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How IKEA Could Change Jet Cockpit Design

Spending the day at IKEA is a fun treat in the best of times, a relationship-destroying nightmare in the worst. For one Airbus designer though, following the yellow arrows around the bins of votive candles and wall hooks was a breakthrough moment.

Lawsuit: Helicopter Pilot Crashed After Fooling Around On FaceTime

A helicopter pilot was goofing off on FaceTime shortly before a fatal crash, according to a lawsuit filed by a surviving passenger.

Briefly: B-1B Lancer Gets Upgraded Cockpit

Originally built as a supersonic strategic bomber for delivering nuclear strikes on Moscow, the B-1B Lancer has played a variety of roles for the US Air Force in its nearly 30 years of service. And thanks to a newly upgraded cockpit — including four multi-function colour displays and a modernised Fully Integrated Data Link (FIDL) — the B-One “Bones” of the 7th Bomb Wing are expected to remain in service into the 2030s. [WikipediaThe Aviationist]

These Kids Want To Blow Up The White House

Hordes of children ran around as wild as a locust swarm at the recent USA Science & Engineering Festival. The main attraction: the Lockheed Martin booth, with its faux F-22 cockpit and Orion spacecraft simulator.

New F-18 Cockpit Display Looks Like An Awesome Video Game

This is the new LCD display in the cockpit for the new revision F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. It looks like an awesome ’90s arcade video game. One that doesn’t allow you to insert a coin to continue when you die.

Hey, Samsung Makes Advanced Fighter Cockpits Too

Samsung, best known for awesome TVs, tablets that get them in legal trouble and crispy new smartphones, is more than just stuff at Harvey Norman: they’re designing the cockpit for South Korea’s K-FX stealth fighter. Watch out, Cupertino!

Climb Inside A Concorde With These 360-Degree Panoramas

Ever wondered what it was like to fly in a Concorde? Every wondered what it was like to fly a Concorde? Then dive into these pannable, zoomable panoramas of the aircraft (as well as some less peaceful supersonic birds).

An Aeroplane Cockpit Bedroom Is All Class, No Business

Some of us spice up our bedrooms with He-Man sheets and scented candles. But the guy who turned his domicile into an aeroplane cockpit is operating at a whole other altitude.

The Interior Of A Nazi UFO

In an alternative Earth, Hitler had a Plan B: A secret colony on the Moon, founded by troops launched from Antarctica. According to Iron Sky, that’s exactly what happened. And soon, they will be back to fight back, flying UFOs.

A Tale Of Two Cockpits

By way of our own Joel Johnson we get to see a very gritty, very geeky collection of photographs this fine evening. Above, the svelte cockpit of a Virgin Pendolino train. Below, the gritty cab of a Panther Command vehicle:

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