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The Fascinating Physics Of Blood Splatters

During the 2007 murder trial of music mogul Phil Spector, forensic experts for the defence and prosecution disagreed on how to interpret the blood spatter patterns on clothing worn by both Spector and his victim, among other disputed physical evidence. The end result was a hung jury, forcing the presiding judge to declare a mistrial.

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Blood

Does menstrual blood really attract bears? Why does blood look blue in your veins? And why were the first blood transfusions performed with animals? Here are 15 facts, historical and biological, you probably didn’t know about blood.

Watch How Mosquitoes Use Six Gross Needles To Suck Our Blood

Video: Mosquitoes are little bastards that do more killing, spread more disease and cause more annoyance than any other creature on Earth. That’s because they have a really sophisticated needle-like system for biting us to suck our blood. But exactly how they bite might surprise you.

Watch What Snake Venom Does To Human Blood

Video: Blood isn’t supposed to plop out like a solid, but that’s what happens when a snake’s hemotoxic venom gets mixed in with human blood — it thickens liquid blood into this congealed jelly substance. It’s pretty gross. This is how a venomous snakebite affects the body of its prey. A lot of tiny blood clots form inside the bloodstream, causing fatal blockages.

Physics Students Calculate How Long A Vampire Needs To Drink Your Blood

A bite to the neck and a clean getaway — that’s what a vampire needs. A group of physics students from the University of Leicester calculated exactly how long a vampire would need to accomplish those two things: about 6.4 minutes. They published their findings in the university’s Journal of Physics Special Topics.

Watching Blood Dry Is Surprisingly Interesting

Watching paint dry is, obviously, deadly dull. But it turns out that watching blood dry is surprisingly interesting — and particularly useful.

Fear Can Actually Kind Of Curdle Your Blood

Next time someone refers to a horror movie as ‘bloodcurdling,’ they might actually be kinda right. A new study shows that the fear experienced when watching scary movies is in fact associated with an increase in clotting agents in the blood.

Tiny Bubbles Can Help Ultrasound See Blood Vessels In Amazing Detail

A new ultrasound technique that uses tiny micro-bubbles to help improve the contrast of its images is capable of producing highly detailed pictures of blood vessels inside living animals.

The Violent And Bloody Scenes Of Quentin Tarantino Movies

No one uses blood and gore and violence in movies like Quentin Tarantino does. Though it certainly drips and probably soaks through a lot of his movies, his scenes with blood can almost be balletic. Well, an excessive ballet, at least. Here’s a collection of some of the bloodiest scenes. NSFW and all that, naturally.

This Vampire-Like Suction Device Lets Patients Draw Blood At Home

Patients dealing with cancer or infectious diseases require frequent blood tests to monitor their conditions. And, although important, frequent trips to the doctor to give samples can be very time-consuming. But a small device called the HemoLink that uses gentle vacuum pressure promises to let patients easily draw their own blood at home.

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