Hard Drive Sniffing Police Dogs Are Helping Hunt Down Child Porn Fiends

Police departments have long used dogs in their work, training canine squads to detect bombs and drugs. The Connecticut State Police has recently trained dogs to sniff out electronics as part of a new strategy to go after child pornographers.

A Dog Cage With Crumple Zones Protects Your Pup During A Car Accident

They have been a popular option for pet owners taking road trips with their dogs in Sweden for the past decade, but these wonderfully over-engineered Variocages are finally available in North America. Like your car, the cages are designed with crumble zones to absorb impacts during a crash, providing extra protection for your dog inside.

How Dogs React When A Human Dog Impersonator Barks At Them

Voice actor Rudi Rok can do a pitch-perfect dog impersonation. Watch him interacting with actual dogs in this interesting video experiment. I really really wish science came up with a working human-dog-human translator.

Dog Uses Catapult Contraption To Play Fetch With Itself

I don’t know who is smarter. The dog owner (apparently, an engineer) who built this catapult to allow his dog to play fetch with itself or the dog who knows how to use the contraption so perfectly that it can keep itself entertained when its owner is busy. Either way, they’re both genius.

Even Security Dogs Need Badges To Get Into Apple's WWDC Keynote

Every tech nerd in the world wants to be at the Apple WWDC keynote that starts in just about one hour. Sadly, uhhh, we don’t all get to go, and security at the event is so tight that even the guard dogs have badges.

Watch All These Dogs Run On Their Dog Treadmills In Their Dog Gym

Sometimes, when you have a lot of dogs, they don’t all get the exercise they need. Not these dogs though — they get to use these sweet dog treadmills at their outdoor dog gym. So even though there’s a lot of dogs, they all get to be active. Well, most of them. The dog on the left is just out for a relaxing stroll.

A Sleeping Bag Designed Just For Man's Best Friend

If you’d rather bring your faithful companion with you on a camping trip than have them stuck in a kennel for a week, you’re probably going to want them to be as comfortable as you are. And if they’re too big to share your sleeping bag, the Noblecamper gives them their own cosy place to crash every night.

Medieval Kitchens Used A Specially Bred Dog To Turn Roasting Spits

Before the era of “set it and forget it” countertop rotisserie ovens, kitchen gadgets required a lot more manpower — and if not manpower, then dogpower. The turnspit, a breed of dog dating for medieval Britain, would run around and around on a wheel like a hamster in a cage, ensuring evenly roasted meat for hungry noblemen.

Trick Or Not, A Cheeky Chihuahua Stealing Pit Bulls' Food Is Hilarious

Three well-trained dogs wait patiently for the go ahead signal as their owner lays out delicious grilled hot dogs in front of them. Then she gives the signal to go ahead — but the chihuahua steals all of the food before the pit bulls react. Is the chihuahua a jerk or is it all a well-rehearsed trick?

War Dogs In Afghanistan Are Getting Their Own Air-Conditioned Kennels

The US military’s war dogs are a pretty badass bunch, but that doesn’t mean they like being stuck inside stuffy kennels during 50C summer weather (who would, really?). That’s why the US Army is designing them some swankier digs complete with AC and exercise areas. Boy, do they deserve it.