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Titanfall 2 In 4K Looks Like Bloody Good Fun

Video: One of the few games I’m excited for in what’s left of 2016 is Titanfall 2. Giant bloody robots, explosions, parkour, who wouldn’t be keen? This is three minutes of gameplay footage with every setting maxed out, running at 4K resolution at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second.

A Not-So-Honest Trailer For Battlefield 1

Video: War is hell. Hellishly buggy, that is, if you take this re-cut trailer for Battlefield 1 as an accurate historical depiction.

This Is An iPhone 7 Getting Crushed By A Hydraulic Press

Video: While a lot of people have been infuriated by the 7’s removal of the headphone jack, I’m having a much more difficult time getting used to this new haptic feedback home button. It just makes the whole phone feel dinky to me. I am frustrated.

New Marvel Hip-Hop Variants Include Insane Clown Posse For Some Reason

Marvel has released several new variant covers paying tribute to some of hip-hop’s most iconic albums. Also, Insane Clown Posse is there.

The Process Of Making Matches Is Surprisingly Goopy

Video: Making matches at a factory involves some staggering numbers: two million splints an hour get fed into a perforated steel plate so that they can be ready to get dipped in the red lighter material, 500 boxes of matches get made per minute to house the matches, and 200 matches are processed per second. It’s a doozy. And surprisingly goopy.

New Movie Poster Says We Should All Be Lego Batman

The Lego Batman Movie has a new poster and it looks like Batman has been shopping for inspirational T-shirt quotes.

Everything Is Metal With This Awesome Cover Of The Lego Movie Song

Screengrab via YouTube

Tegan and Sara’s Oscar-nominated track from The Lego Movie is cute, bubbly, and very upbeat. At least it was.

Pigeons Can Kind Of Read

Step aside lizards, looks like we have a new animal overlord. A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that pigeons can be trained to understand some words, sort of.

Here's Some Clay Smashed, Burned And Dipped In Liquid Nitrogen

Video: Pretty much any lab-based destruction of colourful clay you could ask for is covered in this video. Freezing, exploding, melting and crushing? Check. Fiery balls of molten metal and application of blow torch? Check. Combinations of the aforementioned methods? Double Check.

City Plan For Urine-Repelling Paint Is Extremely Misguided

In a misguided effort to address complaints about the smell and cleanliness of Philadelphia’s public transit system, the city will begin testing a pee-repelling paint called Ultra-Ever Dry in the coming weeks. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority spokesman Andrew Busch told the Chicago Tribune that SEPTA decided to try out Ultra-Ever Dry because “there’s been some success (with the coating)” in San Francisco and Hamburg.

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