The Economics Of YouTube, And The Death (And Rebirth) Of /DRIVE

/DRIVE — one of the most innovative, most interesting and most flat-out awesome channels on YouTube — is moving to a per-month subscription model on YouTube for its wildly popular motoring videos. It’s not a shameless cash grab, though; it’s just necessary for the team to survive.

Australia's Cheapest New Car Is An Unsettling, $9000 Chinese-Made Sedan

You can buy a brand new car in Australia for less than $9000. There are some caveats, though — it’s a four-year-old design that can only be sold in Western Australia because it doesn’t have any electronic stability control, and you can only get that driveaway price on a car that has been sitting around on a showroom floor for a year.

Tape A GoPro To A Car's Tyre, Watch The Video, Instantly Vomit

GoPro’s miniature action cameras are pretty good at capturing fast motion, with great rolling shutter control and the ability to record at fast frame rates, but there are some things they just can’t deal with. One of those things is being taped to a car’s tyre and flung around at 70 kilometres per hour.

Mini Cooper S: Australian Review

What happens when you take a much-loved car brand and re-release its iconic vehicle for the 21st century? What happens when you then tweak that re-release after a couple of years, and change a few things along the way? Mini’s revitalised Cooper S hatchback is more spacious, faster and more fuel-efficient than the previous model, but it’s not the perfect city car.

Pimp Your Tesla Model S With This Unplugged Performance Body Kit

Buying a Tesla Model S? (Yes, me too, with that invisible pile of money over there.) If being one of the chosen few with an electric supercar wasn’t enough already, you can now be truly individual, with a Californian tuning house showing off its racy carbon fibre body kit for the Model S.

Smart's 2016 ForTwo Gets The Top Gear Video Treatment

We already know it does a perfectly good job of surviving a head-on crash with a 2300kg S-Class, but the 2016 Smart ForTwo actually looks nice too. Now, Smart has given the new car a fancy intro video.

Three Different Accidents In 30 Seconds In One Intersection In Russia

Video: Driving in Russia is flirting with death — watch these three accidents happening in 30 seconds. First, the grey van violently rams itself into the car in front of it. The red car cuts off the dash cam and skids by. And then the original grey van zooms into the intersection and gets smashed sideways by a bus and an SUV. What the hell, Russia. What the hell, grey van.

Smart's New ForTwo Can Survive A Head-On Crash With A Car More Than Twice Its Weight

Small cars are unsafe, right? Not so much. As part of the launch buzz for the new Smart ForTwo, the guys at Daimler have released a video showing how the little city car fares when it collides at speed with a much, much larger vehicle.

Driving The Future: Hands On With UNSW's Sunswift Solar Car

Students from UNSW have, for a couple of decades, been developing and refining an extremely specialised solar-powered racing car, made to compete in the long-distance World Solar Challenge. Sunswift’s eVe solar car is the fifth incarnation of the solar racer to come out of the UNSW skunkworks since 1996 and, a year ahead of the 2015 Challenge, the team has their sights set on breaking a completely different record.

This Electric Mazda MX-5 Is A 9-Second Drag Car

Some people would call this Mazda MX-5 conversion blasphemy. Turning the perfect roadster into a tubbed dragster with massive Hoosier radials. Ripping the light, rev-happy four-cylinder out of the front and replacing it with a massive lithium-ion battery pack. Hooking up two forklift electric motors. And then running 9-second passes all day long.