The Bricasso Is A LEGO-Built Printer That Prints With Real LEGO

On the neat / practical scale, the Bricasso rates much higher on the former end than the latter, but that’s good enough, right? As long as you don’t need anything printed in a hurry and don’t mind it being made completely of tiny plastic blocks, this printer from JK Brickworks has you covered.

You Can Watch Every Episode Of The Daily Show Live, For The Next Month, In Australia

It’s Jon Stewart’s final month as the host of The Daily Show, and there are big celebrations going on — some of which Aussies can enjoy. Comedy Central has unblocked its massive, month-long Daily Show streaming marathon website for us to watch.

A SpaceX Rocket Just Exploded In Mid-Air

Once again, SpaceX has audaciously attempted to land a rocket in the middle of the ocean, and once again, something went horribly wrong. Unlike the first two tries earlier this year, this one didn’t make it to the ground, not even close.

This Tactical Camera Ball Spots Danger Before Police Enter It

Before cops charge headlong into a shootout, or firefighters storm a blazing building, or search and rescue teams enter a pile of rubble, it’d sure be nice for our heroes to get a sneak peek and discover what they’re up against.

Study Shows How Layovers And Airline Mergers Are Connecting The World

We live in a hyper-connected world: It’s easier than ever to hop on a plane and get to the other side of the globe in a matter of hours. If we were to try and visually depict this connectivity, our planet would quickly become ensnared in a giant spiderweb of airways.

Crazy Hacked Typewriter Is Now A Percussive Printer

Well, this wins points for creativity. Computer scientist Chris Gregg of Tufts University decided he wanted to turn his vintage, 1960s Smith Corona electric typewriter into a printer. It turned out to be quite a bit more work than he bargained for, but the resultant invention is marvellous.

30 June Gets A Leap Second Because Earth's Rotation Is Slowing Down

If you’re the sort of person who lives by the motto that every second counts, next week, you get to put your money where your mouth is. That’s because, as we first learned back in January, we’re all being gifted a leap second on 30 June.

Watch Author Chuck Palahniuk Read Fight Club 4 Kids

Fight Club is not that high on the list of age-appropriate books for children. But what about Fight Club 4 Kids? Somehow, I don’t think adding sweet cartoons and simplifying that narrative is going to help much. Well, that was until I heard it read aloud by author Chuck Palahniuk. Spoiler warning if you’ve never read or seen Fight Club.

Build Your Own Replica Ferrari From This Official LEGO Kit

Yes, we know you can make pretty much anything from LEGO, with the exception of perpetual motion machines, robots with Asimovian positronic brains and comfortable sandals. A miniature version of Ferrari’s F40 however? Easy as, especially if you grab LEGO’s dedicated kit.

John Oliver Nails Internet Harassment, Male White Privilege

Video: Feel like you’ve got it easy on the internet when it comes to harassment? You’re probably a white dude.