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Can You Find The Cat Taking A Nap On This Pile Of Wood?

Let’s play a game. Can you find the orange tabby cat that’s supposedly taking a nap on this pile of wood without going crazy? I say supposedly because for a good few minutes as I was looking for the cute little guy, I swore that the cat didn’t exist or that the cat has transformed into a block of wood or that the cat had invisibility powers. All of those explanations were much more believable than an actual cat taking a nap on the pile of wood.

Why Do Cats Die Funny And Dogs Die Sad In Movies?

Video: It always sucks when a pet dies in real life. But in movies? It depends on what kind of pet.

Internet-Connected Pet Feeder Goes Offline, Pets Probably Very Hungry

Here lies Sir Meows-A-Lot, beloved pet of Sally, Ted, Nancy and Job. He was a good cat who was stolen from us too early. Maybe if we hadn’t bought an internet connected pet feeder before our holiday to the Bahamas, Sir Meows-A-Lot would still be here today. But we did, and then a network outage cut off his food supply. Rest in peace, buddy.

A Clip-On Motorised Cat Tail Is Your First Step To Becoming A Furry

For $US35 ($47) ThinkGeek will now sell you an animatronic cat tail, powered by four AA batteries, that will contentedly swish back and forth as it hangs from the back of your pants. You can pretend you’re buying it for cosplay reasons, or maybe for a Halloween costume, but deep down you know it’s really your first tentative step towards becoming a furry.

This Video Shows Why You Shouldn't Turn Your Back On A Big Cat

We’ve all seen the videos of people who keep tigers or panthers as pets in their homes, or of these animals playing, and it’s easy to forget that these large animals are some of the most deadly predators out there.

Finally, An Invention That Can Tell You What Your Cat Is Really Saying

Convinced that when your cat meows, it’s truly trying to tell you something? Now there’s a 3D printed talking cat collar to pick up on Fluffy’s varied vocalisations and “translate” them via an app on your smart phone. Yes, just like the one worn by Dug the talking dog in Pixar’s Up (“Squirrel!”).

Why Do Cats Act So Damn Weird?

Video: Dogs just want to love you but cats, well, what the hell do cats want? They have a mind of their own, they seemingly do whatever the hell they want and their habits are just so weird. Why is that? According to Ted-Ed, it’s because of how they developed as both a solitary predator that had to hunt and kill smaller prey for food, and stealthy prey who had to hide from larger predators to survive. Their habits today reflect both!

Masterpiece Scratching Posts Let Your Cats Destroy Priceless Works Of Art

At €169 ($250) each, these Copycat Art Scratchers are an expensive way for your cat to stay entertained while you’re at work all day. But, relatively speaking, they’re a lot cheaper than your cat destroying an actual priceless piece of artwork like da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Super Slow Motion Footage Reveals Exactly How Cats Always Land On Their Feet

Video: Approximately half of the internet is made up of cat videos, but the BBC managed to capture one that’s truly remarkable: high-speed footage of a wild caracal as it deftly manages to spin itself around midair in order to land safely on its feet.

Behold The Best-Designed Cat House Any Cat Will Still Completely Ignore

Photo Credit: Meghan Bob Photography Every year, FixNation, a Los Angeles animal charity, holds an auction of designer cat houses to raise money. This year’s Fan Favourite is “Cat in the Fishbowl.” It’s very nice, but we’re pretty sure any cat will ignore it in favour of the box it came in.

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