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How A Hillbilly Delivery Man Is Trailblazing Our Cyborg Future

After losing his left arm to cancer in 2008, Jonny Matheny’s life changed radically. The self-styled West Virginia hillbilly, formerly a retail bread sales and delivery man, started travelling to medical research facilities around the country to volunteer as a test-subject for advanced prosthetics and experimental surgeries. Today, Matheny is something of a Model T for cyborgs, wielding one of the most advanced mind-controlled prosthetics ever built.

Australian Scientists Say We Are On The Evolutionary Path To Becoming Cyborgs

Our excitement with and rapid uptake of technology — and the growing opportunities for artificial brain enhancement — are putting humans more firmly on the path to becoming cyborgs, according to evolution experts from the University of Adelaide.

Professor Maciej Henneberg and Dr Aurthur Saniotis have worked to chart the full scope of human evolution, with a look at the past, present and future development of our species.

The 12 Worst Cyborg Movies Of All Time

Before the zombie craze, if you wanted to make a cheap genre movie with a decent shot of making your money back, you made a cyborg film. For some reason, audiences couldn’t get enough of these combinations of man and machine, no matter how crappy they were. Here’s the proof.

Take An Uncanny Tour Of The World's Largest Prosthetics Fair

Image Cache: The world’s largest orthopedics event is happening right now in Leipzig, Germany. From prosthetic legs that enable people to run faster to exoskeletons that can make the disabled walk again, OT World 2016 is showcasing some of the most futuristic inventions you’ve ever seen. They’re also creepy as hell.

Do We Already Have Cyborgs In Our Midst?

Michael Bareev-Rudy never expected to have his finger implanted with a magnet. But in November 2015, the 18-year-old decided to embed a tiny magnet in his index finger at an event held in Dusseldorf, Germany. A crowd gathered to watch as a man in a smart grey suit and green surgical mask carefully sliced open the sandy-haired 18-year-old’s finger.

Cyborg Rats Solve Mazes Better And Faster Than Normal Rats 

Chinese scientists have created “cyborgised” rats that perform better on maze tests than normal rats and a computer algorithm. It’s an exciting proof-of-concept that heralds the potential for “cyborg intelligence”. The details have just been published in PLOS One.

Derby, The Adorable Cybernetic Dog, Just Got A Major Upgrade

Derby is a dog born with underdeveloped legs and paws. Tech firm 3D Systems designed a pair of prosthetic limbs for the Husky mix, but they were too short, and they also prevented Derby from being able to sit normally. A new upgrade now overcomes both of these limitations.

The Latest Trend Among Biohackers Is Implanting LED Lights Beneath Your Skin

Inspired by bioluminescent organisms, the DIY biohackers at Grindhouse Wetware have unveiled their latest creation — a magnetically activated, LED-equipped silicone implant.

Open-Source Cyborg Hand Is Making Prosthetics More Accessible Than Ever

A generation ago, getting a prosthetic limb fitted usually amounted to a having a heavy, nearly useless hunk of plastic and metal tacked onto your body. But bionic hands such as this one illustrate just how quickly that’s all changing.

Would You Hack Your Body For A Superpower?

Today, we rediscovered that people are willing to go to extreme lengths to gain mutant-like abilities. Are you one of them?

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