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Lions were found and heads were formed when Voltron returned to TV this month with the arrival of Dreamworks' reboot, Legendary Defender, on Netflix. Even if you were never a fan of the classic cartoon, it's well worth a binge-watch, but there are still a few bugs in this debut season. Here's what worked and what didn't.


We've known for a while that the planned Voltron reboot had evolved from a Dreamworks movie into a Dreamworks TV series for Netflix — but now the streaming video company has lifted the lid on how Voltron: Legendary Defenders is taking shape. And good news, lion-robot fans: It sounds and looks a hell of a lot like Voltron.


Video: Ethan Jones is back with another interesting visual breakdown of movie logos, this time focusing on DreamWorks. You know that intro sequence, where a fishing line gets dropped into the water from a boy on the moon. Here are all the variations that have popped up in DreamWorks movies since they first started using the logo in 1997.


Following the success of David Fincher's House of Cards, Netflix is going to produce a new series, this time teaming up with Dreamworks Animation SKG. The series will be based in Dreamworks' upcoming animation movie Turbo, the story of a snail that gains speed superpowers.


Variety recently talked to Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, about the state of 3D film making. Katzenberg promptly released the Kraken on Clash of the Titans. Here's why he thinks it could spell the end of 3D.


3D Cinema is nothing new - It's been around in various shapes and forms since the late 1800s with stereoscopes and multiple projectors - but 2009 is the year that we'll really start to see films being released in 3D on a large scale, rather than just special feature events down at IMAX.

But is it the revolution that cinema seems to so desperately need, or just a not-so-cheap gimmick that is more about raising revenue and lessening piracy for the internet age?


There won't be a soft transition to<a href="http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2008/02/shows_over_folks_paramount_officially_goes_blu-2.html"> Blu-ray for Paramount—they're dropping their whole HD DVD release slate right this second. Their last two movies on the dead format hit Tuesday, even though we won't see Blu titles from them until this winter—that's months of lost $$$.


By now you know waaaaay too much about Toshiba's format-war surrender, the death of HD DVD at the hands of the larger Blu-ray armada. You may even be eying the Blu-ray players mounted proudly in point-of-sale displays at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Pricing hasn't come down to HD DVD player levels—and with those sinking even further, it's unlikely they ever will—but the need to get in on the action might provoke you to spend some extra cash. All we're saying is DON'T! Not yet. If you don't know why, let us explain.