South Korea's Internet Is More Oppressive Than You Think

Everybody’s been freaking out in the past couple of weeks by news that South Korea is building a new broadband network that will be 50 times faster than the average connection elsewhere. That’s fast! Too bad South Koreans won’t be able to use maps or access thousands of sites.

Facebook Changes Its Mind Again: It's Now Re-Banning Decapitation Videos

After flipping to ban brutal, gruesome decapitation videos six months ago and then flopping to allow such videos to appear in the ‘book yesterday, Facebook has flipped again (or is it re-flopped?) in less than 24 hours and will reinstate its previous ban on such decapitation videos. It’s an ugly tug of war between free speech, censorship and horrifying content that can sort of dictate what people see in their feeds.

Facebook Is Lifting Its Ban On Decapitation Videos

Don’t even think about posting cartoon nipples on Facebook. Decapitations, however? Go right ahead. Six months after establishing a ban on blatant, gruesome beheadings, Facebook has decided to (once again) keep videos of decapitations available to the masses.

China's Internet Army Could Have As Many As Two Million Censors

China’s internet is not exactly famous for its freedom, but it takes a lot of effort to keep it tied down. Folks have done maths to suggest there are thousands of government employees censoring China’s Twitter-clone Weibo alone. Now the Beijing News is pegging that total at more like two million.

A Map Of Internet Freedom Around The World

Here in Australia, it’s easy to slip into the comfortable idea that the internet is unrestricted, a home for free speech and exploration, whether it’s meaningful and important, or dumb hashtags. It’s not that way everywhere though and Freedom House has mapped out the current state of affairs across the globe.

Google Is Now Deleting Nine "Pirate" Links Every Second

Groups like the RIAA are putting in millions of DMCA requests to pull “pirate” links off Google, and even though it doesn’t seem to help, the landslide’s not letting up. As of last month, Google was taking down nine pirate links every single second of every single day.

China Is (Kinda) Loosening Its Web Censorship

China has a rich — and occasionally odd — history of censoring the web. But now it seems it may be loosening its iron grip, at least a little.

Five Questions About The Coalition Policy Backflip Giz Wants Answered

So hey Coalition, you declared that a Liberal/National government if elected would introduce a compulsory opt-out internet filter, and then about three hours later decided that actually, no, it wouldn’t. Confusing, we find. Voters interested in tech issues deserve to have some questions answered. Specifically:

Remember When The Coalition Backed Away Quickly From The Internet Filter? Apparently That's Now A Thing

That Internet filter that was rather plainly written into the Coalition policy announced earlier today? Apparently, it was just “poorly worded” and not what the Coalition meant at all. Or something.

Remember When The Internet Filter Was A Thing? Well, It's Back

Like a Zombie that just won’t go down, no matter how many headshots are sent its way, Internet filtering just refuses to die. The Coalition has announced a policy whereby a mandatory opt-out filter would be added to all Internet services in Australia.