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The Nintendo NX Is Bringing Cartridges Back: Report

The glory days of Nintendo consoles will forever be tied to endlessly blowing in plastic game cartridges. With its upcoming convertible system, Nintendo will try to recapture that magic, a source told The Wall Street Journal.

Wrap Your Walls In A Glorious Tribute To Classic Cartridge Gaming

Nintendo has stuck with plastic cartridges for its portable gaming machines, but every other console you can buy today left them behind years ago. Which is too bad, because there was a certain charm to swapping those old seemingly indestructible game carts. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for them, you can now deck out your home with this wallpaper homage to those far-from-forgotten cartridges from your childhood.

This USB Cartridge Could Turn Your Analogue Camera Digital

Photographers who want to go digital but can’t bring themselves to get rid of their analogue cameras have something to lust for. RE35 understands your plight and has come up with a digital cartridge than fits into any 35mm camera.

The Best Way To Recycle Those Damn Printer Cartridges

PRINTER INK. Possibly more expensive than oil and blood. Definitely expensive enough that most people I know haven’t bothered owning a printer in years. These printer cartridge dioramas, however, give the increasingly obsolete printer cartridge a new lease on life.

They Just Don't Make Video Games Like They Used To

By way of Kotaku, we hear about Canadian blogger Rinry, who subjected eight NES cartridges to all manner of video game torture and hell. When the dust settled, seven of the cartridges still worked.

One-Of-A-Kind Nintendo Cartridge Fetches Highest Price Yet

Only one of these Nintendo cartridges exist in the world, which is why it has beaten the $US17,500 gold 1990 Nintendo World Championships cartridge. The new record: $US20,400. However, its price is not the strangest thing about it.

Cartridges For Planet Ark Collects 10,000,000th Cartridge

In the seven years its been running, Planet Ark has recycled 10 million printer ink cartridges. That’s about 4700 tonnes of waste that didn’t go straight to landfill. That’s a pretty good effort, but I reckon we can do better.

Retro-Gen Plays Dusty Old Sega Genesis Cartridges And Digital ROMs

We’ve seen reimagined Genesises (Geneses?) before, but this might be the best one yet. It’s portable, it plays both original cartridges and ROMS off an SD card, it’s got TV-out and it only costs $US50. Sign us up.

The Ecofont Cuts Ink Consumption by 20%

The creators of Ecofont want to save you ink by drilling tiny holes in your print. Good idea?

This NES Cartridge Now Stores 250GB of Anything

To the modern modder, the NES cartridge is a tool as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife, or maybe one of those blade-things that fits in the credit card slot of one’s wallet. Regardless, the NES-Box is an NES cartridge stuffed with a 2.5″ 250GB SATA drive. Connecting to any computer via USB, the drive needs additional power to operate. And the best part? This baby is actually on sale for $US180. We find it hard to believe that the one in stock hasn’t been purchased yet, but maybe if you ask the Etsy seller real nice, they’ll fashion another just for you. [Etsy via ubergizmo]

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