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Microsoft's New What-Dog-Is-Your-Face Tool Is Good, Dumb Fun

What do you when it’s Friday and you’re having a hard time focusing? You play with, the latest silly viral sensation from Microsoft Garage. It’s really fun!

You'll Purposely Make Mistakes Just To Use This Dog Scooting On Its Butt Eraser

If you’re wondering who still uses pencils, it’s anyone who wants to correct their mistakes using this wonderful eraser that’s shaped like a dog scooting its butt across the floor. There is nothing not to love about this creation from Slam Design.

A Dog Jumping Around While Holding A Selfie Stick In Its Mouth Is The Greatest Thing

Video: Selfie sticks are mostly silly and vain but generally harmless and sometimes even fun. The gag is very clearly in their existence. But here’s the best use of selfie sticks yet and there’s no punchline, it’s just Jumpy the dog holding a selfie stick with a camera attached to it in his mouth as he runs and jumps around. It captures such a perfect view of his activity and his joy that completely justifies the invention of the selfie stick.

Derby, The Adorable Cybernetic Dog, Just Got A Major Upgrade

Derby is a dog born with underdeveloped legs and paws. Tech firm 3D Systems designed a pair of prosthetic limbs for the Husky mix, but they were too short, and they also prevented Derby from being able to sit normally. A new upgrade now overcomes both of these limitations.

These Are The First Puppies Ever Produced By In Vitro Fertilisation

In vitro fertilisation for humans has been around since the late 1970s, but the same can’t be said for our canine companions. But now, after decades of research, scientists have finally produced the first live, healthy puppies from frozen embryos.

These Dogs Are Honorary Geologists For Their Early Exploration Of Alaska

Every geologist needs a field hat to protect them from scorching sun and drenching rain, but a really lucky geologist will have a trusty dog. Meet the adventurous dogs who trekked across north Alaska, and the geologists who explored with them.

Why Dogs Will Eat Anything But Cats Are Fussy As Hell

Anyone who’s watched a cat throwing up after munching on grass knows that our feline friends aren’t natural plant eaters. So you might be surprised to discover that these carnivorous animals share some important genes that are more typically associated with herbivores. And this might help explain why cats aren’t always easy to please when it comes to food.

Therapy Dogs Really Do Help Cancer Patients

Therapy dogs may actually make a difference in the health of the patients they visit by reducing anxiety and leading to more stable blood pressure.

Watch A Dog Battle Two Wolves

The dog lives, but this video is still a graphic and potentially disturbing look inside what a wolf attack really looks like.

Gene-Edited Dogs With Jacked-Up Muscles Are A World's First

Researchers in China are reportedly the first to use a powerful gene editing tool to produce super-muscled dogs. The goal is to create test subjects that mimic degenerative human diseases, but the breakthrough also raises the prospect of customised pets.

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