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Intel Plans To Put Its Insane 8-Teraflop Supercomputer Chips Into A Desktop

Yesterday, Intel announced that it’s putting its insane 72-core Knight’s Landing’ supercomputer chip — its fastest ever — into production. But perhaps more exciting is the fact that it has plans to ship desktop workstations that contain the face-melting computational powerhouse.

HP Stream Mini: A Cute, Cheap Windows Desktop

The HP Stream is the bargain laptop to beat. But what if you want a desktop instead? Take a peek at the new HP Stream Mini. At just over 5cm tall, 730g light and a mere $US180 out of your wallet, this tiny pastel blue nettop packs a surprising amount of value into the case.

Skype Just Fixed The Single Most Annoying Thing About Notifications

Skype just announced a great new feature that should be part of every single app, plugin or digital service you use: When you’re actively Skyping, the app’s notifications will only go to the device you’re currently using. Why didn’t this kind of setup become a universal standard, like, five years ago?

Google Now Just Took Its First Steps Onto The Desktop

Google Now is great, but it’s only on your mobile devices. We’ve been waiting on a desktop version for what feels like forever. Now, finally, it’s just starting to poke its head out in the beta-est of Chrome’s beta builds.

This Year's 20 Must-Have Mac OS X Utilities

Here are all the utilities that have been especially useful in enhancing my productivity during 2013. Many are free, and those that aren’t include Australian pricing.

The New Mac Pro Finally Goes On Sale, Complete With Australia Tax

It’s sleek, black, looks a little bit like your waste paper bin, and could just be your ultimate workstation. The Mac Pro is an amazing piece of hardware and, finally, it went on sale today.

Twitter Just Killed Tweetdeck Apps For Good

Might be time to start looking for a new Twitter client if you’re a Tweetdeck user: the Android, iPhone and desktop clients of the once-amazing app have just been killed so that Twitter can focus instead on web-based clients.

Your Next Desktop Background. But What Is It?

Is it a wonderful new Christmas decoration come too late? Blood plunging into a pool of bath water? Or has someone just dropped the ketchup in the sink?

HP's Phoenix Desktop: Hot Stuff?

HP’s launched a new range of consumer-centric laptops and desktops, including the glow-in-the-dark phoenix, touch screen all-in-ones and ultraportable models.

Windows XP's Iconic Bliss Desktop Has Lost Some Of Its Bliss

A good desktop image is hard to find. Microsoft did very well with the default pretty “Bliss” Windows XP desktop, but that was years ago. The site where the photo was taken? It’s not quite as pretty as it once was.

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