data visualisation

The World's Offensive Place Names, Mapped

We’ve all sat in the passenger seat, notionally giving directions to a driver and giggling at the slightly rudely named towns on the map. Fortunately, now you can find all those amusingly offensive place names, across the entire world, on one wonderfully juvenile interactive map. Maybe, perhaps, possibly a little NSFW.

The Story Behind The Universal Icons That Came Long Before Emoji

Before the twin girls dancing, the smiling moon, the steaming pile of poo, there was a whole other visual language we used to help guide us through the world. Before emoji, there was isotype, the influential pictorial language invented in the 1920s. And it continues to influence our lives today.

How Much Time The World Spends Looking At Screens, Visualised

Ever wondered how much time the average person spends looking at their TV, computer, phone or laptop? Well, this chart shows exactly that, broken down by country.

An Insanely Detailed Map Of Where People Bike And Run Around The World

Earlier this year, Nathan Yau visualised some of the world’s most popular running routes, but with a fairly limited data set. But the information logged to Strava provides a wildly detailed map of people’s workouts across the entire planet — and now you can explore it to your heart’s content.

Never Forget Where Your Booze Came From With This Lovely Whisky Chart

Our friends at Pop Chart Lab love tracing down the tangled, tortuous branches of the family trees connecting some of our favourite things. They have done it for beer, and now they’re switching to the hard stuff, with a lovely taxonomy of the world’s many types of whisky.

This 100-Year-Old Infographic Maps The Entire American Civil War

Back in the 1930s, the infographic scene was already humming with crazy products like the Histomap and its 4000 years of visualised history. But the roots of infographics go back even further. This intense visual recollection of the Civil War dates back to the 1800s.

Visualising Published Science As Forming Galaxies

Scientific research is published by the bucketload every single week — to the extent that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with. So this neat way of visualising published papers as growing galaxies is particularly fun — and useful.

8 Horrible Data Visualisations That Make No Sense

Data visualisation can be a great way to drive numbers home and give them a visual weight mere statistics don’t have. At least that’s what happens when they make sense. Sometimes, visualisations are downright dumb and just make things worse. Like these.

This Clever Map Compares Chicago Before And After The Great Fire

When the proverbial cow kicked over the proverbial lantern on a Tuesday night in 1871 Chicago, it set in motion an urban transformation that would see its hodgepodge of wooden buildings replaced with the Windy City we know today. Now, thanks to the data visualisation wizards at Esri and the patronage of The Smithsonian, you can compare the two cities block-by-block.

170 Years Of Hurricanes Mapped In One Stunning Image

With the Atlantic hurricane season about to kick into gear, plenty are wondering how this year’s crop of storms with disarmingly mundane names will compare to last year’s nightmarish season. This map goes even further, showing the past 170 hurricane seasons. It’s beautiful and humbling, all at once.