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X-2 Housing GIves You A (Relatively) Compact View 75m Underwater

It looks complex, but put Inon’s X-2 housing in perspective and you will appreciate its grace. Meant for Panasonic’s micro four thirds GF1, the X-2 adds bulk, but only enough to make your camera around the size of an SLR.

Using The Red One Camera To Make A 'Living Movie Poster'

We’ve seen the Red One blur the line between DSLRs and HD cameras with Esquire’s video-still Megan Fox cover, but this video shows how a photography studio that shoots movie posters has used it to blend photography and video even more.

Canon FD Adaptor Brings Even More Classic Lens Compatibility To Micro Four Thirds System

We’ve already seen the Leica M-Mount adapter; now, Canon FD lenses are compatible with Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds system and its Lumix DMC-G1.

Best Husband Ever Bakes Wife Nikon D700 Cake...With a Surprise

Flickr user fsumaria has herself a great husband. After all, only a great husband would bake a Nikon D700 cake for his wife’s birthday then follow it up by giving her the real thing.

Watch a US$5000 Nikon D3 DSLR Fire in Ultra Slow Motion

newVideoPlayer("/d3slowmo.flv", 475, 376,""); Ever wondered exactly how honking DSLRs work vs. your pocket point-and-shoot? Photographer Marianne Oelund shot an incredibly high speed sequence (more incredibly, not with a high speed camera!) of Nikon’s US$5000 flagship, the D3, popping a 1/62 second exposure, which Jeffrey Friedl has turned into a mini web movie. In 87.8 milliseconds, you see the mirror flip up, the shutter curtain drop to expose the image sensor—at 35kph!—and everything move back into place. Truly amazing: [Regex, Marianne Oeuland via Daring Fireball]

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