Gift Guide: 9 Pawsome Gifts For Dogs And The People Who Love Them

We’ve got a pretty sweet deal going with man’s best friend — we provide dogs with shelter and food, they provide us with unconditional love and loyalty. This Christmas, show your four-legged compatriot exactly how much you appreciate his companionship with these delightful doggie presents.

Watch A Puppy Grow Into A Full-Grown Dog In 23 Seconds

Video: Meet Sophia. She’s an adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback who is featured in this time lapse that shows her grow from a two-month-old puppy to a full grown tjree-year-old dog. The whole time lapse only lasts 23 seconds. Sophia’s humans totally should have joined in on the picture-taking fun.

My Dog Treed A Mountain Lion

My dog treed a cat last week a few kilometres from my house in Los Angeles. No firemen were needed to get it down. The cat weighed 45kg.

From Sky To Table In 12 Hours

Saturday night, I had dove breasts and braised pheasant for dinner. That’s because that morning, I’d shot them, brought them home, cleaned them on my back porch, then sat and watched as my girlfriend made them for dinner.

Puppy In A Teddy Bear Costume Walking On A Treadmill Is A Real Life Ewok

Video: Meet Munchkin the Shih Tzu Or as I like to call her when she’s wearing her teddy bear costume, a real life Ewok from Star Wars. Or maybe she’s just a real life teddy bear. Whatever she is, she’s super cute and when I watch her walk, I can’t help but smile.

Your Dog Will Never Appreciate How Great This Alien Facehugger Leash Is

It’s hard to not spoil your pets, and even harder when you come across an amazing dog leash and harness that makes it look like your pup is being attacked by a facehugger from Alien. Who cares if it costs $US150? Get out of my dreams and onto my medium-sized dog.

Dog Breeds Ranked: Who Is The Best, Smartest Doggie?

Designer David McCandless gathered some data about dog breeds and made this matrix mapping dog breeds according to factors like popularity, intelligence, longevity or cost.

I Can't Wait To Watch Disney's New Short About A Cute Dog That Loves Food

Disney just released a teaser trailer for the new animation short Feast that will premiere right before Big Hero 6, and it’s just adorable. I mean, does life get better than seeing a loveable dog happily gulp down delicious food? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Why Dogs Howl

We like to joke that no one will ever dare break into our house. Wiley, our dog, sits on the front porch and howls about 10 times a day, loud enough that you can easily hear it up to six blocks away. But why does he do it? Why do dogs howl?

This Is Why You Should Never Tease Dogs Trapped Inside Parked Cars

I’ve been spooked by dogs in parked cars plenty of times, but I never teased them. Unlike the guy in this short created by London-based animation house Birdbox Studios. At the end, he learns his lesson the hard way. Karma, people. It’s a bitch.