Elon Musk claims one day manual driving will be illegal. But after watching the concept video for a Bosch driverless car above, I’m curious if what we want isn’t a car that’s part driverless and part old-fashioned.

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