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What It Takes To Build A Snake-Proof Suit

Soon enough, you’ll be able to watch a man attempt to become a 25-foot, giant green anaconda’s dinner — willingly. And to make sure our human snake snack makes it out alive, scientists spent months designing, testing, and building one incontrovertibly snake-proof suit. Air mask, chainmail, pig’s blood and all.

Virtually Tour The Path Of Everest's Deadliest Climbing Accident

The April 18 avalanche on Mount Everest that killed 16 Sherpas training for an ascent has been declared the deadliest mountaineering accident ever recorded on the peak. Now Discovery has created an immersive web experience to help illustrate what happened.

This 727 Was Deliberately Crashed In The Desert For A TV Show

When a plane crashes in an accident, there’s no shortage of photos and video of the wreckage, while footage of the actual impact is rare. So to appease our morbid curiosity of what really happens when a large airliner crashes, the Discovery Channel deliberately downed a 727 in the desert for an upcoming show.

Turn Your Cubicle Into An Undersea World With Discovery Channel's New Live Stream

As part of the run up to this year’s Shark Week, the Discovery channel’s teamed with the Georgia Aquarium and embedded a live webcam in the world’s largest shark tank.

Gunman Demands Better Programming From The Science Network

Earlier today, a gunman entered Discovery Channel’s headquarters with a gun or some explosives (reports are still coming in), took some employees hostage and demanded better science programming.

Curious Man Buys $US3b CD-ROM For Windows 98

Brian T Klug has balls, I’ll give him that. Why else would he have bought a Discovery Channel CD-ROM (Windows 98) incorrectly priced on Amazon to the tune of $US2,904,980,000 just to see what would happen?

MythBusters Get Disgusting To Protect You From Swine Flu

We love high-speed photography, but seeing Adam Savage blow a juicy sneeze in super slow-mo is enough to make us smash our EX-F1s. Still, it’s for a noble cause: Awareness and avoidance of H1N1, aka Swine Flu. [Discovery]

Penn Swallows Fire In Super-Slow-Mo On Discovery's Time Warp

Here’s a peek at this week’s episode of Time Warp, where hosts Jeff and Matt join up with magicians Penn and Teller in Las Vegas and get a behind the scenes tour of Cirque de Soleil’s O.

Weaponisers: Remote-Controlled Argmoured Cars Fiht Each Other To the Death

Discovery Channel’s new Weaponisers mini-series sounds pretty insane: Dudes armour-plate cars, mount them with machine guns and rockets, then hide in bunkers, operating them by remote control in an ultimate to-the-death Carmageddon. Oh my.

MythBusters Flip Bus, Plow Into Fruit Stand For Benefit of Mankind

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We asked the MythBusters for teasers of the new season, starting tomorrow at 9pm and running every Wednesday on the Discovery Channel. What we got doesn’t disappoint: Hair-raising bus wreck above, Hollywood-style fruit-stand crash below.

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