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Will The Nikon D4 Soon Become The Latest And Greatest DSLR?

Not much info to go off of here, but the French publication Responses Photo published some shots of what might be the Nikon D4. If this is in fact accurate, Nikon’s new flagship DSLR could be right around the corner.

Why Does The World's Smallest Camera Need To Exist?

For snooping, of course. You think you can silently hop fences and climb fire escapes chasing after that cheating wife of yours with a huge D-SLR swinging around your neck? No, but it’d probably be a bit easier with this diminutive camera in your pocket instead.

Canon Employees Urged to Go Home Early and Boink

This just in: Canon is the world’s greatest camera manufacturer. And it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their actual cameras.

Nikon D60 Black Gold Edition: So Ugly It'd Make Mr. T Cry, If He Could Cry

The mystery of Nikon’s Black Gold D60 might have just been solved, and man, it is not pretty. No really, it’s a downright repulsive study in tackiness, if these pictures are to be believed (sadly, it looks like they should be). Nikon has liberally slathered the D60 with cheap gold paint aaaaaaand… that’s it. And you get to pay an extra $US50 to rock more shiny than the people who actually have taste and get a regular D60. I’m not sure who came up with this, but even Mr. T wouldn’t use this camera. [Nikon Rumors, DP Review]

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