Uber, AirBnB And Many Other Services Might Accept Bitcoin Soon

You might soon be able to pay for that Uber ride or that AirBnB reservation using bitcoin. The Wall Street Journal reports that eBay has been working to integrate bitcoin into its Braintree payments subsidiary.

Swag, Vapes And Econ: My Day At The North American Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin may have emerged from a shadowy corner of the internet, but soon, it will have its own government affairs office in Washington. According to the crypto-currency’s biggest advocates, who assembled at the second North American Bitcoin Conference this weekend in Chicago, Bitcoin is all grown up. In reality, it’s entering adolescence — which is way more interesting.

Silk Road Bitcoin Auctioned Off To Guy Who Wants To Split Up California

When the FBI shut down illegal online marketplace the Silk Road, it seized a stash of 30,000 Bitcoin from the underground website and announced plans to auction the supply off. This week, venture capitalist and would-be California-splitter-upper Tim Draper won all of it, gaining an estimated $US17.7 million in illicit cryptocurrency.

Pizza Shop: We're Being Extorted For Bitcoin. What's A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the preferred currency of hackers, fraudsters and e-based ruffians everywhere, is now being extorted on our streets — from your local pizza joint, specifically. Now the owners just need to figure out what a bitcoin actually is.

Queensland Man Charged With Stealing $110,000 In Bitcoin

A 21-year-old man from the small town of Kingaroy in inland Queensland has been arrested and charged with the theft of $110,000 in Bitcoin, only three months after he was first arrested for hacking a US gaming company’s computer network.

One User Controls Over Half Of Bitcoin Mining -- And That's A Security Risk

For the first time in its history, a single user has begun to provide over half the computational power used to mine the digital coins. But with much of Bitcoin’s security stemming from its decentralised structure, that could prove a large security risk.

The FBI Is Auctioning Off Its Seized Silk Road Bitcoins

Late last year, the FBI seized Silk Road and the assets of its founder. Now, it’s planning to auction off the hoard of Bitcoin, worth around $US18 million, that it took control of.

An Aussie V8 Supercar Driver Is Looking For Dogecoin Sponsors

Lee Holdsworth, a driver with Erebus Motorsports, wants to race a dogecar. The Erebus Mercedes E63 AMG-bodied V8 Supercar is looking for sponsors for the Townsville 400 in July, and after the success of the Dogecoin NASCAR, Internet comedy crowdfunding just might be the answer.

No, Foxtel Will Not Accept Bitcoin (But You Can Pay With A Money Order)

So US pay TV provider Dish TV has started accepting payments in Bitcoin. This got us wondering: would that trend mean Foxtel might also be willing to consider payments in Bitcoin or another popular crypto-currency?

Bitcoin Exchanges Are Being Investigated Over Silk Road Drug Money

Back in April, the Silk Road defence lawyer, Joshua Dratel, tried to save his client, Ross Ulbricht, by throwing Bitcoin under the bus. Now, the FBI is investigating Mt Gox and a number of other bitcoin exchanges in connection with Silk Road.

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