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Donate $US1 To Charity, See 99 Cents Get There

Philanthroper is a great idea for donations, one even a cheap person like me can appreciate. The base concept is this: You donate $US1, they make sure 99 per cent of that gets to the charity, not into their pockets.

Nothing Says 'Good Cause' Like Remote-Controlled Poop

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If you’re trying to raise awareness for a cause – especially if that cause is providing toilets for the 2.6 billion people in the world who don’t have one – there are worse places to start than piloting an RC turd. I think.

Buy An Avatar Or Headset, Make A Wish Come True

Microsoft to donate proceeds from Halo: Reach avatars and headsets to charity.

Bill Gates Convinces 40 Billionaires To Give Away Half Their Fortunes

Our favourite charity worker Bill Gates has successfully signed up 38 billionaires to give away half of their wealth to those less fortunate in what could be the largest-scale philanthropic work ever.

What Is This? (Spoiler: A Complex List)

I won’t even tease you. There’s no way you’ll figure out what the heck this thing is. A 24×24 (foot) series of aluminium panels was etched with this design, hiding 130,000 names.

The Worst Oil Disaster In US History: How You Can Help

Thanks in large part to BP and the government’s inept handling of the Gulf Coast oil spill, we’re going through one of the worst ecological disasters in American history. But there are some things we can do to help.

Buy Your Way Into The X-Men

Maybe you prioritised reading comic books over extreme physical conditioning and the honing of your latent superpowers. That’s OK. Because if you have the cash, you can buy your way into the next X-Men movie.

Why Not? Open Source Lion-Tracking Collars In The Works

Want to help save some lions in Kenya? Well, help these guys make some open source line-tracking collars, complete with GPS and GSM cars on board.

How Oil-Filled Lenses Are Bringing Sight To Those In Need

This isn’t a review. It’s not even breaking news. It’s just a reminder that someone somewhere is doing something awesome.

Gates Has A Shiny New Website To Go With The New Twitter Account

Wondering why Bill Gates decided to join the Twitter crazy recently? Turns out he’s probably doing it for the same reason as most of us: Shameless self-promotion. Except he’s promoting some very, very good causes through a new website.

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