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You Can Now Buy A .Cloud Domain Because Modern Life Is Awful

If domain names like “.com” and “.org” lack the sense of buzzword-fuelled modernity that your website requires, well, it’s your lucky day. You can now buy “.cloud” domains, because the internet isn’t clichéd enough just yet.

Twitter Just Won Off An Aussie Domain Squatter

Popular microblogging social network Twitter operates from a single Web address, but has to be constantly aware of imitators or competitors using its trade marks to confuse or misdirect users. A man from Cessnock in New South Wales, who bought the domain just after Twitter’s online debut, has lost the right to hold the URL he offered to sell to any interested party for $500,000.

Google Just Bought

Google is now part of Alphabet, a parent company created to house all of the web giant’s diverse efforts. But unfortunately for Google, they couldn’t buy, which was already taken. So they have done the next best thing. They bought the entire alphabet:

US Presidential Candidate Really Should Have Remembered To Register Her Domain Name

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina just announced that she’s running for US President, gunning for the GOP presidential bid along with Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. But it looks like she forgot to register her domain names before jumping into the political arena. Whoops.

.Sucks Seller Accused Of Ripping Off Poor Helpless Celebrities

The company selling off .SUCKS domains is making celebrities and brands pay premium prices to snatch up their .SUCKS addresses before their enemies do first. This is pissing off ICANN, the group tasked with regulating domains, which sees the scheme as a coercive shakedown.

.Melbourne Domains Are Pretty Popular Already

The .melbourne domain name suffix launched in November, and since then there have been over 4000 applications for the city-level domain definer. Some of those registrations are inventive, to say the least.

5 Domain Name Battles Of The Early Web

At the dawn of the world wide web, early adopters were scooping up domain names like crazy. This led to quite a few battles over everything from to

Why Has Apple Been Registering Nonsense Domain Names For The Last Year?

Apple owns a bunch of obscure, new and unused domain names, including, and At least these domains sound like they have a purpose, but the Cupertino company is also doing something a lot weirder. Since March last year, Apple has been registering utterly random domain names and then cancelling them a few days later.

Yahoo's Having A Domain Yard Sale: Who Wants

Have you been frustrated to consistently find that the highly specific domain of your dreams is never available? If so, there’s a good chance that Yahoo has been sitting on it for quite some time. And it’s about to be your lucky day — Yahoo is getting ready to sell you 29 of its lifeless, dated domains with even more to come. Tempting!

ICANN Approves First Generic Top-Level Domains -- And They're Non-English

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is currently busy deciding the future of the internet in Durban, South Africa, this week. First on its list: non-English generic top level domains.

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