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Obi-Wan Kenobi being struck down — and becoming more powerful than we could possibly imagine — is a defining moment in the Star Wars saga. It informs so much of Luke's journey from farmhand to Jedi Knight. It's a chapter in the tragic tale of Anakin Skywalker. But in the initial script, it wasn't going to happen.


This inflatable Darth Vader is not only the easiest way to decorate your front lawn for the holidays, it will also blow away whatever your neighbours come up with, because at 4.8m tall it's one of the largest lawn ornaments you can buy. And isn't besting your neighbours what the holidays are really all about?


Video: Darth Vader is the ultimate villain, the personification of evil, and the baddest of bad guys. But how much of a killer is he? Surprisingly, not that much as Darth Vader. He's only responsible for less than a dozen kills as Darth Vader but he definitely racks up the kills as moody teen Anakin though. Check out the Kill Count video below to see all the bad things Darth Vader has done in the movies.