These Photos Were Taken By A Dog

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave a dog a camera? You don’t have to anymore: Nikon did it, and the results are endearingly fun.

Robot Dogs Will Replace Pets In Super-Dense Cities

Keeping a pet healthy requires resources and open space, and in the cities of the future both may be at such a premium that live pets will become a thing of the past. Australian researcher Jean-Loup Rault suggests robotic and virtual-reality pets may replace the real thing.

Cute Video Shows A Puppy Grow Into A Big Dog Over Time

Video: Why hello Pegasus the dog. His human Dave Meinart has filmed Pegasus every day of his life on a treadmill and made this timelapse of sorts so you can see how the cute pup grows into a loving big dog. I always wish they could stay puppies forever but the growth is in the memories.

The Science Behind Dogs That Detect Dead Bodies

If you need to find a corpse, there are lots of ways to look: you can comb the woods in a line search or hunt for hidden graves with ground-penetrating radar, for instance. In most cases, though, the most versatile and reliable method has four legs and a wet nose. No man-made machine can reliably identify the odour of decomposition, but properly trained Human Remains Detection (HRD) dogs can.

Watch Dogs Shake Colourful Paint Off Themselves In Slow Motion

Video: Pour a dog some paint and it might just give you a Jackson Pollock painting in return. This slow-motion video that’s supposed to help awareness for dog adoption shows dogs splattering paint onto the walls by shaking themselves dry. It’s kind of funny to see the colours leap off the dog.

Does It Really Take Drones To Get You To Adopt A Dog?

It’s National Adopt A Shelter Dog Day. So we’re here to remind you that there’s hundreds of thousands of new best friends just waiting on you to come save them. What are you waiting for? Drones?

Skip The Gnomes And Put Ghostbusters' Keymaster Dog In Your Garden

It’s a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan as the film’s 30th anniversary has triggered a renaissance in collectibles and other memorabilia connected to the movie. For example, if the thought of posing sculpted gnomes in your garden seems tacky, why not opt for this statue of the dog-like Keymaster monster that possesses Louis (Rick Moranis) instead?

Giz Explains Rabies: Everything You Never Wanted To Know

So far as awful ways to die go, being attacked by a rabid animal then dying a slow, painful death must rank near the top. And exactly that happens to 55,000 people every year. Here’s how you (or your dog) can get rabies, what it does to your body as it kills you and what you can do to ensure neither of you gets it.

Dogs Can Sniff Out Thyroid Cancer In Your Urine

We know that it’s possible to detect some types of cancer by scent alone, and that dogs are even capable of sniffing it out too. Now, researchers have demonstrated that a whiff of your urine can allow our canine companions to identify whether you have thyroid cancer.

Do You Love Your Pup Enough To Buy It A $30,000 Doghouse?

What is billed as the world’s largest dog show, Crufts 2015, is getting under way in England today. And, to commemorate the occasion, Samsung tasked its designers and engineers with creating the world’s most advanced and fully featured dog house. Does it matter that it would cost $US30,000 to build? Most dog owners would happily spend that on their pup.