darth vader

Life-Size Darth Vader Hot Wheels: That's No Hoon

When he’s not making life miserable for the Rebellion in his custom TIE Fighter, Darth Vader must surely spend his days cruising around the Death Star in this awesome life-size Hot Wheels vehicle bearing his unmistakeable likeness.

A Vader Suitcase Can Even Squeeze Into A TIE Fighter's Overhead Bins

Even though it’s designed for kids, it’s going to be hard for adult Star Wars fans not to trade in their carry-on luggage for this awesome 3D Vader suitcase — even if they are Yoda-sized.

Darth Vader Will Run For President Of Ukraine

In perhaps the most unexpected turn of events in Ukrainian politics, RT News says that Darth Vader, Sith Lord of the Galactic Empire, has declared himself a candidate in the Ukrainian presidential election. The political force is strong with this one.

The Weirdest Thing On The Internet Tonight: Albert Einstein And Darth Vader Duke It Out

Because of course Einstein can use the Force. He discovered it.

The Most Detailed Star Wars Figure Ever Is 13 Inches Of Sith Glory

Putting every action figure ever released to shame, Sideshow Collectibles has announced an absolutely stunning 13.5-inch tall Dark Vader figure that’s promised to be the most detailed Star Wars toy ever released. It includes everything from glowing electronics on his chest plate and belt, a selection of nine-different swappable posed hands to choose from, lit and unlit lightsabers, and even separate display stands for the Vader and his removable helmet.

First-Person Lightsaber Battles Are Incredible

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be Darth Vader serving a plate of Dark Side-pain to a Jedi? Now you can with this awesome first-person lightsaber video. Pew pew!

Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland

It was only a matter of time before this happened but Disney Parks just posted a video that shows Darth Vader going to Disneyland. It shows ol’ Darth riding that stupid Teacup ride, going on Space Mountain and using the Force to his advantage.

The Most Embarrassing Star Wars Official Merchandise This Side Of Hoth

The special edition versions of the Star Wars films and the recent prequels left many fanboys wondering if George Lucas maybe wasn’t the visionary filmmaker they had all worshipped and adored. But one aspect of Lucas’s vision that has never come into question is his ability to market the hell out of a franchise.

What Darth Vader Would Look Like If He Was A Good Dad

In an alternate Star Wars reality, maybe Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader but realised he still wanted to take care of his kids like any not evil dad would. Maybe he did all the mundane dad things too. Maybe it looked like this.

Darth Vader Playing Bagpipes While Wearing A Kilt And Riding A Unicycle Is… Wait. What?

Anyone pick the dark lord of the Sith as a closet bagpipes fan? Let alone a unicycle riding, kilt wearing bagpipes fan? Not that I’m going to argue with him, mind you. Being force choked while bagpipes play would be a nasty way to die.