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Elon Musk On Why We Need A Carbon Tax

Billionaire Elon Musk has a few things on the boil at the moment. He’s revolutionising how we all get around with Tesla electric supercars, SpaceX reusable rockets and an experimental Hyperloop, while also working on a plan to launch a Mars colony running in the background. Needless to say, he’s a real-life billionaire/genius/playboy/philanthropist. At a recent press conference, he was asked if governments should put a price on carbon, and his answer is incredibly sensible.

What Ruslan Kogan's Q&A Appearance Was Really About

Last night, outspoken entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan dropped by the ABC’s flagship panel program, Q&A, to participate in a panel about politics with some of the nation’s most serious political guns. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, Cabinet Minister Bill Shorten, Greens Leader Christine Milne and prominent candidate and comedian Tim Ferguson were all there to join Ruslan, and we had been expecting fireworks like we had last time the man appeared on the program. Instead, we got a soft, by-the-numbers quote or two from Ruslan that spoke volumes about why he was really there.

Lunchtime Deal: 10% Off CaseBuddy Cases Thanks To The Carbon Tax

The introduction of the Carbon Tax is certainly getting the internet’s collective underpants in a bunch, with CaseBuddy now offering discounts to offset the tax.

Kogan Launches Campaign To Counter Carbon Tax

They say any publicity is good publicity, and Ruslan Kogan’s no stranger to generating as much as he can for himself and his online gadget store. Today it’s no different, with the latest stunt emerging as a somewhat peaceful demonstration against the Gillard government’s carbon pricing scheme or “carbon tax”.

What Impact Will The Carbon Tax Have On Real Power Prices?

Research out of the University of Queensland suggests that the impact of the Carbon Tax won’t be as bad as imagined — but some states will do markedly better than others.

Carbon Tax Issue May Lead To A 20% Power Price Hike

The Energy Supply Association is concerned that a small part of the carbon tax laws may cost them more money upfront — and as a result, add nearly 20 per cent to electricity bills.

Carbon Tax Will Cost An Extra $172 To Power Your Gadgets

I’m married and my wife works, too. We don’t have kids. We’ll miss out on most of Julia Gillard’s tax sweeteners for breeders and singles. According to the government’s new Household Assistance Estimator, the Carbon Tax will cost us roughly $905 per year; our offset will be just $306. Bloody hell. Try it yourself and see how you fare. Either way, we’ll all pay at least $3.30 per week more for electricity from July 1, 2012.

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