darth vader

Skip The Taxidermy And Put Glowing Star Wars Heads On Your Walls

Continuing the recent decorating trend of glowing stuff smashing through walls we now have three of the most popular Star Wars characters joining the fray. Designed more for kids or gaming rooms these 3D heads are completely self-contained so there’s no unsightly power cords to be hidden, and thanks to LEDs inside they always remain cool to the touch.

This Imposing Quarter-Scale Vader Figure Stands Over 60cm Tall

One of the greatest bad guys in movie history deserves a figure that stands more than just six inches (15cm) tall. So Sideshow Collectibles has finally done Anakin Skywalker some justice with its upcoming quarter-scale Vader that’s just over 26 inches (66cm) tall. That’s just about the size of a newborn infant, minus the dirty nappies and constant crying.

Now Anyone Can Drive Hot Wheels' Intimidating Darth Vader Car

If you’re still drooling over the C5 Corvette that Hot Wheels turned into the ultimate ride for Darth Vader, the company will finally let anyone take it for a spin. But not the original, that’s probably driven around by Hot Wheels’ CEO. The rest of us will have to settle for this remote control version that’s about a foot-and-a-half long — so at least you won’t need a garage to store it.

This Vader-Faced Sled Is The Best Way To Get Around Hoth, Not An AT-AT

They don’t pick up quite as much speed racing down a snow-covered hill as a properly waxed wooden toboggan does, but when it comes to avoiding that tree you’re about to hit, nothing manoeuvres quite like a steerable snow racer. And when it comes to intimidating other riders on the hill, nothing will be quite as effective as this Vader-face SnowMoto Zip sled.

What Came First? The Chicken, The Egg Or These Transforming Star Wars Toys?

Force choke. Force lightning. These are but a few of the more well-known Dark Side powers. Lesser known? Force transforming-into-an-egg, one of the many more obscure Sith tricks Vader never quite found a good excuse to use in any of the films.

The Definitive Darth Vader Figure Even Has His Iconic Breathing Sounds

Toys: Every time Hot Toys announces a new figure it’s a chance for fans and other toy companies to see exactly how a collectible should be made. And while there have been thousands of Darth Vader toys released since Star Wars premiered in 1977, Hot Toy’s 14-inch version is easily the definitive Vader figure thanks to some incredible attention to detail.

Adidas' New Star Wars Sneaks Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

There always seems to be a steady stream of Star Wars merchandise hitting stores, but with a new film on the horizon in 2015, the Disney marketing machine is quickly ramping up to overdrive. Even Adidas wants in on the action with its upcoming Star Wars Originals collection that includes these wonderful Vader kicks. If only they weren’t sized for kids.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Batman And Darth Vader?

Video: I know this sounds like one of these questions you typically ask when you are high, and, most probably, the guys at Machinima Prime were stoned when they came up with it. I’m just glad they decided to actually make this video the next morning.

James Earl Jones Was Originally Paid $7000 For Voicing Darth Vader

If you can believe it, James Earl Jones was paid just $US7000 for doing the voice of Darth Vader in the first Star Wars film. That’s about $US26,000 adjusted for inflation, but still not anywhere near a huge payday for a major motion picture.

Darth Vader Sounded Hilarious Before Voice-Over

The Force Awakens will introduce us to some new Sith villains for sure, but Darth Vader will always be the most iconic. James Earl Jones was his threatening voice, but the body was an English actor who didn’t just gesture around in silence like a mime during filming; he voiced all the lines in a West Country English accent.