Pilot Takes Off From Road In The Alps To Do Some Crazy Acrobatics

Video: I can help but to feel a mix of awe, envy and fear as I watch Red Bull Air Force pilot Hannes Arch taking off from a road in the Austrian Alps and then perform some what-the-hell-are-you-noooooo-oh-my-god-you-got-to-be-kidding acrobatics way too close to all those amazing ridges.

Watch: ‘Open Windows’ Trailer Sees Elijah Wood Cyber-Stalk Sasha Grey

Check out this upcoming thriller starring Elijah Wood from Lord of The Rings and crossover porn star Sasha Grey from, well, don’t pretend you don’t know. Uniquely, the story unfolds through the tabs, screen and Internet of Wood’s computer as he spies on his celebrity crush. Intrigued or pass?

Mad Genius Invents Steel Safe Suit To Stand Inside A Fireworks Display

Video: Mad genius Colin Furze is back again with a new invention. This time he built himself a steel safe suit with the sole purpose of standing inside a fireworks display and enjoy the views. The suit shape looks hilarious, a terrifying mix between the tin man and the scarecrow, but it works perfectly.

Leave Chris Harris Alone, Internet Commenters

/DRIVE frontman and motoring journalist Chris Harris is currently feeling the pinch that many newspapers are feeling around the world right now: you make someone pay for content online that they had always received for free.

Jaime King Took An Uber To The Hospital To Give Birth

When Jaime King was home alone and thought she was about to give birth, she didn’t want to make a fuss. So instead of calling for an ambulance or getting a friend to give her a ride she… got an Uber.

An Ode To All The Terrible Shows On Pay TV

Video: Is it me, or is Pay TV just 400 channels all filled with people doing stupid stuff like headbutting watermelons or crying at each other? Meet Popstel: Australia’s newest (satirical) and most awful Pay TV provider.

This Nexus Smartwatch Concept Is Bonkers

Video: We’ve complained before that some smartwatches are just boring remotes for your smartphones, and that they need to actually do something genuinely useful. But what if you didn’t need to purchase a secondary smartwatch device to have a phone on your wrist? What if you had a flexible phone that transformed into a wrist-cuff? That’s the key point of this new Nexus 360 concept.

Inside The Mind Of Australia's Most Prolific Cryptic Crossword Writer

In a world of movies, games, gadgets and countless other distractions, it can be easy to forget the simple joy of finishing a crossword. It’s a brain-draining, tease-fest that sends some solvers into a fit of rage. So who’s the genius/sadist who designs these block-lettered quizzes? Meet one of Australia’s leading cruciverbalists (real word) David Astle.

Honest Trailers Nitpicks Its Way Through 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Video: The first Captain America movie left a bit to be desired. Sure, it was a fun way to meet the First Avenger, but it wasn’t what you’d call the best Marvel movie of all time. That puts it in stark contrast then to the sequel, which is actually freaking amazing. Honest Trailers thought so too, and was left in a something of a quandary when it came to criticising the film.

How To Fix A Wobbly Table Using Maths

We’ve all been sat drinking a beer only to realise that the table wobbles irritatingly. But while a piece of folded paper can solve the problem for a few minutes, there is a better solution — and it uses some simple maths.

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