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The Government's Smart Cities Plan For Australia: Uber, Driverless Cars, And Clean Energy

The Turnbull government’s newly announced Smart Cities Plan name-checks the “sharing economy” and hints at a vision of the future where Australia’s major cities are dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st century with ride-sharing services like Uber and GoGet, the proliferation of autonomous vehicles and buildings that use energy more efficiently.

Australia Now Has The Southern Hemisphere's Most Advanced Driving Simulator

Video: A partnership between the Australian Road Research Board and the Curtin-Monash Accident Research Center will see the Southern hemisphere’s most advanced driving simulator installed at Curtin University’s Technology Park, where it will be used to study the impact of driverless cars, distractions like mobile phones, and new designs for roadways.

Elon Musk Claims Tesla's Autopilot Decreases Crashes By Half

Tesla’s new semi-autonomous Autopilot feature has already saved a few YouTubers from spectacular crashes. But according to Elon Musk, those aren’t the exception to the rule: Autopilot has decreased crashes by 50 per cent in a few months.

Why The US Need An Autonomous-Only Highway From Canada To Mexico 

Autonomous cars are hot and flashy and new. Roads, by and large, are expensive and shockingly boring. But unfortunately, autonomous cars will only work if some radical changes are made to our infrastructure, and this proposed highway is a good place to start.

Toyota's 'Guardian Angel' Would Grab The Steering Wheel From Humans To Prevent A Crash

Self-driving cars, as popularised by the likes of Google and Tesla, are meant to be transportation bubbles that operate free of any human interference. But full autonomy isn’t the only option, and Toyota is investing in a system that would use computers as an aid to human drivers, not a replacement.

A Convoy Of Autonomous Trucks Just Drove Across Europe

As much as everyone is getting excited about Google’s cute little autonomous cars, self-driving trucks are the most obvious — and probably easiest — beneficiaries of autonomous tech. To prove this, a “platoon” of connected trucks from six brands completed a 2092km trip across Europe.

What The Hell Are These People Doing Around Google's Self-Driving Cars?

Among the many different hazards Google’s cars have to handle on the road is one particularly annoying one: pedestrians acting like jerks when they see Google’s cute little machines in the wild.

Ford Just Patented An Absurd Movie Screen Windshield For Driverless Cars

If Ford has its way, we’ll all be comfortably watching porn (or a nice movie) while hurtling along the highway at 110km/h.

Who's Behind The Wheel? The Regulatory Challenges Of Driverless Cars

A legal opinion by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) set the internet alight in February.

The US road safety federal regulator informed Google that the artificial intelligence (AI) software it uses to control its self-driving cars could effectively be viewed as the “driver” for some (but not all) regulatory purposes. The NHTSA‘s letter was in response to a request from Google seeking the NHTSA’s interpretations of the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

It was widely viewed in the media as a recognition from the Feds that Google’s AI software, the self-driving system (SDS), is legally the same as a human driver. The details of the letter, however, tell a very different story.

How Autonomous Vehicles Might Lead To More Driving 

Self-driving cars bring many promises: fewer deaths, less congestion, no more ugly parking lots. But a new study highlights a critical disclaimer: Unless these vehicles are shared, we’ll probably see an increase in driving.

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