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A 250-Year-Old Clock Claimed A World Record (And Vindicated Its Maker)

Shortly before his death in 1776, eccentric British clock-maker John Harrison claimed to have designed the ‘perfect’ clock, one that would keep time flawlessly. His rivals and peers wrote it off as the boastings of a bitter, 80-year-old failure — but in modern-day light, Harrison has finally been proved right.

This Digital Sundial Tracks The Sun Through A Laser-Cut Cube

Sure, sundials are totally impractical in the age of precise atomic clocks, but this digital sundial cube is still the coolest. Made out of 59 plates of metal cut to match the angle of the sun at different times of the day, the Sun Cube casts a dot-matrix number to mark each hour.

Apple: Do Not Disturb Will Be Broken Until January 7

So you switched on iOS6’s Do Not Disturb feature on New Year’s Eve and it didn’t turn itself off when you told it to? Get used to it: Apple says that automatic deactivation of Do Not Disturb is going to be broken until 7 January.

You'd Always Know What The Time Was In This Hotel Room

One of the first things I always do when checking into a hotel room is to check the clock — and especially check if there were any pesky alarms still set. I wouldn’t have to look far in this hotel room built around a Belgian clock tower.

MuteWatch: Looks Simple, Performs Super Smart

The Mutewatch may look like just a loop of plastic with a buckle, but don’t let its featureless face fool you. With one tap, a digital time display appears on your wrist.

How To Turn A Hard Drive Into An LED Clock

If your hard drive developed a timing fault, you’d probably think it was due for chucking out. This enterprising hack turns a mechanical hard drive into an LED clock instead.

Concept Snowboard Has An E-ink Display

We have seen e-ink in plenty of watches and <a href=”

“>clocks, but this is the first time we have ever seen e-ink in a snowboard.

The Spire Clock Folds And Unfolds Like A Japanese Fan To Let You Know What Time It Is

The Spire Clock is yet another quirky timekeeper that puts some charm back into the humdrum task of telling time. Essentially, the clock is an assymetrical Japanese fan.

Magnetic Tape Clock Beats Hard Drives Hands Down

There are many hard drive clocks, but this is the first time I saw a magnetic tape one. It’s prettier than the hard drives, that’s for sure. These 7 inches of pure retro joy can be yours for $US29. [Etsy]

Reset Your iOS Alarms For Daylight Savings Time

If you rely on your iPhone’s recurring alarm at any point during the weekend, you may want to set it manually today. Other countries are reporting an iOS bug that causes alarms to go off incorrectly during the daylight savings time switch.

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