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Adobe's Project LayUp Lets You Create Multimedia Layouts On The iPad

At its MAX conference this week Adobe launched several new tools, including a slew of new mobile apps for creating on the fly. Now the software giant will debut concept apps that build upon the cloud-ready access that their restructured apps provide — including a new app that allow designers to sketch out layouts using only an iPad. Here’s an early look.

Will Adobe's Move To The Cloud Finally Keep The Pirates At Bay?

Today, Adobe announced the latest round of updates to its ubiquitous software suite, with its Creative Cloud subscription service taking center-stage. Not only is the old Creative Suite moniker being dropped completely, but a whole slew of cloud-dependent features were introduced. While the updates will be a boon to a huge number of Adobe customers, it’s going to annoy the hell out of one core Adobe demo: the pirates.

Don't Believe The Adobe Price Cut Hype, It's Still Gouging You Silly

Late yesterday, we brought you the news that Adobe had buckled under the pressure of the Australia Tax inquiry brought on by the government and lowered local pricing to bring it more in line with US counterparts. You might thank benevolent Adobe for finally coming around to our way of thinking, but I’m here to tell you why you should be as angry with them as ever.

Adobe Creative Cloud And Creative Suite 6 Arrive

Adobe released its new Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 today, and clearly, it wants to push you towards the former. The company is betting big on its Internet-powered software and gambling that customers will pay to come along for the ride.

Adobe’s Creative Touch Apps Are Android Only

Adobe’s just unveiled touch versions of Photoshop and other illustration tools, but iPad users will have to wait to use them until at least next year.

Adobe Unleashes The 40% Off Ninjas To Tackle Piracy

Adobe knows your copy of Creative Suite 4 is “borrowed” from a friend. A friend you randomly met on the Internet, whose name you don’t know and probably never will. Fortunately, they’re doing something about it, so long as you’re a student.

Adobe Creative Suite Pillows Are All About Design

The movement to turn all of our furniture into a fluffy application dock continues with this handmade Adobe Creative Suite collection.

Photoshop Interface Evolution Shows Not a Lot of Evolution

Once upon a time there was a program called Photoshop, created by the Knoll Brothers. Twenty years and eleven versions later, it basically remains unchanged. Except for the damn bloody tabs.

Adobe CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator Review (Verdict: Kick Arse)

I’ve spent more than a month working with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection. I’m impressed. It pushes the envelope again with new tools and enhancements that will save a lot of time.

Nvidia Quadro CX Accelerates Adobe CS4 Up to 11

Along with their 9600M GT card for portables announcement with the MacBook Pro, Nvidia has also announced their new Nvidia Quadro CX. The $US1,999 PCIe card, which according to them has been “specifically designed and optimised the Quadro CX to enhance the performance of Adobe Creative Suite 4”, will accelerate all most common operations in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and H.264 encoding.

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