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This Amazing 145 Megapixel, Helicopter-Mounted 5-Camera Rig Is Aussie-Made

You might be proud of your home-made camera rig that lets you take steady shots by mounting your shooter to your belt buckle, but it’s nothing compared to the work done by Wayne Rogers and the folks at the Camera Clinic.

Even TJ Miller's Outtakes From Silicon Valley Are Hilarious

If you haven’t seen TJ Miller on Silicon Valley, you’ll almost certainly recognise him as the bar owner from Deadpool. Miller serves a similar purpose in both pieces of media — that of deadpan comedy relief. And while we get to see the very best lines and delivery from the actor, these are often curated from a much larger selection.

Moog Just Resurrected A Piece Of Music History

When the Minimoog Model D launched in 1970 (models A through C were prototypes), it transformed a big, bulky, and expensive noise machine into stage-friendly instrument. It was the grandfather of modern synths that now fill out our favourite jams. Now, Moog is resurrecting the legend.

Researchers Create Working 'Sonic Screwdriver'

It may not be even remotely close to what The Doctor uses on Doctor Who, but a team at the University of Bristol in England has created a sonic screwdriver that utilises the powers of acoustic levitation to move objects.

Learn How The World's Strangest Electronic Musical Instrument Works

We’ve heard an abridged history of the wonderful instrument known as the theremin (and synthesisers in general) and you can even “play” one online using your mouse. But how does the darn thing work? It’s simple, but also complicated… but mostly simple.

A Recipe For Your Hangover Michelada That's Impossible To Screw Up

It’s Sunday morning. Probably. You’re disoriented and the inside of your mouth has been replaced by arse-flavoured shellac. The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.

The Candy Man Can Make Lolly Drops With A Victorian Era Machine

Never has a combination of gears and cranks looked so sweet. On its YouTube channel, Lofty Pursuits, a confectionery and ice cream shop in the US, makes lollies the old-fashioned way: using Victorian-era machines, including brass rollers.

This Microwave Oven Is The Size Of A Thermos

There’s a reason the microwave in your kitchen is a heavy brick: it uses a magnetron and vacuum tube technology that dates back to World War II. But since then, the technologies involved have been vastly improved (see mobile phone towers) and a company called Wayv in the UK is finally using them to shrink the microwaves.

Working With Steven Seagal Sounds Both Surreal And Hilarious

Oh Steven Seagal. How the mighty fall. From the respectable heights of Under Siege to the deplorable depths of Half Past Dead. It’s no secret Seagal went, uh, off the path as his films transitioned from the silver screen to direct to video, but you don’t realise just how far until you listen to storyteller extraordinaire Stephen Tobolowsky explain how it was working with the guy.

The Next Transformers Movie Is Called 'The Last Knight'

There’s another Transformers movie coming out? Yep, of course there is, and it’s called The Last Knight. That’s just about as much as we know from the 30-second teaser just released to the world.

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