British Scientists Say They Have Created Artificial Blood For Humans

Somebody ring the bell at the blood factory, because it’s almost time to get those assembly lines running. Almost. A team of British scientists say they have created red blood cells suitable for transfusion into humans, a breakthrough that could change the lives of millions — if it works.

The Fascinating Journey Of A Blood Donation

If you’re super squeamish about blood this might be a teeny bit uncomfortable, but I found it absolutely fascinating. City of Hope shows each step a unit of donated blood takes on its journey from a donor’s arm to a patient in need. It’s a peek into the circulatory system that helps your hospital save lives every day.

How Blood Works

It’s red, it flows through your veins, the sight of it makes some people feel faint… but how exactly does blood work?

This Simple Invention Seals Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds Flat

To stop bleeding, apply pressure — with tiny sponges. A group of veterans, scientists, and engineers in Oregon have a developed a device that uses small medical sponges to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds in just 15 seconds.

Someday, Doctors May Test Circulation With Blood-Boiling Sonic Blasts

Currently, doctors use ultrasound to measure blood flow in the body. Doppler effect, just like bats! But it can’t detect flow in the small, slow-moving vessels where diseases often start. The solution? Sonic blasts that heat up a tiny drop of blood, then watch where it goes. Science!

5 Creepy, Scary, Awesome Things You Never Knew About Blood

The internet has been beating us over the head with the fact it’s Halloween, and that means lots of fake blood. But the real stuff coursing through your veins can be scary all on its own. Here are some of the weirdest and wildest things going on in the world of blood.

What It Looks Inside You When A Mosquito Bites You

This is a video of a mosquito inserting itself into the flesh of a mouse in search of some blood. Scientists were able to watch the entire process through a microscope to see how a mosquito bites down. It’s kinda freaky how flexible the needle can get.

This Robot Can Draw Your Blood

Some people are champs about having blood drawn and even go back as often as they’re allowed to donate blood. If you’re one of those people that’s frickin’ great. Go pat yourself on the back. If not you are probably thinking that you don’t want a robot coming anywhere near you with a needle. But the robot might actually be the better bet.

Wow, This Incredible Gel Stops Bleeding Instantly

This is either some sort of magical sorcery, camera trick or freaking awesome science-fiction technology coming to real life. The Veti-Gel is a substance that can be applied to a wound and stop the bleeding immediately. It’s insane how fast it works.

Say Goodbye To Needles And Get A Bluetooth Microchip That Bathes In Your Blood

We’ve got plenty of devices that track stats on the outside of our bodies and send the numbers to our phones, but how about one that goes under your skin and bathes in blood? A chip developed by a team of Swiss scientists does just that — it’s a Fitbit for under your skin. Sorta.