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Woman Transforms Into Harley Quinn Using The Power Of Full-Body Makeup

Video: Kay Pike is an artist, but her preferred canvas is her own body. She also has an uncanny knack at replicating the look of 2D comic book characters with nothing but paint and the occasional prop. Most recently she decided to inhabit the look of badarse villainess Harley Quinn.

Crazy Make Up Transforms A Woman's Face Into Pikachu

Video: Well, that’s not bad. There’s a bit of prop help to recreate Pikachu’s body and ears — but the transformation from human face to Pikachu is all done with makeup applied on the fly by Chrisspy. It’s kind of scary how much she ends up looking like that cute little Pokémon.

People Turn Invisible In These Awesome Body Paint Photographs [NSFW]

Artist Natalie Fletcher masterfully blends people’s bodies into the surrounding landscapes with body paint. I love her work because she sometimes leaves the head or eyes of the model untouched which creates a jarring image of a floating body part. Every other body part is painted so well it fades into the background.

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