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Damn, Kanye Used To Be A Great Tech Blogger 

Kanye West insists that his next album will be the “album of life”. Is he exaggerating? Probably. But I do know that Kanye used to be the tech blogger of life.

Giz Explains: How To Use Robots.txt To Hide Your Dumb Blog

Completely deleting something from the internet is like corralling drunk, feral geese after setting them loose: damn near impossible. But there are ways to conceal the web content you don’t want anyone to lay eyes on. You can hide all sorts of web pages with what’s essentially a “Keep Out” sign for search engines: a special file called robots.txt.

You Can Now Embed Getty Images' Gorgeous Photos On Your Blog For Free

Getty Images is one of the world’s premiere sources for amazing photos. But if you don’t have the money to pay licensing fees, you can’t use the images. Well now, Getty is making its photos embeddable.

The Word Weblog Was Born 15 Years Ago Today

You call this blog a blog because 15 years ago today, a guy named Jorn Barger coined the phrase “weblog”. The term wasn’t shortened to “blog” until two years later when another early online writer, Peter Merholz, jokingly listed it as “we blog” on the sidebar of his own site.

John McAfee Started A Blog About John McAfee

Can’t get enough of the wild saga of murder suspect and anti-virus pioneer John McAfee? Great, because he just started a blog about his fugitive life on the lam in Belize. Bless you, internet.

Do You Still Have A Personal Blog?

Once upon a time, it seemed like everyone had a LiveJournal, or Blogspot, or TypePad, or WordPress, or ahem, Xanga. Then came the evolutions of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr which took the focus away from the blog post and emphasised the sharing of short thoughts, links, photos and whatever else. Nowadays, it seems that nless you’re a writer or some sort of public personality, you probably don’t have a personal blog full of “entries”.

Why Dave Winer Invented The Blog

If you’re reading these lines it’s because of this man. He’s Dave Winer, the inventor of blogs and RSS syndication, two of the backbones of the web. Often controversial, always challenging, this is the story of what got him inspired to do it all.

Report Recommends Regulating Big Aussie Blogs

Arguments are raging worldwide about whether media organisations, including newspapers and television stations, should be more tightly regulated. An independent assessment of Australia’s media argues that newspapers need much more effective regulation than currently exists and that a new body should handle this, but also suggest bloggers should be included. That’s a reasonable suggestion for large blogs, I reckon, but it could be fiddly to implement.

Behold This Treasure Trove Of Mistaken Text Messages

There’s a strange quirk in US carrier Verizon’s text messaging system. When entering a recipient, if their phone number doesn’t pop up with their name and you send it anyway, it may go to someone else. That someone else is often Leila.

A Vintage Photo Blog That's Actually Pretty Cool

There are a lot of photo blogs out there dedicated to collecting vintage photos, but I like the spin that relative newcomer Dear Photograph puts on the formula.

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