Quick And Easy MacBook Repairs That'll Save You A Small Fortune

Everybody’s MacBook breaks. At some point or another, the hard drive will shudder to a stop; the display hinge won’t hold up any more; the logic board will cease to function. It’s only a matter of time. Fortunately, you can fix most of it yourself. Here’s how.

Disposable Spy Computers Are Disturbingly Easy And Cheap To Make

Be honest, how often do you use unsecured Wi-Fi for something you shouldn’t? You know, just a quick Facebook login at your local coffee house? If you’ve done it even once, that’s too much, because making a secret spy computer that can steal all that data is dumb easy. And cheap to boot.

Under The Hood: When Do PC Components Matter?

PC enthusiasts can often sound like brand-loyal trolls, especially if you get them started on CPUs and graphics. They do occasionally have a valid point, however. When it comes to computer hardware, brands do matter, but why they matter usually depends on the hardware in question. Here are some things you’ll want to consider…

How To Set Up A PC, The Right Way

All expecting parents have read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, because when that little bundle of joy drops out of mummy, you’d better be ready with lots of paper towels and a whole lot of specialised knowledge about what to do from that moment forward. Though it’s not quite as messy (or scary), setting up a new PC requires a similar sort of informed approach if you want to raise it properly from the moment it squirts out of the courier truck and into your life.

Razer Blade 2013: Now This Is How You Make A Damn Windows Laptop

Everyone’s first impression of the 14-inch Razer Blade, even more than its 17-inch older brother, is Ha, they made a MacBook. And then Oh — wait. They made a MacBook. And it’s actually even better than that.

No, Children Of 1990, Computers Are Not The Devil

Computers may be ubiquitous now, but they were just beginning to enter the mainstream in 1990. Like any revolutionary technology, the desktop computer was viewed with more than a little scepticism by the average person. Luckily, David Neil of PBS’s Newton’s Apple was there to explain to a group of dubious high-schoolers that computers are not inherently evil. And he brought a two-storey exhibit to help illustrate.

Apple Patents Slimline Combined SD And USB Slot

Apple’s been imagining the things of the future again, with a newly-discovered patent showing it has plans to combine USB and SD card slots to save yet more space on the Macs of tomorrow. Although the patent shows Apple combining USB and SD card connectivity in one and the same hole, the explanatory text goes into more detail.

iOS 7 For iPad First Impressions: Messing With The Best

Since its inception, the iPad has been the gold standard for tablets. Nothing else has come close, really. A lot of credit goes to iOS, which has ceded plenty of ground to Android on phones but remains easily the friendliest tablet software. So changing up iOS 7 means changing up the very best tablet OS there is. Here’s how that’s working out so far.

Westinghouse's 84-Inch 4K Touchscreen Makes Windows 8 Feel Epic

Westinghouse Digital’s “Digital Whiteboard” is an 84-inch UltraHD monster that runs Windows 8. It costs $15,000, so this is headed to the lecture halls and boardrooms of the world. Unless you’ve got dollar, you won’t see this beauty in your living room just yet, which is a shame, because using it is like touching the future.

Here's How To Get The Windows 8.1 Preview For Free Right Now

The preview version of Windows 8.1 is available to download and try out right now. Here’s how to get it.