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Star Trek, Klingons And Coffee Tables

What better way to commemorate the Star Trek series than with a Klingon-style coffee table? If you need inspiration, then check out Nick Woodrow’s DIY project. It’s fantastic.

God Took His Bike Chain And Made His Favourite Mortal A Coffee Table

Coffee tables. I’m going to SMASH your coffee table. It deserves to be smashed—it’s pitiful. It sits there, reflecting light, collecting dust, insulting me with its presence. Why? Why? Your coffee table is not a gigantic bicycle chain.

Eat Your Sea Bass On Some Drum 'N Bass

Small house? Designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer have converged the coffee table with the sound system in the ultimate space-saver. Just connect an audio source to the Acoustable and put your feet up. [DesignBoom via Freshome via BornRich]

Enormous 10:1 Scale NES Coffee Table Actually Works

There have been NES coffee tables constructed in the past, and there will be NES coffee tables constructed again in the future. For now, however, this playable NES coffee table is the sexiest yet. Plus, (incredibly ambitious) DIY!

Magic Carp-Pet Gives You A Virtual Aquarium In Your Living Room

Always wanted a fish tank but don’t want to have to go through the hassles of cleaning it? You’ll probably love this concept design from ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects, which combines a specially designed carpet with a specially designed coffee table to give the impression that the fish are swimming as you move around the table.

Black Hole Coffee Table Devours Personal Wealth

Don’t worry, your coasters and coffee table books will be perfectly safe on this table. About the only thing designer Jon Gilmore’s Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table can destroy is your wallet.

Vidro Floor Fireplace, Optionally Fuelled by Coffee Table Books

You might want to move those magazines off the table, that is, if your coffee table is really the Vidro Floor Fireplace.

Plug-In Table Illuminates Rooms, Stores Books and Charges Gadgets

Aside from the need for a perfectly positioned wall outlet, there is a lot to like about designer Sung-Pil Hwang’s Plug-In table. It serves as a bookshelf, lamp and gadget charger all-in-one.

Mousetrap Coffee Table Uses Its Victims For Fuel

If you are all about the ethical treatment of animals, avert your eyes. This high-tech mousetrap coffee table concept is nasty—real nasty.

iPhone Coffee Table is a One Way Ticket to Lonelytown

I know you like your iPhone. That’s great. But really, if you build a coffee table that looks like an iPhone, complete with icon coasters, you’ve gone too far.

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