Sorry Tesla, Electric Cars Of The Future Will Be More Like Golf Carts

Contrary to what the news cycle pounds into our brains, the electric car conversation does not begin and end with Elon Musk. There’s a more affordable and more relevant urban mobility solution than Tesla. I’m talking about the humble golf cart, which is already well on its way to ruling the world.

Uber's Experimental Cars Spotted On The Streets Of Pittsburgh

Earlier this year, Uber announced that it was joining forces with Carnegie Mellon Univeristy to create its own autonomous taxis. Now, the first cars labelled “Uber Advanced Technologies Center” have been spotted driving around the roads of Pittsburgh in the US.

How To Survive A Car Crash

Driving is the most dangerous thing most people do. It’s also something for which they likely have no or minimal training. Before you hit the road this weekend, let’s look at how to make it more survivable.

Flexicar Car Sharing: Australian Review

Car sharing is a great thing. If you’re a member of your chosen cartel, you can book a convenient car with a moment’s notice, tap your smart credit card on the windscreen reader to activate your booking, and then drive around like you own it. While GoGet and GreenShareCar are multi-city services, Flexicar is car sharing specifically for Melbournites.

Google's Prototype Driverless Car Hits US Roads This Winter

Google’s first consumer-focused prototype driverless cars will takes their first drive on public roads this winter, taking to the streets of Mountain View in the US. In a blog post, Google’s self-driving car project director Chris Urmson explained that a handful of the cars will be rolled out in Google’s neighbourhood.

Here's What A McLaren P1 Looks Like Underneath

Hot. That’s what it looks like. The McLaren P1 is usually swathed in a clamshell body of aerodynamically tuned carbon composite panels, but underneath it’s a cacophony of exhaust piping and turbochargers and high-voltage electrical wiring. And radiators. Lots of radiators.

Uber Has Dropped Its Prices In Melbourne And Perth

Sorry Sydney, nothing for you today. If you live in Perth however, uberX trips are now up to 20 per cent cheaper, while Melbourne fares have been reduced by up to 15 per cent. The latter comes with a catch — UberBLACK services have gone up by the same amount.

Ford Falcon XR8: Australian Review

Ford is winding down its production run of the Falcon in Australia, and that’s a massive pity, but there’s a last hurrah — thanks to an unexpected rush of demand, it has more than doubled the number of XR8s coming out of its Broadmeadows factory. This the last Falcon, and it’s definitely the best of its breed. Oh, and it’s supercharged, if you needed another reason.

Fiat Recalls Its 500e Electric Car Over A Software Bug

Fiat’s all-electric 500e city car isn’t sold in Australia, which is a pity. It’s only sold in California, but it’s actually pretty popular over there — with over 6000 sold in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of those Fiat 500es will have to visit the dealer, to fix a software bug affecting the car’s battery. Whoops.

Tesla's First Rural Aussie Supercharger Is In Goulburn

The first Tesla Motors Supercharger station in Australia that’s not in the middle of Sydney has been confirmed and approved, and it’s slated for Goulburn in New South Wales’ Southern Tablelands. Part of an entirely free, nationwide, high speed electric vehicle battery charger network, the set of eight Superchargers in Goulburn will come online before June.