Did A Cat Destroy The Ceiling At A Sochi Olympic Arena?

By now it’s hard to tell what’s true when it comes to reports about the infrastructural failings at the Olympics in Sochi. But what we’ve got here, folks, appears to be security footage of a cat falling through the ceiling of the Adler Arena Skating Center. Oh my.

Humans Create Cat Werewolves -- And They're Very Cute And Very Spooky

I don’t know what to think about this. I don’t like breeders and I don’t like cats, but these spooky lycoi cats are something else. A cat that looks like a werewolf and, according to its Tennessee-based human creators, acts like a dog. I have to admit they are quite cute in their freaky ugliness. Like a reverse evil bulldog.

This Chrome Extension Replaces Tony Abbott Photos With Cats

Tired of seeing our stammering Prime Minister all around the web? Relieve the burden with Stop Tony Meow: a Chrome extension that replaces photos of Abbott with cute cat photos.

Master Cat Photographer Shares Wisdom About Working With Pets

This New York Times video interview with pet photographer Walter Chandoha is too charming to pass up. Chandoha has made a living creating stunning portraits of cats and dogs since the 1950′s, decades before cats took the internet by storm.

Sorry, Cat Lovers, Cats Are An Invasive Species Too

When we think of invasive species, we tend to think of the exotic: Burmese pythons, Asian carp or any of the bizarre creatures terrorising Florida. But the truth is, our beloved cats can also be bad news for other species.

Watch A Cat Do Some Awesome Skateboard Tricks

Adorable. We’ve seen dogs ride skateboards before and though it’s extremely cute when they’re pawing the ground to lunge forward and crashing into walls, they’re not really busting tricks with the board. This cat though? It does its feline version of ollies and skateboard grinds.

An Adorable Lion Cub Waves Hi To A GoPro Camera

Well, it looks like a hi and then it winds into a gentle smack. But still, the lion cub who stumbled upon this GoPro camera is just so adorable that I wouldn’t mind getting pawed around by the little prince of the jungle.

New Monopoly Cat Token Review: Me-Ow

You may remember that earlier this year Monopoly announced its plans to sacrifice one of our beloved tokens in favour of adding some new blood. But it was ok! Because they were letting us (the internet) choose which icon of our childhood to kill and which hot young thing to replace it with. Given the options of a robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring, or cat, the internet chose the cat (because of course) and axed the iron. It was one hell of a trade.

Kogan Has Another AFL-Themed TV

First the Kogan Collingwood TV, now Geelong Football Club fans can get in on the themed-TV action. That’s right: Kogan has released another AFL-branded TV.

Solar-Powered Cat Toy Taunts Your Feline Forever

If you’d rather your cats weren’t shredding the furniture to pieces while you’re away at work all day, you need a steady source of distraction to keep them occupied. And as long as you’ve got at least one window in your home, this solar-powered cat toy will keep them entertained and out of trouble. Mostly.

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