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Welcome To Mcity: The Fake Town Built For Testing Driverless Cars

It’s been a tough road for driverless cars: We recently learned, for example, that all of the crashes involving Google’s test-phase autonomous vehicles have been caused by humans. Which is one of the reasons experts have just opened up a testing center in Michigan that’s trying to recreate the chaos of the human-built street in a controlled environment.

Google's Prototype Driverless Car Hits US Roads This Winter

Google’s first consumer-focused prototype driverless cars will takes their first drive on public roads this winter, taking to the streets of Mountain View in the US. In a blog post, Google’s self-driving car project director Chris Urmson explained that a handful of the cars will be rolled out in Google’s neighbourhood.

I'd Rather Have A Half-Driverless Car 

Companies like Google are racing ahead on driverless cars development, and technovisionary Elon Musk claims one day manual driving will be illegal. But after watching the concept video for a Bosch driverless car above, I’m curious if what we want isn’t a car that’s part driverless and part old-fashioned.

Tesla Almost Drove The Model S 1300km Without Touching The Wheel

When we tested the initial Autopilot features in the Model S, we were very impressed. The thing practically drives itself. Now the company is planning even more driverless functionality, revealing it almost drove the thing from Seattle to San Francisco without touching the controls.

This Is The UK's First Driverless Car

This is the Lutz Pathfinder, the UK’s first driverless car. Stop laughing.

Google Is Already Building Its Driverless Cars In The US

Google is teaming up with auto builders in Detroit to build its driverless cars, according to Chris Urmson, director of Self-Driving Cars for Google. The Detroit Free Press reports that the pod-like prototypes first unveiled by Google last May are now “being developed and assembled at a Roush facility”. These are iterated, “more refined” versions of the first prototypes. They now even have working headlights!

The Truck Of The Future Is Made By Mercedes Benz, And It Looks Like A Starship

Love them or hate them: the world needs big trucks. Shipping, trucking and logistics operations are vital to keeping your supermarket shelves stacked and getting your goods sent to you from all over this blue ball of ours. But while the world is moving on from crazy inefficient cars, we seem to be fixated on keeping our truck fleets looking exactly the same. Mercedes Benz has an idea of what the truck of the future should look like, and by 2025 I might want to be a truck driver too.

A Brief History Of Airbags And The Future Of Driverless Cars

“We’ve lost more Americans on the highways than we’ve lost in all the wars that we’ve ever fought,” says Jim Hall, the former head of the National Transportation Safety Board in a new video from the New York Times. The big push in the 1960s automobile world was about the sexiness and features of the car, Hall recalls, and none of the emphasis was on safety like the then-high-tech safety device known as the air bag.

Inside Rio Tinto's Robot Mining Control Room

It turns out that blowing giant holes in the Earth to go and dig stuff out of it before carting said stuff onto a boat is actually pretty dangerous for real people. That’s why Rio Tinto has been working to automate the process for the last few years. This is how a team of remote miners controls giant trucks, explosions and diggers from over 1500km away.

Conan Shows How Google's New Cars Have No Driver -- Or Mercy

Depending on who you listen to, Google’s driverless cars are either exactly what we need or doomed to failure. But, as Conan points out, that’s all beside the point until the bugs are ironed out.

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