Subaru Liberty 3.6R: Australian Review

As a particular model of car sticks around for a few years, it usually gets larger, picks up some new safety gear, adds a bit of fancy styling, and gets more expensive. But not always — especially not if there’s a lot of strong competition for buyers’ dollars. Subaru’s 2015 update of the long-lived Liberty line drops prices by up to $14,000 — a massive 25 per cent — while adding a luxurious interior, a nifty multi-mode LCD dashboard and colour touchscreen entertainment system. It’s cheaper and better than the last one.

Electric Vehicles Just Got Cooler

In case you didn’t think electric vehicles were cooler than their petrol-guzzling counterparts, well, think again. They quite literally are, according to science.

Lewis Hamilton Wants The F1 Helmet Of The Future To Have A HUD

If you’re in a F1 car racing around a track, there’s a lot of information to interpret — whether it’s something you can see on the tarmac in front of you, or raw data coming from dozens of onboard sensors and computers. Having too much information is a genuine problem for F1 drivers, and having it all displayed in one place is only part of the solution. In partnership with championship leader Mercedes AMG, Epson is now a Formula One sponsor, and it might be able to make the first step in fixing that problem.

Ford Territory MkII: Australian Review

Cars should get better every year, whether the improvements are gradual or revolutionary. When you have a 10-year-old nameplate, and an existing stable of other excellent vehicles to draw on technology from, you set yourself up with an easy recipe for those improvements. The new 2015 Ford Territory MkII centres around the much-improved SYNC2 interface on a 8-inch touchscreen for media and navigation, and remains a great and straightforward all-Australian SUV at the same time.

What Goes Into Training A Formula One Driver?

Any form of racing necessitates being fit, with great reaction times and enough muscle mass to handle the regular and sustained punishment that comes from throwing yourself around a race track. But when you’re a Formula 1 driver, pushing a 450kW-plus, sub-750kg purpose-built cornering machine around a track at speeds topping 300km/h, you have to be the best. And the way you get there is with a lot of hard work.

This Amphibious Tank Sub ATV Boat Looks Like A 6-Year-Old's Drawing

Do you remember doodling what your perfect car would look like when you were six years old? There’s a good chance it looked exactly like this amphibious tank-treaded ATV that Hammacher Schlemmer is now selling for the princely sum of $US300,000.

How The Creators Of Monument Valley Are Re-Inventing The Car Instrument Cluster

Despite the total flexibility of a digital dashboard, for now they tend to look a lot like the physical dials and gauges that have been in use for generations. No one is suggesting this is actually the best way, but few have actually gone about designing something better. Until now.

Jeremy Clarkson Has Been Suspended From Top Gear, Next Episode Cancelled [Updated]

So we’re not sure this is going to end well. Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear, and this week’s episode isn’t being broadcast. Yikes!

One Day, Your Electric Car's Tyres Might Charge Its Battery

There have been a lot of cool and beautiful vehicles shown at the Geneva Motor Show, as well of some amazing futuristic pieces. Alongside electric supercars like the Audi R8 e-tron, though, there’s a concept from Goodyear that might point to the future of charging electric cars.

Lexus RC 350 F Sport: Australian Review

Big cars with two doors are an interesting breed of motor vehicle; they’re great for highway cruising and for the occasional sporty burst around a windy corner or two, but are a less easy sell when it comes to the bland reality of stop-start everyday commuting and city driving. It certainly helps if the inside of a car is a nice place to be, though. The Lexus RC 350 F Sport is a good value sports coupe, with good performance and a great interior.