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This Device Was The iPod Of The 1970s (Sort Of)

When it was first released, the iPod flew off shelves with the promise of storing 1000 songs. Thirty years prior, fitting that much music in a single piece of consumer equipment was unheard of — except in the case of the Panasonic RS-296US.

Record/Play: A Walkman Time Machine Is Tragic Sci-Fi Love

Here’s a fantastic short for you sci-fi fans: Record/Play, directed by Jesse Atlas, is a short film that covers time travel, love, changing fate, war, memories and cassette tapes. It’s slow building yet tense, and you’re itching to see what new wrinkles each play of the tape will bring.

The Best Christmas Gadget I Ever Received

When I was a kid, I’m not sure how old, I got a little red Panasonic RQ-44A cassette player for Christmas. I learned about design, music, and even audio engineering on it. I still kind of miss it.

Cassettes Are Nice -- But They Really Need More Bluetooth

Cassette tapes might not have the audiophile cool of LPs. Or the durability of CDs. But for a long while, they were the medium of choice for plenty of folks, and damned near ubiquitous in cars. If you’ve got an older car, like me, you may appreciate this cassette player hack, which turns an ordinary line-in cassette adaptor into a Bluetooth-enabled one.

When Was The Last Time You Listened To A Cassette Tape While Driving?

According to automotive experts, the last car to be factory-equipped with a cassette deck was a 2010 Lexus. As that final model—a Lexus SC 430—rolled off a production line somewhere, a bit of our childhoods faded away. Or did it really?

Sony Kills The Cassette Walkman On The iPod's Birthday

After 30 years, Sony has announced that they will stop manufacturing and selling the venerable cassette Walkman. In a poetic twist, the official death of the Walkman also lands on the iPod’s 9th anniversary.

The Cassette iPod Speaker Requires Sunglasses, A Butler And A Sturdy Chair

Digital music is great and everything, but I have never had the sound blow me back in my chair while I’m wearing sunglasses and drinking wine.

Cassette Tape Lamps Illuminate As MP3s Never Will

It’s true, you’ll only capture the effect of this picture if you buy many cassette tape lamps. The purchase of just one (in a motif not dissimilar from the consumption of one Lay’s potato chip) will lead to inevitable disappointment.

Cheap Trick Releases Newest Album On 8-Track Cassette

How’s this for lucky timing! In the midst of our Gizmodo ’79 theme week, legendary power-pop act Cheap Trick is releasing their latest album (coincidentally entitled The Latest) on a very late-’70s medium: 8-track cassette.

Take The Walkman 30th Birthday Quiz

How much do you know about the most celebrated personal stereo of all time, one that is today turning the big Three Oh? A lot? OK, hell, let’s see what you got:

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