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Researchers Finally Make Automatic Doors As Smart As Star Trek's

Off-screen stage hands ensured the automatic doors on shows like Star Trek and The Next Generation always opened with impeccable timing and speed. And now Japanese robotics researchers have developed an intelligent sensor that could make the automatic doors at your local grocery store far less stupid.

How These Magical, Gravity-Defying Doors Actually Work

Describing the sculptures of Austrian designer Klemens Torggler as “doors” feels like an insult. These aren’t doors — they’re magical pieces of engineering, half kinetic sculpture and half magic trick, that you happen to walk through. So, how do they work?

This Room-Monitoring Smart Door Lets Fresh Air In To Keep You Awake

Have you ever noticed that near the end of a long meeting in a sealed conference room everyone’s a little sleepy? It obviously has nothing to do with your clipart-filled PowerPoint slides — it’s actually related to a build-up of CO2 making it hard for everyone to think and concentrate. It’s an unfortunate by-product of airtight energy-efficient buildings that researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute want to fix.

Every House Should Have A Secret Hidden Exterior Door

There’s something about secret doors that makes my spine tingle. The excitement! The mystery! But most secret doors are on the inside of a house — pull that book to reveal a hidden chamber! push that wall through! — this one, amazingly, is on the outside. It’s so good you don’t even see it.

Hate Keys? You'll Never Have To Lock This Invisible Secret Door

If you’re prone to losing your keys and locking yourself out of the house when you get home, you’ll want to pay attention to this brilliant home mod by YouTuber oggfaba. Using hardware and timber you can easily find at any home improvement megalopolis, they created a near-invisible secret door that perfectly blends in with the exterior of their house.

Weird Revolving Doors Like These Could Save Your Life Someday

Doors are some seriously ancient tech but they have this problem where they can only keep people out if they’re closed. This bizarre but clever take on the “revolving door” by a company called Barbecan, on the other hand, aims to get you inside, but simultaneously keep any ne’er-do-wells out. Specifically ne’er-do-wells with bombs and guns.

How New York Will Stop The Subway From Flooding Next Time

New York knew for a long time that a big storm could flood and collapse the subway system, which is exactly what happened with Sandy. Yet city officials did nothing about it. But now, after all the suffering, we’ll finally be prepared.

Arrow-Shaped Handles Means You'll Never Yank On A Push Door Again

With glass doors it’s not always immediately obvious which direction the door swings. Is it towards you, or away from you? And making the wrong decision can be disastrously embarrassing. So we like these arrow-shaped handles that provide a subtle hint whether you need to push or pull.

It’s A Flashlight! It’s A Doorknob! It’s Both! It’s Not Real…

Glowing — sorry, sorry, going one step further than the last glowing door handle we saw, the LEDoorHandle concept lets you unscrew the handle in emergencies when you don’t have another torch to hand. [Yanko via GadgetReview via Freshome]

What Do You Get When You Cross A Clown Horn With A Doorknob?

You get this odd looking piece, created by the Netherlands-based Dieter Volkers. It will ensure that nobody visiting your home/room takes you very seriously. [Dieter Volkers via Core77 via FastCo]

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