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We Need To Make Room For This Gingerbread Darth Vader in The Smithsonian

If the Smithsonian is where America keeps some of its greatest treasures, then it’s time to toss a few Muppets and pack away those ruby slippers to make room for what is clearly the greatest gingerbread creation of all time.

Curl Up Tonight With Five Straight Hours Of A Burning Darth Vader

Who wants the hassle and maintenance of a real fireplace when Netflix serves up a convincing log you can just stream to your living room TV? Or better yet, why not just give in to all the Star Wars mania and curl up next to Anakin Skywalker’s burning corpse on a rainy night.

A 4.8m Tall Inflatable Vader Is Holiday Decorating Done Easy

This inflatable Darth Vader is not only the easiest way to decorate your front lawn for the holidays, it will also blow away whatever your neighbours come up with, because at 4.8m tall it’s one of the largest lawn ornaments you can buy. And isn’t besting your neighbours what the holidays are really all about?

Inspire Star Wars Dreams With Vader And Chewbacca Bedding

Some people think they can seed their dreams with pre-sleep rituals that send them off into amazing adventures once they slumber. But why rely on your sub-conscious when this Star Wars bedding can have you reliving one of the greatest sagas of all time while you doze?

A Death Star Filled With Plastic Stormtroopers Is A Better Bucket Of Army Men

If there’s one toy that defines cheap and mass-produced, it’s those buckets full of tiny green plastic army men. They really stop being desirable once you turn six, except when those plastic soldiers are replaced with tiny white stormtroopers led by an equally tiny Darth Vader.

Only Die-Hard Star Wars Fans Will Buy A Vader Fridge That Holds A Single Can

Lucasfilm and Disney have approved the ultimate loyalty test for Star Wars fans. Aqua, better known for its obscenely over-priced R2-D2 mini fridge, now also has a Vader fridge that’s a perfect life-size replica of Darth’s helmet. That’s the good news. The bad news? It can only chill a single can.

How Many People Has Darth Vader Killed In The Star Wars Movies?

Video: Darth Vader is the ultimate villain, the personification of evil, and the baddest of bad guys. But how much of a killer is he? Surprisingly, not that much as Darth Vader. He’s only responsible for less than a dozen kills as Darth Vader but he definitely racks up the kills as moody teen Anakin though. Check out the Kill Count video below to see all the bad things Darth Vader has done in the movies.

Star Wars Showerheads Let You Bathe In Vader's Tears

With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, the Disney/Lucasfilm marketing machine is finally fully operational. How do we know? Because in addition to toys, video games, and other random crap, you can now buy Star Wars showerheads to spice up your morning routine.

This Vader Figure Talks, Moves, And Poses All By Itself

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes a bunch of new characters that fans of the saga have already embraced, but will any of them ever hold a candle — or lightsaber — to Vader? Not when there’s a giant animated action figure now available in his likeness.

I'm Looking Forward To Bank Robbery Footage Featuring This Roaring Chewbacca Mask

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not advocating bank robbery as an easy way to resolve your financial difficulties. We’re just really looking forward to the first security camera footage of a perp using this electronic Chewbacca mask to hide their identity behind authentic Wookiee roars.

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