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Studio Beats By Dr Dre Headphones Review: Gizmodo Reader Video

Love or hate the Beats By Dr Dre Headphones line, it’s hard to deny that they’ve done a good job on the marketing front. But how do they sound? Giz reader Daniel tunes in.

You Know What Headphones Need More Of? Gaudy Crystals

Or at least that appears to be the thinking behind these limited edition Swarovski crystal embedded Dre Beats Studio Headphones.

Dr Dre’s Beats Go Wireless (But Where’s The AirPlay?)

No Detox announced today! But Dr Dre’s commanding bass-heavy Beats empire expanded a little today with a wireless iteration of the Beatbox iPod and iPhone dock. Good: it’ll probably be as low-end heavy as the headphones. Bad: Bluetooth.

Dr Dre Is Gunning Directly For Apple

What’s occasional rapper Dr Dre up to besides rapping sometimes? Planning to beat every single electronics company except Apple, GlobalGrind reports.

HTC Buys Beats: All Your Bass Are Belong To Them

HTC just shouted to the world that it has made a massive investment in Beats By Dre to the tune of $US300 million. Here’s what it means for everyone involved — especially you.

Beats By Dr Dre Get A Chrome Paintjob And $1,000 Price Tag

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, plenty of people seem to have a pair of Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Mind you, plenty of people watch reality TV shows. And eat MaccyDs. I do think these special limited-edition chrome ones look great though, but at $US1,000 each you’ve got to be a special kind of deranged to cough up for one of the 50 pairs. [Colorware via ChipChick via BornRich]

Dr Dre Working On Instrumental Interpretation Of How Planets Sound

Turns out that closet astronomy lover Dr Dre is working on a highly experimental, entirely instrumental surround sound interpretation of how planets sound. He decided to take on this project after spending two years “learning the personalities of each planet”.

Beats Solo Headphones: Same Big Sound In Smaller, Cheaper Package

Audiophiles everywhere have been raving about Dr. Dre and Monster’s Studio Beats headphones—but not so much about the the $US300 price tag. Beats Solo headphones provide a similar listening experience in a smaller package priced at $US220.

HP, Dr Dre Fixing Music With Line Of Laptops, Software, Headsets

Dr Dre, Interscope Chairman Jimmy Lovine and HP have teamed up in an effort to reconstruct the entire “digital music ecosystem” starting with a new line of laptops, software and headsets under the Beats by Dr Dre brand.

Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers Redone in Lego: Dr. Dre is More Cuddly as a Minifig

The ironists over at Formatmag have taken 20 classic hip-hop albums and Lego-fied them, making famous grumpy scowlers like The Game and Nas into everyone’s favourite tiny plastic figurines.