Creative's Airwave HD Adds NFC So You Just Tap To Tether Your Tunes

No one has yet to unseat Jawbone’s Jambox from the Bluetooth speaker throne, but the king of the heap is starting to show its age, leaving room for feature-packed competitors to challenge its reign.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $150

Dragging party music to the park or patio doesn’t have to involve so much actual dragging. More party, more easy! You’ve got a gazillion songs on your phone already. And little, portable Bluetooth speakers are getting so cheap. Now, for around $100-$150, you can blast your jams to the high heavens, or at least a 10m radius.

Lunchtime Deal: Creative Aurvana Headphones

Need some new headphones? Creative’s selling off two of its slightly older lines quite cheap right now; you can pick between the basic Aurvana Live! cans for $69 down from $181.95, or if you fancy some noise cancelling goodness, the $363.59 Aurvana X-Fi are heading out the door for only $99.95. [Creative Online Store Au via OzBargain]

Creative ZEN M300: A Non-iPod Nano

Secretly want an iPod nano, but loathe Apple/iTunes/iPods/yourself? Creative’s ZEN M300 is like a slightly jumbo-er nano – but it plays video, has a microSD card slot, is Bluetooth-y and doesn’t force you to use a thumbnail-sized touchscreen.

Haptica, A Beautiful Watch Set In Braille

Currently, the blind have two ways of telling time: using an audible watch or an open-face watch to feel the watch’s hands. This watch, the Haptica, actually sets the time in Braille and could become real with your help.

Lightning Review: Creative D100 Bluetooth Speakers

Why listen to music through the crappy tinny speakers in you laptop when you can utilise the power of Bluetooth?

MP3 Players In The Year 2000 We Loved But Weren't So Good

This is the Creative Nomad Jukebox from the year 2000. It may have been shaped like a CD player to mentally ease technophobes, but it actually had a 6GB hard drive on board. And boy did we love it.

My Tech Buyer's Guide From 2000 Is Pretty Hilarious

Nine years ago, as a young tech reporter at Time Magazine, I co-wrote a buyer’s guide with the latest and greatest gear known to man. Today, it sounds ridiculous.