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Kids Filming Joy Ride With GoPro Forget That They Left A Very Expensive Camera On Top Of The Car

Video: In 1992, my dad left his shoes on top of his car. He saw them an hour later on the feet of a guy walking down the road. Those shoes fared better than the $US1000 ($1315) camera owned by this kid’s dad.

Watch 116 Excavators Demolish A Massive Overpass In Just One Night

Video: Finding 116 excavators to demolish an ageing 24-year-old overpass in just one night is all but impossible — unless you live in China.

Bicycle Brakes Are No Match For A Spinning Lathe

Video: Remember your high school DT teacher’s non-stop litany about safety? Here’s a real-life example of why you shouldn’t goof off with power tools. Taking a break from smooshing stuff, the folks behind those hydraulic press videos attached a bicycle brake to a lathe to see if they could bring it to a grinding stop. Nope.

Crashing A LEGO Plane In Slow Motion Is Spectacularly Destructive

Video: The Slow Mo Guys have channelled their inner 10-year-olds for their latest high-speed experiment that involves crashing a LEGO airliner into a miniature city built of plastic bricks. It’s something we all probably did as kids at one time or another, but the results are far more satisfying when filmed at 2500 frames per second. And in this instance, cleaning up after all the destruction is actually easier.

A Bowling Ball Dropped From 45 Metres Is No Match For An Axe

Video: The best science always involves explosions and destruction, and we probably would have paid closer attention to our teachers in primary school if they did experiments like this. While it’s probably easy to guess what happens when a bowling ball is dropped on an axe head from 45m, the slo-mo results are still far more entertaining than reading a science textbook.

When The Slingshot Guy Is Inspired By The Hydraulic Press Guy

We love the destruction video channels: hydraulic presses, waterjets, and slingshots. Now, Joerg Sprave, the guy behind the Slingshot Channels has come up with his own version of a press.

This Game Has Kids Knocking Down Schools With A Wrecking Ball

There are more than a few childhood rhymes that involve the destruction of a school; it’s a fantasy that most kids have every time recess comes to an end. So, naturally, someone has made a game that lets kids take a miniature wrecking ball to a school they just built.

Tough As Nails Nokia Cell Phone Fights Valiantly Against Red Hot Nickel Ball

There are few materials in the world stronger or more resilient or tougher than that indestructible Nokia cell phone that everyone had at one point in their life. You could run it over with a tank or drop it off the Empire State building or chuck it across a parking lot into a burning building and it would still work. What can destroy it though? The red hot nickel ball.

Seeing Two Magnets Try Destroying Things Is A Lot Of Fun

Video: Magnets are one of the few things that make life more interesting. Just feeling its attraction to each other or seeing it connect together is always fun. Don’t trust me? Watch these two super strong neodymium magnets try and destroy things like an apple, a juice box, an iPhone and more and try not to enjoy yourself.

Why A Volcanic Eruption In Chile Is Turning Brazil's Sky Purple

This is what a sunset in Rio de Janeiro looks like right now, and it’s all thanks to that volcano erupting in Chile last week. Calbuco spewed 210 million cubic metres of ash into the atmosphere, turning nearby regions into a “grey desert” and altering weather thousands of miles away.

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