driverless cars

All Work And No Play Makes Self-Driving Cars A Dull Ploy

Back in the 1950s and ’60s, self-driving cars represented the fantastic life of luxury that was supposed to be just around the corner. But here in the 21st century we can’t even pretend that our driverless cars of the future will be filled with board games and light reading. No, our self-driving car of tomorrow will be for one thing: work.

Volvo Plans To Put Self-Driving Cars On City Streets By 2017

Volvo’s hitting the accelerator on its plan to sell self-driving cars. The Swedish (but Chinese-owned) company just announced a trial that will put 100 driverless cars on the streets of Gothenburg in 2017. They’ll navigate traffic, dodge pedestrians, and even park themselves. Pretty futuristic!

The Driverless Audi Race Car Will Make Your Commute More Terrifying Than Ever

Meet Shelley. Shelley is a driverless car unlike anything you’ve seen before. Sure, Google has its own driverless cars, but I bet the search giant isn’t taking them to racetracks for 200km/h speed tests with nobody behind the wheel. You may commence clenching now.

Nevada Finally Lets Google's Driverless Cars Loose

Earlier this year, Nevada became the first US state to approve the use of self-driving cars on its highways. Now, it’s granted its first licence for the vehicles, and it goes to — what a surprise — Google.

Google's Self-Driving Car In Four Vehicle Fender Bender

Did Google’s self-driving Prius totally just become self-aware and start attacking humans? It’s the Skynets! Nah, turns out that the human required to be inside the vehicle by law was also actually driving at the time.

Google's Driverless Cars Are Now Legal In Nevada

A state bill with new rules for self-driving cars just passed, allowing Google’s fleet of hybrid vehicles to hit the road in Nevada soon. Google had been lobbying for the bill for weeks, saying they’re safer than human-driven cars.