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How The Universe Could Annihilate Itself At The Speed Of Light

Time now for a very cute video about a rather terrible prospect — the very grim possibility of the universe spawning a lethal bubble of pure vacuum that expands in all directions at the speed of light.

Turning A Garage Into A Monster's Mouth Is A Good Halloween Decoration

Video: I’m not into Halloween, but I appreciate the people who really, really love it. You know the types, the ones that plan out elaborate costumes decades in advance, the folks who decorate their houses so well that it rivals the haunted houses of theme parks, the people who buy the best candy, the people who host the best parties, etc. Those people make everyone feel better on a day where we don’t have to be ourselves.

iFixit Cracks Open The Google Pixel XL, Gives Above Average Repair Score

There’s nothing quite like a comprehensive teardown from the folks at iFixit and its latest piece on Google’s Pixel XL is as good as you’d expect. While the site found a lot to like about the gadget’s innards, such as the modular approach to its components, it had a lukewarm opinion regarding its ease of repair.

Where Was The Last Place On Earth Discovered By Humans?

The world is a very big place. Sure, satellites and the internet and, like, McDonald’s can make it seem much, much smaller now. Before all that, however, planet Earth was the great unknown with a world map that was totally incomplete.

Very Happy Man Plays Custom CRT Sets Like Bongos

Japanese artist Ei Wada specialises in turning old consumer electronics into new musical instruments. He’s rigged up old CRT TVs to simultaneously function like bongos, transformed AM/FM radios to squeal like a theremin, and converted a busted office fan into a wailing guitar. That and more, it all seems to bring him endless joy.

Samsung's CFG70 Is A Curved, Quantum Dot-Powered 144Hz Gaming Monitor

“Quantum Dot”. I know it sounds like a TV show where a guy jumps backwards through time, taking over the bodies of other people and helping them with the grammar and punctuation, but it’s a real technology. Honest. In fact, Samsung was one of the first off the mark to integrate quantum dots into its displays, which now includes computer monitors with the announcement of the curved, 24-inch CFG70.

Kylo Ren Rips On Death Star In New Rogue One Trailer Reaction

Kylo Ren really isn’t happy with his grandfather’s support staff.

General Hospital Does Some Bizarre Doctor Strange Product Placement

General Hospital, the long-running US soap opera, has been dragged into Disney and Marvel’s surging megaverse of cross-promotion and product placement.

Watch Tom Cruise Run For 18 Minutes Straight In Massive Montage

“I’m sorry, John, but you’re going to have to run again.” Burger Fiction has put together a collection of what they claim is every Tom Cruise running scene ever and it’s almost 20 minutes of vigorous exercise that’s making me check in on my own New Year’s resolution. Damn, Tom, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

VHS Tapes Were Awesome, But Were They Bad? An Investigation

I have to take issue with the title of this video, VHS tapes were not “bad”. They were great. They were incredible little movie-playing contraptions that snapped, rolled and clunked and they smelled weird. But yes, it is worth putting their image quality to the test, so let this video walk you through it in the hi-def era.

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