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The Commonwealth Bank Is About To Be Buried By Customers Scared Of Heartbleed [Updated]

Heartbleed is serious. It’s a vulnerability in OpenSSL that means people’s passwords, usernames and other information transacted over the HTTPS standard may have been compromised in the last two years. One industry that has been particularly cagey has been the Australian banking sector. The Commonwealth Bank just took to its blog to “explain” the situation, and it’s now getting out of hand.

Commonwealth Bank Adds NFC Payments To Android, iOS

CommBank debuted its new app this morning, featuring a shiny new iOS 7-like design, and the ability to do NFC payments from both Android and iOS smartphones. Here’s how it works.

Coles Will Let You Pay For Stuff With A Phone Sticker Too

You know those Commonwealth Bank PayTags we were talking about earlier? Turns out that they’re a bit of tech from Mastercard, and Coles has them too.

CommBank Now Lets You Bank Via Facebook Which Is Terrifying

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, Facebook isn’t the kindest or most secure service in the world. That’s ok, though, because we don’t do anything too sensitive on there except maybe send inappropriate pictures to our significant others. That’s all about to change however with the introduction of banking via Facebook thanks the the Commonwealth Bank.

Will The Commonwealth Bank Support Bitcoin?

There’s no denying the Commonwealth Bank loves its technology. It spent billions refreshing the way it does business so that it could support cool stuff like real-time transactions and contactless/phone-based NFC payments, but what has it given us lately? What’s the next big thing for payments in Australia? Could this big bank be about to support Bitcoin?

Coles Is Trialling Phone Payments Now, Which Is Stupid

I often catch myself dreaming that one day we will live in a world where everyone will be able to pull out their phone, wave it against a terminal, EFTPOS machine or even petrol pump without having to open any sort of app and be on their way. Coles today revealed it’s experimenting with a 60-person trial of SIM-based loyalty and rewards payments which is on one hand excellent, but on the other, diabolically misguided.

Commonwealth Bank Working On NFC Payments For iPhone 5

The Commonwealth Bank outed its Kaching near-field communications product for payments way back in 2011, and since then all seems to have gone quiet around the whole idea of paying for stuff with your phone, until now.

You Can Buy Prepaid Recharge Vouchers Via NetBank Now

NetBank is plenty nifty. Sure it’s had a few missteps, like the whole “do your banking with added Facebook” thing, but on the whole, I’m a fan. Pre-paid users are going to be happy with the latest offering, though: now you can buy Telstra, Optus and BigPond pre-paid recharge credit via NetBank.

Westpac Is Bringing Contactless Payments To Your SIM Card [Updated]

Tired of the Commonwealth Bank blaming Android handset manufacturers for the lack of NFC-support in its phone wallet product, Kaching? Well so is Westpac, and today it’s announced a new Android contactless payment application that uses the SIM card to transmit the payment data. No case required.

The Commonwealth Bank Has Made Its Own Point-Of-Sale Tablet Called Albert

Meet Albert. Albert is the new point-of-sale transaction tablet from the Commonwealth Bank. Albert likes Pi. Pi is the software platform that powers Albert so that he can help merchants offer custom-built apps like loyalty programs, bill splitters and merchandise trackers to their customers. Confused yet?