Watch Out For Cave Leprechauns, Or You Might Become Rainbow Man

If you’re anxious for a fight between good and evil, well, the new Star Wars trailer should keep you frosty until… December 2015? That’s way too long to wait! Nothing can truly replace the epicness of lightsabres, the force and midichlorians Jar-Jar Binks lightsabres (they’re worth mention twice), but maybe a fellow by the name of “Rainbow Man” can help. A little. A tiny little.

Remember That '90s TV Show ReBoot? Well, It's Getting A Reboot

Growing up, you probably watched dozens of different cartoons and kid-orientated TV shows, but of those, only a few tend to stick in your memory through to adulthood. The 90s in particular had some great series and one that I remember fondly is ReBoot, featuring the characters of Bob the Guardian, AndrAIa and Frisket the dog. 20 years on, and ReBoot is getting rebooted.

Future Lifts Will Use Maglev To Go Up, Down -- And Sideways

Is only going up in the lift getting you down? Not for much longer: ThyssenKrupp, the German steel and engineering company, has announced that it’s building the next generation of lifts that will use magnetic levitation to travel up, down and side-to-side at speed in the buildings of the future.

This RC Carbon Fibre Glider Looks Like A Stealthy Paper Aeroplane

The Power Up 3.0 was the first paper aeroplane that actually let you steer and fly your folded creation like an RC toy, but in terms of durability it was still just made of paper. With the Carbon Flyer you lose the ability to fold your own craft, but since it’s made from incredibly strong and lightweight carbon fibre, crashes will never put your plane out of commission.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Batman And Darth Vader?

Video: I know this sounds like one of these questions you typically ask when you are high, and, most probably, the guys at Machinima Prime were stoned when they came up with it. I’m just glad they decided to actually make this video the next morning.

Watch These Humans Launch A Lamb Chop To Space Because Why Not

Video: Why send this tandoori lamb chop to space when it can be in my belly? I don’t know, but Nikesh Shukla and Nick Hearne thought it was a good idea to put it in a weather balloon and film its flight to the stars — or at least 25,000km up there. I can imagine ISS astronauts looking at this video and weeping.

Jurassic World Gets Its First Official Trailer, And It's Awesome

And here we thought we’d have to wait until tomorrow to get our teeth around the new trailer for Jurassic World. But lo, it’s here today! Get in here and look at dinosaurs tearing up the theme park of the future.

If You're Making A Hot Video Game Trailer, Use The Voices Of Actual Players

Video: EVE Online has one of the most passionate user bases in the world. Thousands of players all work and play together to build an empire, ravage opponents and conquer the galaxy in one of the most complex game worlds I’ve ever seen. It hasn’t ever really pulled me in due to the sheer level of technical knowledge that you need to be a great player. The latest trailer, however — which features voice chat footage from real-life player battles — has totally sucked me in.

It Took Three Years, But The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Hacked

The likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have gotten better over the years at securing the consoles from external modification, though persistence (and a bit of smarts) can get you a long way. The PS3 eventually fell thanks to some determination and now the Nintendo 3DS has been hacked, so to speak, allowing users to run unsigned code on the platform.

GPS Navigation For Your Car: Vital Features To Consider

Gizmodo Video Guide: While you might already know where you’re headed thanks to the GPS mapping in your phone, there’s still a place for dedicated GPS navigation units.

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