Amazing Card Trick Explains Why Stockholm Is The Best City In The World

Video: I always wanted to live in Sweden. Göteborg is my favourite city — full of beloved friends and really amazing people — but Stockholm is really amazing too. So beautiful and fun. It’s also the best city in the world. Watch this video and learn why.

There Are More Ways To Arrange A Deck Of Cards Than Atoms On Earth

When you’re shuffling a deck of cards, you’re trying your best to ensure everything gets as mixed up as possible. But it turns out you might not have to try so hard. In this wonderful TedEd animation, Yannay Khaikin outlines the staggering number of ways a deck of 52 cards can be arranged.

10 Playing Card Decks That Are Too Pretty For Your Poker Table

For graphic designers, playing cards are a playground: The simple constraints of four suits and thirteen different cards accommodate lots of creativity without overcomplicating things. And there’s an amazing number of interesting decks out there.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card For Our Times

You haven’t made Valentine’s Day plans yet. That’s OK! Who needs ‘em? Manufactured holiday, singlehood empowerment, overpriced prix fixe menus. But if you must make a romantic gesture next month, let it be this card. It sums up modern relationships pretty much perfectly.

Humorous HTML Greeting Cards Are The Route To Any Geek's Heart

If there’s a way to any geek’s heart, it’s through a dubious HTML-based joke — which is why these greeting cards are the perfect way to tell your loved ones exactly what you’re thinking.

What It's Like To Use Google Glass

I can’t wait for Google Glass. Call me what you like, I want one, but I’m not entirely sure what it’s going to be like having a screen in front of my face the whole time. Thankfully, there’s a website that now lets you simulate your Glass experience without being a Google Explorer.

These Minimalist Cards Are Almost Too Pretty To Play With

Sometimes it’s not what you include but what you exclude that matters. That is the idea behind this beautiful pack of playing cards by designer Joe Doucet.

High Roller Takes Melbourne Casino For $33 Million With Security Camera Hijack

Australia’s biggest casino was taken for $32 million, when its own security cameras were used against it by a high-roller who managed to hijack the surveillance systems.

You Can Play These Cards However Drunk You Are

There’s often beauty to be found in simplicity, and these playing cards are a great reminder of that. Called EZC — for obvious reasons — these cards are beautifully bold and crystal clear.

Live Out Your Gambit Fantasies With Sharpened Steel Throwing Cards

You can try as hard as you want, but a set of adamantium claws are never going to spring forth from your hands. Nor will you ever be able to control the weather, fly, teleport or read someone’s mind. The closest you’ll ever get to being a real-life X-Men is mastering this set of steel throwing cards like Gambit, minus the fireworks and bō.

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