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These May Be 2014's Best Five Bits Of News

There have been a lot of bad news this year. And a lot of good ones too. Sadly, many of the good ones never get the proper coverage they need and they get lost in the storm of crap that we have to suffer every day. Luckily, Bill Gates has highlighted the best five news of 2014 that you probably missed.

The Different Types Of Snowflake, Visualised

Snowflakes are endlessly fascinating and incredibly beautiful. But while they’re all (sort of) unique, they can be neatly divided into well-defined types of flake. This chart shows them all.

Depressing Graphic Shows Time Humanity Spent Watching Gangnam Style

The Economist made this sobering graphic of the hidden cost of the most popular YouTube video of all time — with more than two billion views since June 2012: “At 4:12 minutes, that equates to more than 140m hours, or more than 16,000 years.” Then, it was compared to some of humanity’s most monumental tasks.

Fascinating Graphic Shows A Man's Heart Rate During Marriage Proposal

Redditor sesipikai did something wonderful: He wore a heart rate belt during his trip to Rome, in which he proposed to his soon-to-be-wife. He then exported the data to an XML file and created this fascinating graph using Excel.

A Periodic Table That Tells You How Common Elements Really Are

The periodic table is perhaps the most iconic scientific visualisation in the world — but that doesn’t mean it can’t show more. Now, Google has amped up every scientist’s favourite to show how elements really get used in the real world.

Visualising The Notes Played In Songs On A Piano-Turned-Histogram

Ever wondered how many times a certain note gets played during the course of a song? Well, this tool developed by Joey Cloud lets you visualise the number of times each note is played on a histogram — that happens to look exactly like the piano keyboard it represents.

How English Describes Colour Vs How Chinese Describes Colour

Here’s a fascinating visualisation created by Muyueh Lee that shows the differences between how the English language and Chinese language each describe colours. On the left, you can see the number of English names for colour hues (there’s a lot!) and on the right, the number of Chinese names (there’s a little!).

Dog Breeds Ranked: Who Is The Best, Smartest Doggie?

Designer David McCandless gathered some data about dog breeds and made this matrix mapping dog breeds according to factors like popularity, intelligence, longevity or cost.

The Top 10 Causes Of Death In 1900 Vs Death In 2010

This chart by the New England Journal of Medicine compares the top causes of death in the United States in 1900 and 2010. The shift is fascinating — in little more than a century, humanity has eradicated so many diseases. Others, however, have increased, like cancer and heart disease.

The World Is Now Safer And Better Than Ever, And Here's The Evidence

These series of statistical graphics show that, while there’s still plenty of war, hunger, sickness and poverty in the world, things are much better than what they were only a few decades ago — not to talk about centuries ago. We are still far from utopia, but the data is stubborn: We are getting there. Fast.