Rare Diamond Reveals Existence Of Water Deep Inside Earth's Mantle

This battered diamond has survived a journey to hell and back,” and it has a pretty specular story to tell. Spat out from deep inside the earth, it is our first direct evidence for a scientific theory that says that vast amounts of water are trapped deep inside Earth’s mantle.

Researchers Find New, Easy Way To Turn Graphite Into Diamond

Since graphite — the dark material used in regular old pencils — and diamonds are both made from carbon, it’s technically feasible to turn the former into the latter. You just need to apply a little pressure — about 150,000 times what the atmosphere on Earth’s surface is like. But researchers at Stanford University claim to have found a shortcut.

How To Tell Real Diamonds From Fake

The jewellery market has been flooded with synthetic stones over the last several years; not just lab-grown gems but flat-out fakes. Here’s how to tell if your rock is the real McCoy and not just a shiny bauble.

This Is The Oldest Fragment Of Earth Ever Found

You’re looking at the oldest fragment of Earth ever found: a zircon 4.375 billion years old, something that has deep implications in our understanding of the planet’s formation. While some scientists said other samples weren’t genuine, new research just published in the journal Nature Geoscience proves that this is the real McCoy.

5 Crazy Places We Can Go Looking For Diamonds

Hold on to your engagement rings. Diamonds, according to an industry report, are falling off a supply cliff in 2018. As existing diamond mines are depleted even as worldwide demand increases — thanks, especially to a newly rich Asia — three months’ salary might soon buy you a much punier rock.

It's Raining Diamonds On Saturn And Jupiter

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but it’s just too fascinating to pass up. A team of planetary scientists recently claimed that the mix of methane, carbon and lightning in Saturn’s atmosphere is causing diamonds to be forged in the planet’s atmosphere. Like, a lot of diamonds.

Tiny Diamond Thermometer Can Take The Temperature Of A Single Cell

Turns out diamonds have powers beyond bringing bling-happy jewellery enthusiasts and hopeful lovers to their knees. Harvard researchers have figured out how to make the shiny little pebbles into the world’s tiniest thermometers. How tiny? Small enough to take the temperature of an individual cell.

New Material Could Cool Gadgets Even Better Than Diamonds Do (Wait, What?)

As electronic devices get increasingly tiny, heat management becomes a bigger and bigger problem. In gadgets that can’t practically house a fan, heat sinks do the job of keeping sensitive electronics cool. So far, the best-performing heat transfer material has been diamond, which any rap video will remind you is crazy expensive. Now, physicists have found that a boron compound could outperform all of Jay-no-hyphen-Z’s ice.

This Visa Infinite Credit Card Costs $100,000 And An Idiot's Soul

This credit card is made of gold and diamonds. Called Visa Infinite, you have to pay $US100,000 to the Russian ‘Sberbank in order to get it. You also need to be a complete idiot. A very rich idiot, but a complete imbecile nonetheless.

Russia Has More Diamonds In A Crater Than The Rest Of The World Has Combined

If you had more diamonds than the rest of the world combined hiding under an asteroid crater, would you tell anyone? Russia was happy to keep that knowledge a secret until now, finally revealing plans to begin tapping into a reserve containing trillions of carats worth of diamonds.