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Recreating Commodore 64 Tunes On These Tiny Synths Requires Blazing Fast Fingers

Video: Using three of Teenage Engineering’s tiny Pocket Operators all playing at the same time, YouTuber tubesockor masterfully performs a near perfect recreation of the sountrack to Delta, a legendary Commodore 64 game that dates back to 1987. But what’s more impressive than how authentic the rendition sounds, is how quickly tubesockor’s fingers have to fly across those little buttons.

Hacker: A URL Trick Lets You Use Someone Else's Boarding Pass

A BuzzFeed intern and NYU senior recently claimed to have hacked Delta’s paperless boarding pass system by changing just one digit in a URL. “On Delta, you can change the URL of your boarding pass and get someone else’s boarding pass,” Dani Grant wrote in a Medium post. “Even if they’re on a different airline.” This seems crazy.

Delta Put The Most Useful Ad Ever Inside Uber Cars

To promote the fact that Delta has added USB ports to every seat on its long-haul international flights, the airline installed these clever ads — as spotted by Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale — in New York Uber taxis, giving them powered USB ports too so that passengers can recharge their phones.

The Crazy Things Delta Does To Cancel Fewer Flights Than Any Other Airline

Last year, Delta Air Lines cancelled fewer flights than any other airline, scratching just 0.3 per cent of its flights. That’s more than five times better than the industry average. It’s an obsession for Delta, an airline that once ranked near rock-bottom for cancellations, and as The Wall Street Journal explains, the company strives for zero-cancellation days in some very unorthodox ways.

The 12 Best Airline Safety Videos, Reviewed

Virgin America, the airline that invented the sassy in-flight safety video, has rolled out a brand new sassy in-flight safety video: a live-action musical number. It’s still heads and shoulders above most airlines, but is it the best?

Delta Might Lose $2500 Every Time Someone Downloads Its App

This would be pretty hilarious. US airline Delta is being sued by the state of California over the privacy policy in the app’s Terms of Service. The problem? It doesn’t exist.

This Dubbed Delta Safety Video Is Hilarious

This deliciously absurd parody of Delta Airline’s safety video starts a bit slow, but it skyrockets into laughing my underpants off altitude in a few seconds. Please, you watch.

Amazon Is The New SkyMall

Passengers on Delta flights with Wi-Fi will now get free access to Amazon. Say goodbye to that kitschy catalogue, say hello to the better future of airborne shopping.

The Airlines Make A Killing Off Bag Check Fees

Ruh-roh, looks like the Associated Press uncovered what every US airline passenger already knows – the airlines are nickel and diming its customers to death with bag check fees.

Delta Changes Military Baggage Policy Following Outrage

Yesterday, we learned that Delta hates our troops when a soldier returning from Afghanistan uploaded a video explaining how his unit was hit with a $US2800 baggage fee. Well, the airline has since apologised and changed its unpatriotic policy.

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