Tor Doesn't Want To Depend On US Government Money Anymore

Tor is transforming. The anonymity service is making a concerted effort to find funding sources other than the United States government, a problematic sugar daddy that’s bankrolled Tor for years.

LA Police Want To Use Crowdsourced Photos To Solve Crimes

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has launched a new website and companion mobile app that allows people who are witnesses to large emergencies can submit photo or video evidence they might have recorded. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea — but like all mass information collection, the idea has a dark side.

This GIF Shows How Impossible It Is To Find A Plane In The Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is very, very big. Aeroplanes are big too — but, compared to the Pacific Ocean, they are almost comically small. So, as rescuers finish up a week of searching unsuccessfully for Malaysia Air Flight 370, it’s worth taking a second to marvel at what an impossible a task it is to find one little plane in that very big ocean.

Now You Can Help Search For The Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

The Boeing 777 that seemed to disappear into thin air last weekend has still not been found after five days of search and rescue. Now a crowdsourcing company has started a campaign where anyone can pore over satellite images to find traces of Flight 370 or its 239 passengers.

The UK Is Crowdsourcing Its Next Map Of The Ocean Floor

Believe it or not, we don’t know how deep large parts of the ocean off the British coast really are, and this is obviously not a good thing for the many sailors who cruise around those waters. A new project funded by the European Community is using technology to solve this problem — technology and lots of boats.

Would You Crowd-Source Your Email To Save Time?

We’re all busy and getting busier, which doesn’t fit well with a list of unread email that refuses to stop growing. Now, a team of researchers has developed a crowd-sourced email valet system — but would you share your inbox to streamline your life?

Swype Now Crowdsources Autocorrections

Swype, the sliding keyboard that dramatically speeds up typing on Android, just got a little more clever. As well as offering a more fluid typing experience, it now crowd-sources your autocorrections — which should (hopefully) make for fewer embarrassing mistakes.

Crowdsourcing Could Help Deaf People Subtitle Their Everyday Life

Subtitles make TV far more accessible for deaf people, but new research promises to give people with hearing difficulties the option to subtitle their everyday lives, too, using crowdsourced transcribers.

Gamers Redesign Protein That Stumped Scientists

Folding: it’s detestable and boring, as any Gap employee can tell you. But it’s also a totally fun thing you can do in a video game! And today it’s particularly exciting because players of the online game Foldit have redesigned a protein, and their work is published in the science journal Nature Biotechnology.

Crowdsourced Star Wars Remake Is Done, Watch It

Back in 2009, Vimeo developer Casey Pugh requested the internet’s limitless denizens come up with 15-second recreations of scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. The internet responded, heartily and, in 2010, Pugh secured an Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media for his efforts. Since then, the scenes have existed in isolation, snippets of a potentially greater whole. That was until now.