If You Had $100,000, Which Three Cars Would You Buy?

Here’s a fun way to waste a few minutes (or a few hours) on your Monday afternoon — if you had a stack of $100 bills to waste on a garage full of pure motoring joy, which cars would you pick? The Gizmodo team took that challenge on. After setting out a few ground rules, we each had half an hour to choose.

Audi A3 e-tron: Australian Hands-On

Hybrid petrol-electric cars are evolving at a rapid pace, but early examples like Toyota’s Prius weren’t as earth-changing and fuel-saving as we’d all hoped. Ingolstadt is taking care of that last point, though — it doesn’t want to be massively revolutionary, but Audi’s new A3 e-tron city car marries an electric motor to a regular fossil-fueled engine, and it can travel 50km without using a drop of petrol. When it does use dinosaur juice, it does so frugally and sensibly.

Toyota's New Cars Will Have A Nexus 7 Built Right Into The Dashboard

Having a 7-inch tablet slotted into your car’s dashboard just makes so much sense. It would be an elegant solution to craptastic GPS systems and clunky entertainment options. Toyota thinks so too. Its latest cars in Taiwan come with a Nexus 7 built right in.

ELMOFO's Radical Electric Racer Beat Its Petrol-Powered Competition, Twice

Electric motors and lithium battery packs have come a long way in the last couple of years. They still have a lot of potential and a long way to go, but electric cars are already breaking records — including on the race track. An electric Radical SR8 entered in the NSW SuperSports championship has decimated its petrol-powered equivalents not once but twice in the last couple of race meetings.

Can You Drift A Car While Being Tased?

No. Well, probably not, as long as you’re a normal person and not Chris Forsberg, drifting savant and former Formula Drift champion. Hoonigan got in the car with Forsberg, and zapped him with a handheld low-powered Taser while he was flicking his Silvia around a few corners. The drifting pro actually handled it pretty well.

ACCC Fighting Australia's Petrol Giants In Court For 'Price Information Sharing'

Do you ever wonder why all the petrol stations in your area seem to have nearly identical prices to each other? Australia’s competition watchdog is taking BP, Caltex, Coles Express, and other petrol station operators to the Federal Court over allegations of “price sharing” that were “likely to decrease competitive rivalry” amongst the group — collusion that saw prices rise for customers.

Why Deer Freeze In Your Headlights

Less a function of fear than bewilderment; simply put, deer freeze in headlights because they can’t see.

Drive The Future: One Month 'Til Formula E Starts Racing

There’s only one month to go until the first Formula E road race. To build hype, the all-electric racing series has a new TV commercial, and the ad presents a vaguely unsettling, but completely awesome, peek into an electric future.

Dainese D-Air Plus Ducati Multistrada Means Safe(r) Motorbike Crashes

When motorbikes crash into cars, the rider usually comes off second best to the driver. The rapid pace of innovation means that bikes are getting safer in accidents, though, and one of the most recent developments is an airbag jacket. Dainese’s D-Air system has its first motorcycle partner in a new Ducati tourer.

James May's Cars Of The People Is On Foxtel Tonight

Are you feeling the effects of the Top Gear drought? There’s a few other shows that should catch your attention. One of those is Cars Of The People, TG host James May’s look at cars that changed the world, built for the people by the people (or sometimes by power-hungry dictators).

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