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Jason Bourne Is Back, And He's Angry

Video: There’s a new Jason Bourne film coming out on July 29, and it’s called Jason Bourne. Here’s the trailer for the fifth film in the Bourne series, and brings back Matt Damon as the titular badass.

Forget The Super Bowl, There's A Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Video: The Super Bowl is on, so we though it only appropriate to share with you some gratuitous patriotism. Here’s 42 seconds of pure America. That’s Captain America: Civil War, by the way.

Build A Robot Gecko That Climbs Walls Using Suction Cups And Pumps

Instead of using billions of tiny hair-like structures and Van der Waals forces to stick to walls and ceilings like a real gecko does, Thames & Kosmos new Geckobot kit employs tiny air pumps and suction cups to climb vertical surfaces without falling and smashing.

The Destruction Caused By The War In Syria Is Devastating

Video: Russia Works shot this aerial footage of Homs, Syria and the city, which was the third largest in the country and once home to a population of over 800,000, has been completely destroyed. Buildings and homes have turned to rubble, the city look like the aftermath of the apocalypse, and the people have disappeared. It is so tragic to see.

True Hero Builds A Stereo That Automatically Blasts Music Back At His Loud Neighbours

Video: You unfortunately don’t get to choose your neighbours, but you do get to choose how you deal with them. A YouTuber named Jamil went with a more passive-aggressive approach for dealing with his loud neighbours.

The Extreme Close Up Shots From David Fincher Movies (NSFW)

Video: David Fincher is an amazing director with a unique vision of the world. He makes films that everyone wants to see, his talent and skill are obvious and his restraint might be what sets him apart. Here’s a look at the extreme close up shots of Fincher, he doesn’t utilise them in the same way as other directors but does so in his own unique way.

Who Knew A Spinning Tower Of Mirrors Could Be So Mesmerising?

The definition of “art” might be incorporeal at best, but it’s easy enough to look at something and go “Yes, [object] is appealing to one/three/five of my sensory organs”. Firmly in this category is the “Babel Tower”, a spinning stack of mirrors created by artist Shirin Abedinirad.

Watch: An In-Depth Look At Battlestar Galactica's Colonial Viper

Video: The Colonial Viper Mk II space superiority fighter is one of the more memorable machines in modern sci-fi, enjoying pride of place in both the original Battlestar Galactica TV series of 1978 and the 2004 remake of the same name and blowing countless Cylon raiders out of vacuum. In fact, the Mk II is so iconic that US Air Force pilots nicknamed their F-16s ‘Vipers’. Now, a YouTube channel has a short history of the spacecraft and its successes.

I Want To Play With This Bewildering Bluetooth Tambourine

The $US600 ($858) Zoom ARQ Areo RhythmTrak is bewilderingly strange. This futuristic-looking tambourine is part drum machine, sequencer, synthesiser, looper, MIDI controller and acid-laced light show. It also has a built-in accelerometer, and that’s where things get interesting.

Blue Origin Relaunched The Rocket They Landed In November

Earlier today, Blue Origin launched their same New Shepard rocket booster that they launched into space two months ago. Looks like the commercial space race for reusable rockets is on — SpaceX is flashier with bigger trajectories, but Blue Origin keeps beating them to firsts.

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