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Board Games Have Always Been Great At Teaching Us To Buy More Stuff

As we approach Christmas, there’s a tremendous marketing push by retailers who implore us to buy more things. Frankly, our entire economy depends upon people buying stuff they don’t need. But Americans have a tendency to romanticize the Before Times™ — an era when consumerism wasn’t so rampant. This longing for the days of old is misguided at best. One need only look at the board games of the 19th and 20th centuries for evidence.

Microsoft Australia Has Some Pretty Sweet Xbox One And Surface Deals For Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t a thing here in Australia. Which is unfortunate considering that there’s a bunch of sweet cash to be saved on gadgets this time of year. Microsoft Australia decided to throw the land Down Under a bone and discount products from the Surface through to the Xbox One, and everything in between.

Jimmy Kimmel's The First Black Friday Ken Burns Parody Is Perfect

Black Friday has become as much an American holiday tradition as decking the halls, trimming the tree or watching football. So it only makes sense that Ken Burns’ latest documentary, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel, tells the story of the nation’s very first unofficial shopping holiday that followed the first Thanksgiving.

Google Searches Now Come With Interactive Gadget Porn

We spend a lot of time on our tablets and smartphones. You probably also spend a lot of time thinking about buying new ones. You know it. I know it. And of course, Google knows it. That’s why they’re augmenting your gadget searches with 3D renders of the stuff you’re lusting over.

Black Friday Really Is The Crappiest Day Of The Year For American Retailers

You’ve heard of Black Friday, the darkest day for American capitalism; Cyber Monday, where everyone gets out their latent shopping aggression online; now there’s even Grey Thursday, as retailers open on Thanksgiving Eve to get an edge on the competition. But, friends, have you heard of Brown Friday?

Apple Australia's Black Friday Sale Gives You Gift Cards Galore

If you were holding out until today to purchase a shiny new Apple gadget, tough luck: the prices haven’t changed. What has changed is that everything from new MacBooks, iPads and even various accessories will nab you various Apple Gift Cards. Check out the full list of prices over at Lifehacker. [Lifehacker]

The Massive Dollar Store Black Friday Line Prank

Waiting outside of Best Buy? Cliché. Furiously refreshing Amazon? Amateur. The real Black Friday pros this year lined up outside of a Manhattan dollar store. Or at least, that’s what Improv Everywhere would have you believe.

It Wouldn't Be Black Friday Without Shoppers Fighting Over Cheap Electronics

It’s ironic that Thanksgiving, a day for thinking about everything you have and being thankful for it, is sidled up right next to Black Friday, a day when people will trample each other to save a few bucks on electronics. Every year you hope it’s going to be different, and every year YouTube is flooded with videos of people at their worst.

Apple Australia's Black Friday Sale Is On Now

Apple doesn’t bring you bargain shopping often, so when it does it’s good to get in quickly. Apple is today celebrating Black Friday (a typically US-centric shopping day) with some sweet sales on iPads, Macs, iPods and various accessories. Let us round up all the deals for you here.

The Best Exclusives Of The Year

These are the stories you couldn’t find anywhere else. From Apple’s security slips to Facebook’s prolific profile breach, check out Gizmodo’s best Exclusives from 2010.

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