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Medical Error Could Be 'Third Leading Cause Of Death In The US'

You’ll never see a death certificate with the words ‘medical error’ as the cause of death. But a new study suggests that it could be considered the third biggest cause in the US. And it’s not an insignificant issue in Australia either.

When You'll Probably Die, Visualised

You’ve already found out how you might die — but when’s it going to happen? This visualisation of data from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention should give you a better idea.

There's Good News If You're Worried About July Death-By-Hospital In The US

Every year American hospitals and patients worry about the “July Effect”, a rumoured increase in complications and deaths in that mid-year month. Learn why the July Effect supposedly exists, and why it may not be as bad as people fear.

How Much Would You Pay To Live An Extra Year?

People at the end of life may not actually be the best target for expensive drugs.

Inside The Body Farms Where Human Remains Decompose In The Name Of Science

Imagine your dead grandmother lying in an open field, being attacked by vultures. It’s a horrifying thought and may seem like the ultimate indignity. But, assuming she is an “inmate” at one of the human taphonomy facilities around the world, she could be making an invaluable contribution to the advancement of forensic science.

Don't Giggle At Some Of The Unusual Ways Giraffes Can Die

Featuring stunning proof that life sometimes imitates Far Side cartoons, this short piece on unusual giraffe deaths takes us through all the ways a creature with a long neck and no hands can perish, and there are some doozies.

Woman Dies In Cryotherapy Accident, Body Found After 10 Hours In Freezing Chamber

Remember that traumatising scene in Final Destination 3 where hapless characters get fried to death in tanning beds? This story is like that, but reversed, and real, and fucking horrifying: A salon manager died inside a cryotherapy chamber last week.

Data Visualisation Predicts When You're Going To Die

It’s a morbid question but one that we humans tend to obsess over: When am I going to die? Only a highly trained Seer can give you a firm answer, but if you want cold hard statistics, we Muggles have that bit covered.

Scientists Have Isolated The Human Stench Of Death

Discretely disposing of the bodies of your enemies could be about to get slightly trickier, as scientists reckon they might have managed to identify the so-called “smell of death”.

Meanwhile In The Future: When Antiobiotics Stop Working

This week’s episode of Meanwhile in the Future gets very scary, very quickly. And we’re not going all that far into the future, either. We’re already starting to see the beginnings of an age without antibiotics. So what does a world without these drugs look like? Listen to find out.

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