Sony's Rumoured QX1 Lens Could Turn Your Smartphone Into A DSLR

That camera breakdown above is reportedly Sony’s new ILCE-QX1 lens camera system. Originally leaked by the Xperia Blog, this lens is the next evolution in Sony’s determination to transform your smartphone lens into a more professional grade shooter.

A Simple Trick To Protect Your PIN From Thieves With Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras were once expensive and bulky hunks of equipment that very few people could get their hands on. No longer. With FLIR’s new iPhone case thermal imaging cameras are now both affordable and incredibly discreet, which means that evil-doers can use it to see the thermal signature your fingers leave on a keypad and steal your ATM PIN. Here’s a very simple way to thwart that.

Google's Awesome 360-Panorama Photo Sphere App Comes To iOS

Since making its debut on Android a little over a year ago, Photo Sphere has been one of those “Hey, look what my phone can do!” things that Android users have lorded over their non-Android friends. But today Google is opening the doors to iPhone users with the Photo Sphere Camera app of iOS. This is good news for those of us who love looking at these awesome images.

Two Of The Best iOS 8 Features Apple Didn't Talk About

There’s plenty of great new stuff coming in iOS 8. You’ll be able to remote control your phone from your computer to send text messages. There’s soon to be an army of new keyboard options. It’s a brave new world. But Apple didn’t even mention some of the best new features on stage.

This Awesome Giant Camera May Look Fake, But It's Actually A Café

When I first saw this giant camera standing bigger than the house next to it, I instantly thought it had to be a fake. It wasn’t. It’s a real and quite wonderful place in South Korea: the Dreamy Cafe.

This Spectacular Video Of A Flying Man Is Not From A Superhero Movie

This video by Simmon Hammond looks like an incredible scene from a superhero movie — the exquisite photography, the dramatic colour, and the camera moves are just too perfect to be real. But it is real and it feels magical, especially the two sequences above.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Australian Review: Super-Sized Elegance

When you take a small phone and make it big, you’re probably going to find it has been ruined by ugly elements designed to “strengthen” your new super-sized Franken-phone. Imagine our surprise then, when we started using the Lumia 1520 and found it incredibly civilised for the size.

MIT's New $500 Kinect-Like Camera Even Works With Translucent Objects

Microsoft’s Kinect is great, but it has its limitations. Not so MIT’s new nano-camera though, which uses similar technology but can weave the same magic with translucent objects, and even work in snow or rain.

Google Confirms Its Android Camera App Is About To Get Way Better

Earlier this month, a batch of comments in Android source code hinted that the camera app was about to get a shot in the arm. Now, Google has confirmed that’s the case.

Neurocam Analyses Your Brainwaves To Take Photos For You

Pressing a button is so 20th century. And winking or asking Google Glass to do it for you seems like quite a lot of effort too. So, for the truly lazy, Neurocam analyses your brainwaves to work out when you want a picture taken.

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