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Seven Planning To Improve Its Online TV Service

According to a story on Mumbrella this morning, Channel 7 is apparently planning on revamping its online service from January, dramatically increasing the quantity of content you’ll be able to watch for free* on their Yahoo!7 portal. It may not be a local Hulu, but it’s a start…

Foxtel Launching 30 New Channels This Year

So when that Optus D3 Satellite goes up this month, Foxtel will get a chunk of the extra bandwidth to launch some new channels. How many channels you ask? 30 new channels, according to the Courier Mail.

Catching Up: Ski Season

Hey Jason, how’s the Bay Area been? I’m at Lake Tahoe and I took my friend’s 4runner up. Wasn’t a good idea.

Catching Up: Sickness and Press

Hey Chen, yep, it’s cold by California standards. Lisa’s sick from it. She has a fever, as confirmed by a Raytek laser guided Mini temp gun. 100 degrees! We got some great shout outs by the mainstream media recently: ABC did this short on the Giz Gallery.

Catching Up: Weeeee!

Hey Chen Chen, It’s been a few days since I’ve written, but first off, let me say how HAPPY I am right now. The Giz Gallery was more fun and better received than I’d expected. And Funde Razor SF, done with Wired and Boing Boing Gadgets and Kotaku last night was amazing, too.

Catching Up: Gizmodo Gallery Setup Timelapse Video

Hey Jason, Chris and I got into NY yesterday and haven’t really stopped moving since then. The Gizmodo Gallery has been a huge success so far, especially with Phil Torrone from Make doing free laser etchings all day for anyone who brought him a graphic and a gadget to tattoo. But setup, well, it took awhile. Especially deciding where to put what furniture, and what gadgets to put on what particular pieces of furniture. We ended in a mental loop for a few hours, trying to sort everything out so it would be presented perfectly, and in the end, we were satisfied. But from start to finish, it took us 15 hours to do. Which we compressed into a 45 second time lapse video which you can see above.

Catching Up: Arcade Mania!

Hey Brian, remember the book Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft wrote? The one on Japanese game centres (arcades) and the different types of games, players and cultural influences surrounding them? It’s available now!

Catching Up: BBook of Geek

Hey Brian, I just finished Brian Briggs’ book, The BBook of Geek: The Only Geek Humor Book You’ll Ever Need. If you didn’t know, Brian’s the guy who created BBspot, a humour site that’s geared toward geek topics (which includes gadgets and tech). His humour is a lot like ours—most similar to Sean Fallon’s dryness actually—so you’d enjoy this book. There’s lots of talk you’d enjoy.

Catching Up: Star Trek Preview Impressions From a Casual Fan

Jason, I was in LA for a bit yesterday, helping Jalopnik cover the LA autoshow with my long lens. (It was a boring show with nothing too interesting other than the Electric Mini and Honda Concept.) But it was coincidentally the same day JJ Abrams was showing off some scenes from the new Trek movie, so I stopped by. This is funny: When they asked me if I had any recording gear in my bag, I had a heart attack. Most people had a mere mobile phone, but I had my full journo-blogger-battle messenger and so I ended up checking like 4 pieces of AV gear and a laptop. So embarrassing.

Catching Up: Goodbye PC Magazine

Hey Brian, Did you hear that PC Magazine is ending its magazine edition and focusing solely on the online space? Sad to hear. I was one of those kids that grew up having a subscription to PC Mag in the house, every month reading what crazy uncle Dvorak (plus those other dudes) had to say about something or other. SCSI. And Windows. Stuff like that. Although I haven’t had a sub to them in years, it’s always sad to see an end to something you used to enjoy. Supposedly EGM might be getting the cut as well, but that’s a decision for next year.

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