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Laser-Equipped Planes Detect Turbulence Before Passengers Get Jostled

Rough weather caused by clouds and storms is easy for pilots and ground crews to spot and avoid when planning a flight route. But even perfectly clear skies can be full of invisible pockets of CAT — or clear-air turbulence — that are now easier to spot and predict thanks to a European laser-based detection system known as DELICAT.

Europe's Newest Vacuum Tunnel Simulates Space With Cryogenic Walls

Before they’re strapped onto rockets for a mission to Mars, ion engines, like NASA’s VASIMR project need to be tested–here at the STG-ET chamber at the German Aerospace Agency (DLR), one of the most advanced vacuum chambers on the planet.

Ball-Catching Robot Will Someday Play Baseball Better Than You

Germany’s aerospace agency, the DLR, has this robot they like to call Rollin’ Justin. Recently they’ve improved his object tracking and tacticle sensors so much that it’s able to catch objects on the fly. It’ll even catch two balls at once!

Magnetic Shields To Protect Spaceships From Re-Entry, Klingon Attacks

Do you know why James T. Kirk is happy? Because those crazy Europeans are developing a magnetic shield that will protect spaceships when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Well, that and because he’s thinking about doing naughty things with Uhura.

Europe Working on SpaceShipTwo Competitor and Hypersonic Passenger Plane

It looks like the Europervs got a bad case of penis envy: They are now working on a suborbital plane–in the image–similar to the SpaceShipTwo and a hypersonic passenger plane called SpaceLiner.

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