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The New Ghostbusters Didn't Ruin My Childhood Because That's Not How The Progression Of Time Works

Apparently some people are angry that the new Ghostbusters movie has “ruined their childhood”. But I must confess that this came as a shock to me. Because either these people discovered a way to travel back to the 1980s… or they don’t understand how the simple progression of time works.

Scientifically Accurate Pinky & The Brain reveals The Cruel Hidden Truth

Video: In following Pinky and the Brain’s hilariously cursed cartoon quest to take over the world, we kids get to see a story about the classic odd couple and the funny hijinks they run into. What we don’t see is the truth that adults wilfully ignore: that lab rats live a miserable life and would totally want to rule the world to punish us.

Watching This Cute Animation Makes Me All Nostalgic And Tingly Inside

I think this animation should totally be a test to see if you’re a decent human being who remembers the ’80s or ’90s: If you have feelings of nostalgia or get some tingles when you see some of these animations, you’re a human! If you don’t, you’re a sad robot (or a sucker who wasn’t around when life was fun).

This Neat Animation Makes Me Miss My Childhood Gadgets So Much

Here is some guaranteed nostalgia for you. Follow the life of a Game Boy in this wonderful animation: watch it get assembled in a factory and packaged for an excited kid and see it get played by youthful thumbs and then eventually be tossed away by a teenager. It’s every toy’s story. Throughout its journey you’ll see all the childhood gadgets you miss playing with and many more you wish you had owned. Where did all these toys go?

It's Only Mr. T! 30 Years Of Toys Confiscated From London Schools

Yeah, it’s easy to romanticize the past, but there’s something almost sweet about Confiscation Cabinets, an exhibition at the V&A’s Museum of Childhood showing 30 years’ worth of contraband swiped from kids at over 150 schools in London.

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