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Elon Musk: Apple Hires Tesla's Rejects

Elon Musk must be pretty happy with his employees. In an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt, he pointed out that Apple is staffed by people that aren’t good enough to remain at Tesla.

Edward Snowden: Advanced Encryption May Stop Us Communicating With Aliens

On Friday, Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomed Edward Snowden to his StarTalk podcast. Along with the usual conversations about privacy and government, Snowden had another important warning to provide: encryption may hurt our abilities to see, or be seen by, extraterrestrials.

Edward Snowden: Sharing Porn Selfies Is All In A Day's Work At The NSA

Notorious security campaigner Edward Snowden has given an interview about his times working for the NSA, claiming that employees enjoy poking through people’s private files — and sharing their best finds with their colleagues.

Sergey Brin: I Shouldn't Have Worked On Google+

Sergey Brin had admitted that it was “probably a mistake” that he ever worked on Google+, because, in his own words, he’s “not a very social person” and “kind of a weirdo”. Talking at Re/code’s Code Conference yesterday, Brin explained that the decision to have him work on the company’s social offering was misguided.

Jony Ive Talks Design Philosophy, Patent Theft And Apple's Future

In a rare interview, Jony Ive spoke to the Sunday Times over the weekend, discussing everything from design philosophy to travelling with Steve Jobs. Here are a few choice cuts.

Mark Zuckerberg Talks Fragmenting Apps, Anonymous Facebook And... Poke

Ahead of Facebook’s 10th anniversary on February 4, Bloomberg Businessweek scored an interview with Mark Zuckerberg to chat about the company’s future. Here are some choice cuts from the social network’s head honcho.

Barack Obama: Dammit, I'm Not Allowed An iPhone For 'Security Reasons'

Poor old Barack Obama. Not only is his pet project struggling to gain traction, he has other tech woes too: he isn’t allowed an iPhone for “security reasons”.

Vint Cerf: 'Privacy May Actually Be An Anomaly'

Vint Cerf, Google’s chief internet evangelist, is famous for having some, um, strong views. He’s just unleashed a cracker though: he thinks that “privacy may actually be an anomaly”.

Stephen Hawking Doesn't Think The Higgs Boson Is Interesting Enough

Professor Stephen Hawking is not impressed by the discovery of the Higgs boson particle earlier this year. First, it lost him a $100 bet. Second, he would’ve been happier if a more “interesting” solution to the problem of the mass of the universe had been discovered.

Woz: I Wish To God That Apple And Google Were Partners

If there’s one man who talks tech sense it’s Woz — and never more so than in a recent interview with the BBC. Woz would love it if Apple and Google played friendly, and he makes a very, very good point.

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