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I Wrote A Bot That Won Twitter Competitions

This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter competitions and ended up winning on average 4 competitions per day, every day, for about 9 months straight.

This Twitter Bot Shares Devastating Secrets In Exchange For Yours

There is a distressing secret clawing at each of our souls. But a new Twitter bot called @secrets_exe is designed to help you get that burden out into the world — without telling anybody about it. Liberation is just a tweet away.

NASA Is Sending This Little Bot To Explore Inside A Volcano

When volcanoes erupt, magma usually comes pouring out of fissures — deep, narrow crevices that plunge into the Earth. But fissures are difficult for clumsy humans to explore, even when the volcano is inactive. Enter VolcanoBot, a little bot designed for diving into fissures.

One Man And His Bot Have Written Almost 10% Of Wikipedia

You’ve probably never heard of Sverker Johansson, but you probably should have. He is, after all, the most prolific WIkipedia author on the internet — having written 2.7 million articles for the online encyclopaedia.

These Autonomous Bots Build Structures With A Hive Mind Of Their Own

These tiny construction robots look like they’re doing a well-choreographed dance, working together to build a structure. Who’s driving? Nobody — these micro machines cooperate autonomously, using the same concept that guides termites and bees to build huge structures without a supervisor or blueprint. Look at them go!

Robo-Whiskers And Three Other Cool, Creepy, Animal-Inspired Machines

Inventors, designers and engineers are constantly cribbing from Mother Nature, building new-school robots inspired by old-school biology. Let’s take a look at some of the latest, greatest, and weirdest designs that use biomimicry to give animal capabilities to machines.

More Than Half Of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks.

Over 60% Of Internet Traffic Is Now Driven By Bots

Chances are that, if you’re visiting this page, you’re not a human. A new study reveals that 61.5 per cent of all website traffic is generated by automated bots. Hi, robot!

Why Does BBM For Android Have So Many Horribly Fake Reviews?

So BBM for Android and iOS finally made it out after some delays. And how is it? “Really great user friendly and smooth” apparently. At least, according the legion of bots that’s leaving positive reviews on Google Play.

Meet The Twitter Bot That Can Answer All Your Questions

Remember SmarterChild? That AIM bot that would answer all/most of your questions and get huffy and stop talking to you when you inevitably started swearing at it? Unfortunately SmarterChild is still dead and gone, but it’s got a Twitter descendant: @DearAssistant.

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