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Google Australia Ordered To Reveal Blogger Identities

It’s a simple fact of the internet that people are mean, but what happens when the meanies of the internet cross over into defamation territory? That’s the subject of a court case between Google Australia and 7-Eleven executive and former sportsman Shane Radbone where the former has just been ordered to reveal the identity of anonymous bloggers.

'We Put You Through Undue Hardship': Samsung Apologises To IFA Bloggers

When two bloggers signed on to a trip to IFA 2012 in Berlin with the Samsung Mob!lers program, they made it clear they would be covering their own stories. When the two bloggers found they’d be made to play booth babe for a week, they put their foot down. That’s when Samsung allegedly threatened to leave them there, with no help to get home. The story put a huge dent in Samsung’s reputation yesterday, and now a new email has surfaced indicating that the South Korean gadget giant is ready to apologise for its behaviour.

How Samsung Allegedly Threatened To Strand Two Bloggers In Germany

Being stranded in a foreign country without enough money to buy yourself a ticket home is a special kind of nightmare. Samsung allegedly threatened to do exactly that to two bloggers, according to a harrowing tale on The Next Web.

The List Of Google's Paid Bloggers Is Way Less Fun Than We Wanted It To Be

Well, to be fair, any list of bloggers is going to be less fun than any expectation you could possibly have for it. But this list of who commented on the Oracle vs Google trial while also being paid by Google? Dud.

Google Denies Paying Bloggers During Java Lawsuit

Just as the Google vs Oracle Java lawsuit wraps up, both companies have been ordered by a judge to disclose any payments made to bloggers for their comments during the trial. Google has claimed it had none, contrary to Oracle’s assertions, and Oracle has ‘fessed up to one such financial arrangement itself.

Cybercrime Blogger Resurfaces After Mysterious Disappearance

Bulgarian cybercrime blogger Dancho Danchev mysteriously vanished a few weeks ago, worrying his colleagues and the internet. He’s back! But what happened to him? According to one report, he was confined to a psychiatric hospital.

Nokia Enlists Russian Police To Get Prototype Smartphone Back From Blogger

In April, Moscow-based blogger Eldar Murtazin posted a review of Nokia’s forthcoming N8 smartphone on his site Nokia asked for its return for weeks to no avail. Now they’re calling on the Russian police to get their phone back.

Liveblogging Couple's Pirate Captors May Have Been Apprehended

Seven Somali pirates who may have played a role in the kidnapping of liveblogging couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, are currently in the custody of the European Union. Their involvement is still unproven and the Chandlers remain missing.

Pirates May Have Captured Around-The-World Liveblogging Couple

Paul and Rachel Chandler are a couple to envy. Still very much in love in their mid-50s and spending their days liveblogging sailing trips around the world. Sailing trips through pirate-infested waters where they may have been captured.

Ruin Halloween For Everyone By Going As Brian Lam Or Jason Chen

Someone has made a collection of masks of bloggers for Halloween, and our own Lam and Chen are included. Finally, Halloween is legitimately terrifying. [CostumePop via The Daily What]

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