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A Realistic Guide To Using Gadgets On The Beach

Headed to the beach this month? All manner of dedicated speakers, coolers and phone cases are going to be vying for your don’t-get-sand-or-water-in-it money. Do you really need to pay money to achieve that? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Let’s look at the why and how and save you both cash and broken phones.

A Tactical Can Koozie Keeps You Prepared For Grilling Emergencies

When you get a late-night craving for BBQ, the last thing you want to do is ignore it. So when you find yourself standing next to the grill long after the sun has set with a drink in hand, you’ll be glad this tactical koozie with a built-in torch is at your side.

Happy Hour: I Put The Ultimate Stubby Holder To The Test

Stubby holders. They keep your hand from getting cold and your beer from getting warm — what could be better? One that keeps your beer cold for much, much longer, that’s what.

Queensland Man Busted Drink Driving Motorised Esky

We’re not sure if Christoper Ian Petrie was driving the same cruzin’ cooler we’ve covered in the past, but we know it was powered by a 50cc motor, and that the magistrate ruled it a qualified vehicle, slapping the 23-year-old with a 500 buck fine.

When In Doubt, Stick A Giant Radiator Inside Your Computer

Liquid cooling, long the geeky masterwork of any PC gaming champion, has become simpler to set up, with pre-assembled, self-contained units available for any dummy in search of a cooler CPU. Maingear says their newest cooler frosts like a boss.

USB Laptop Cooler's "Boardroom" Chic?

We’re sure a device such as this, whose details can be more closely examined over at Uxsight, has its admirers. But we’re a little confused. What’s with the styling?

Timbuk2's Dolores Cooler Bag Makes For The Best Bike Messenger Gig

Carrying a cooler full of Pabst into a job interview may seem like bad form, but hauling a twelve-pack in a Dolores Cooler shaped like a messenger bag is just the thing to show off your go-getting attitude.

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