The Tesla Model S Is A Supercar For The Snow

Elon Musk is having a chatty day on Twitter again. In between talking SpaceX and drone rockets, he shared a video of a Tesla Motors Model S showing off a pretty impressive feat — but it’s not a feat of speed or of electric range.

Where's Malcolm Turnbull? Visiting Tesla In California

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Prime Minister Tony Abbott the last few days, what with the whole knighting a Prince thing, and that situation has been made worse by the seemingly open revolt of various Liberal Party MPs and government backbenchers. One voice has been conspicuously absent, though — Malcolm Turnbull, who is making geeks across the country jealous with a visit to the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

Here's A Video Of Just About Every BMW Car And Bike Ever Made

Got a free half hour on this lazy Tuesday morning? Feel like a bit of a history lesson? This video tour of the BMW Museum in Munich gives you a quick look at almost every vehicle that Bayerische Motoren Werke has ever produced.

What Three 4-, 6- And 8-Cylinder Cars Would You Buy With $100,000?

If you had $100,000 just sitting around, and you wanted to build yourself a nice car collection, where would you start? What if you had to buy one 4-cylinder car, one 6-cylinder, and one V8?

Smart Billboards Arrive In Australia... And They Know What Car You're Driving

We’re living in the future, remember? So, yeah, we’re still figuring out the hoverboard thing and rehydratable pizzas are nowhere on the horizon, but “smart” ads? If you’re driving in Australia, Lexus has you covered.

What New Car Is BMW Teasing Us With?

What is that noise? Is it the whirr of an electric motor at high RPMs? Is is the spooling of a turbocharger? Is there an F1 car in there somewhere?

All The High-Tech Cars, Concepts And In-Car Gadgets From CES 2015 And The Detroit Motor Show

CES 2015 is over, the 2015 Detroit Motor Show is done and dusted, and we now know what the next year has in store for us in the world of motoring. There are some really cool things going on, and we’ve rounded them all up into one place. Here’s your scoop on 2015′s high-tech cars.

Android Auto Is The Coolest Thing At CES This Year

Android Auto is the future of mainstream in-car entertainment, and its coming of age is this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. I can’t wait to get it in my own car.

Australia's Summernats Sets 103 Car Burnout Record

There’s burning rubber — and then there’s burning rubber wholesale.

Got $US120,000? Start 2015 With A 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427

A good portion of my teenage years spent bouncing through corners in a Dodge Viper in Gran Turismo has given me an appreciation for American muscle cars. It’s unlikely I’ll own one in my lifetime, but I can still look at pictures, like these of Shelby’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Cobra 427 and get all googly-eyed.