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Watch Flight Facilities Read Their Own YouTube Comments

Video: YouTube consistently has some of the worst commenters on the internet, and as part of a new series, Aussie artists are out to read all of the best-worst feedback. Up first? Flight Facilities.

DJ Porter Robinson Is A Massive Geek

You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but DJ Porter Robinson is a game-loving, Avril Lavigne-listening super-geek.

Kids Don't Know How To Use An iPod, You Are Old And Will Die Soon

Video: The first iPod came out in 2001. A 10-year old child came out in 2005. So is it any wonder that kids these days don’t know how to work the best music player ever?

Watch A Drone Rescue Another Drone With Coat Hangers

Video: Harrisen Howes was one beloved quadrocopter short after a drunk roommate managed to get his drone stuck up on the roof of their house. Lucky for Howes, drones are plenty capable of rescuing one another — given the right tools.

Watch: Samsung's Gear VR Combined With YouTube's 360 Degree Videos

Nothing beats going on an actual holiday, but is there anything wrong with enjoying the visual experience from the comfort of your own home, even if it’s fleeting? Armed with a Samsung Gear VR and an assortment of vehicles and locations, 360-degree video specialists Immersive Media decided to bring the world to you — via YouTube.

I Went Storm Chasing With NASA

It’s a dark and stormy night, 8.5km over the Midwest. Just after 10:30 PM, I’m standing aft of the cockpit of a NASA DC-8, while lightning flashes outside the cabin windows. A team of scientists recently took to the skies over Kansas and Nebraska to study how nighttime thunderstorms form over the Great Plains. The mission was called Plains Elevated Convection at Night, or PECAN. I was along for the ride.

The 10 Best Slow-Mo Videos The Slow-Mo Guys Have Ever Done

Everything looks better in slow motion. Especially cocking about with your mates while making massive explosions. The Slow-Mo Guys on YouTube have millions of subscribers and loads of great slow-motion videos, but which ones are best? Here’s our top 10.

Pixels Is A Bad Movie. Like, Really Bad.

“Scott Pilgrim, but for assholes”. That’s a line extracted from a review of Adam Sandler’s Pixels. It’s also one of the angriest internet tirades I’ve ever heard in my life.

SPECTRE: Here's The First Full Trailer

Here’s the first official trailer for the new James Bond 007 movie, SPECTRE.

Happy 5th Birthday, ABC News 24

Video: Say what you want about the ABC, but they’re one of the only news channels in the nation to have cracked 24-hour live streaming via the internet. It’s something that sounds simple, but seeing as how they’re still the only organisation broadcasting TV-quality news online 24/7, it’s more complex than you might think. ABC News 24 celebrates five years on the air today. Here’s the video of the network’s first broadcast back on 22 July, 2010. Happy birthday, you lot.

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