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Report: Apple Is Making Its First Original TV Series Starring Dr Dre And 'At Least One Orgy'

Apple’s been real good to Dr Dre. First they went and bought his shitty headphones company and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they’re bankrolling his new show, Vital Signs.

Apple On Dr Dre's Violent Past: 'We Have Every Reason To Believe That He Has Changed'

Apple has come to Dr Dre’s defence in light of a recent essay by Dee Barnes, a woman who Dre assaulted 25 years ago. The essay published by Gawker was cast as a review of Straight Outta Compton, a biopic about the rise and fall of Dr Dre’s group NWA. In the review Barnes, a former journalist, took the film to task for omitting the fact that Dre had violently assaulted her in a nightclub over some work she had shown on her TV show.

Monster Suing Dr Dre Over Beats Fiasco

Monster just sued Beats Electronics, manufacturer of ubiquitous Beats by Dre headphones, because Monster says it invented Beats, and that Beats stole its property and ran away. It’s been clear for years that Monster designed the headphones, but does the company really have a legal claim to any of Dr Dre’s Monster money? We’re about to find out.

The First Beats Headphones Under Apple Might Just Be Wireless Solo2s

According to a FCC filing uncovered by 9to5Mac, we’ll soon be getting our eyes on the first Beats headphones produced under new ownership. Those hoping for a new product line will be a little disappointed: it looks like business as usual for Dr Dre, with a wireless version of the Solo2s.

Why Isn't The Guy Who Designed Beats Going To Work For Apple Too?

When Apple bought Beats earlier this week, it also got two high-profile new employees. Dr Dre is going to work for Apple. So is music mogul Jimmy Iovine. But there’s one surprise: Robert Brunner, the industrial designer behind Beats, is not coming along for the ride. Maybe because he worked at Apple 25 years ago.

It's Official: Apple Just Bought Beats

It’s official: Apple’s dropping $US3 billion on a headphone empire. But more than a blockbuster headphone brand and a promising streaming music service, Apple is getting two of the smartest music and entertainment minds in the world. Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine work for Apple now, and that’s a potentially revolutionary combination.

Beats Sale Seemingly Confirmed By Dr Dre In Facebook Video

Yesterday’s news of Apple’s plan to buy Beats for $US3.2 billion seems to have been confirmed by Dr Dre himself, if this video, posted to Facebook by actor Tyrese Gibson, is anything to go by.

Studio Beats By Dr Dre Headphones Review: Gizmodo Reader Video

Love or hate the Beats By Dr Dre Headphones line, it’s hard to deny that they’ve done a good job on the marketing front. But how do they sound? Giz reader Daniel tunes in.

You Know What Headphones Need More Of? Gaudy Crystals

Or at least that appears to be the thinking behind these limited edition Swarovski crystal embedded Dre Beats Studio Headphones.

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