Fukushima Could Make Japan A Leader In Nuclear Cleanup Tech

The idea that a nuclear disaster could actually drive innovation is definitely a new way to look at Japan’s ongoing Fukushima debacle. But a new report from the AP does just that, suggesting that the long-term cleanup effort that Japan now faces will make it a world leader in decommissioning nuclear plants.

Your Phone's Wi-Fi Hotspot Could Act As An SOS Beacon In A Disaster

Trapped under rubble, unable to move following a natural disaster, it would be easy to assume the worst. But soon the Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone may be able to help raise alarm — acting as an SOS beacon to guide rescuers your way.

This Network-In-A-Backpack Will Connect People In Disaster Areas

This backpack may not look much, but it has impressive hidden depths: it contains all the kit you need to establish an ad hoc mobile network in just 10 minutes — perfect for those working in disaster areas.

Massive Avalanche Seems To Be Alive

A massive avalanche violently invaded the Passeier Valley — in South Tyrol — yesterday. In this video it looks harmless until you get to the 1:30 mark. Then things start to get scary and weird.

The Woman Who Survived The Titanic, Britannic And Olympic Disasters

Today I Found Outabout Violet Jessop, “Miss Unsinkable”, the woman who survived the sinking of the sister ships the Titanic and the Britannic, and was also aboard the third of the trio of Olympic class vessels, the Olympic, when it had a major accident.

The Business Of Predicting The End Of The World

Most of us only think about natural disasters when we absolutely have to (or when it’s, uh, for fun). But for scientists and analysts who work for global insurance companies, predicting the next big catastrophe is a business — and an increasingly lucrative one, at that.

This Inflatable Tunnel Plug Stops Floods, Smoke And Gas

After Hurricane Sandy decimated the New York City subway system last year, officials pledged to install new devices to help halt the rising tides — including flood gates and, more intriguingly, a device called a “tunnel plug”.

How To Protect Cities From Massive Storms? It's All About Islands

One year ago, Hurricane Sandy tore a path of destruction up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Earlier this week, 10 architecture and planning teams revealed their solutions for rebuilding the city in a way that would promote resilience when the next hurricane comes along. One big takeaway? We need new islands.

San Francisco Launches A Website To Prep For The Big One

Do you have an exit strategy for you and yours in place, should a major earthquake, terrorist attack, or similar large scale disaster occur? You should. And with the help of San Francisco’s new social emergency preparation website, you will.

Coalition To Pledge $100 Million To Solve Mobile Blackspots

Both the major and the minor parties are angling for your vote right now in the Federal Election, promising more and more for the nation’s 23 million residents. This time, the Coalition under Tony Abbott has promised to throw $100 million at the nation’s telcos to improve mobile phone blackspots and dropout areas around the country should it be elected come-September.