This Ad For Banned Food In Russia Can Hide Itself From The Cops

Websites are already able to serve up ads customised for whoever happens to be viewing a page. Now an ad agency in Russia is taking that idea one step further with an outdoor billboard that’s able to automatically hide when it spots the police coming.

Meet The Robots Who Will Steal Bartenders' Jobs (or Not)

So, they say robots are supposed to be stealing all our jobs. Soon. And service jobs at especially at risk. Included in that group? Those who usher us through the magical portal of happy hour: bartenders.

Watch A Kawasaki Motorbike Beat A Bugatti Veyron And McLaren MP4-12C In A Drag Race

McLaren and Bugatti produce two of the most powerful supercars on the planet. So imagine their embarrassment when Kawasaki’s Ninja H2R wipes the floor with them in a drag race.

A Public Service Warning From Pizza Hut On The Dangers Of Selfie Sticks

Pizza Hut stopped tasting good a long time ago. The company’s recent parody of selfie sticks, however, is spot on. According to the video’s earnest narrator, our selfies face an existential threat. What, you ask, could endanger the sacred selfie? None other than the absurd stick invented to turn every life experience into a desperately angled plea for social media likes.

Who Knew That Watching A Box Get Made By Hand Could Be So Captivating?

Video: It’s a box. Like, really. It’s just a box. But there’s just something about seeing things get put together with a person’s hands that I will always enjoy watching. Even if it’s something as plain and simple as a box. There are so many steps into making these boxes that they should be considered more than a box, even though it’s just a box.

Who Knew A 16-Knife Orchestra Could Sound So Good?

Music can come from just about anything, floppy drives included. All you need is a bit of effort and the electronic know-how to get… whatever you’re using to play in-sync. For artist Neil Mendoza, his instrument of choice was the humble kitchen knife. Well, 16 of them.

Incredible Video Of An Air Tanker Refuelling A Tanker Against A Full Moon

Video: Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest aeroplane videos I have ever seen. Thanks to the magic of telephoto lenses, the moon in this infrared clip looks impossibly gigantic. The fact that a KC-10 tanker is refuelling another KC-10 tanker make the entire thing feel unreal — as in “I had a hard time believing this wasn’t some kind of fake” unreal.

Chopping Down A Giant Tree In An Urban Area Is Like An Opera 

Video: This is basically watching a ballet of wood chopping. This video shows Seattle’s largest elm tree get carefully cut down piece by piece in an urban area with perfect placement of ropes and the expert use of a crane and the daring knowhow of climbers.

This Is Furthest Flight Ever Flown On A Real Life Hoverboard

Video: The Guinness World Records says that Catalina Alexandru Duru just pulled off the farthest journey ever travelled on a real life hoverboard: 275.9 metres. You can see him rise up on the board and start cruising through the air over a lake with nothing but invisible underneath him in the video below.

See How SpaceX Astronauts Could Survive A Failed Launch

Two weeks ago, SpaceX successfully tested the launch abort system for its new commercial crew capsule, which is designed to carry astronauts to the International Space Station by 2017. The company has just released a first-person view video recorded by cameras mounted on the Dragon capsule, so you can take a virtual ride on the capsule as it accelerates from 0-160km/h in 1.2 seconds during the first critical pad abort test.