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Deals: Intrigued By Bitcoin? Here’s Your Chance To Get The Inside Scoop

Thanks to Bitcoin, the world is seeing the potential benefits of cryptocurrency, and many digital storefronts are getting behind it. With the Bit.Yoga course, you can see what all the fuss is about and capitalise upon it — all for only $50.70 AUD [$39 USD].

The US Feds Just Turned A $2 Million Profit On Seized Silk Road Bitcoin

An anonymous bidder purchased 2700 bitcoins worth about $2 million in an anonymous auction held by US Marshals Service on Monday. The Feds confirmed the sale to CoinDesk, a site that reports on the digital currency, and said that four bids were received in the auction.

As Punishment For Stealing Bitcoin, Man Must Teach Police About Bitcoin

The first ever money-laundering case involving Bitcoin was dismissed today when a Miami judge ruled that Bitcoin is not money.

Craig Wright's Claims About Inventing Bitcoin Still Don't Make Any Sense

New details have emerged in the saga of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Last night, the London Review of Books published an incredibly detailed, 35,000-word story about the recent turmoil of Craig Wright, an Australian businessman who claims to have invented Bitcoin. The story offers plenty of fascinating tidbits about the entire Wright saga, but fails to answer a question that’s fundamental to the story: How did a man so obsessed with security get hacked so damn badly?

$18M Worth Of Australia's Confiscated Bitcoin To Be Auctioned

24,518 Bitcoins considered “the proceeds of crime” and confiscated by police are set to be auctioned in June, making it the first sale of its kind outside the US — where the sale set a standing for the cryptocurrency to be considered legal.

Valued at $18,213,691 in total at current exchange rates, the Bitcoin will be sold in blocks of 2,000 so as not to negatively affect the market.

Explore A Huge Bitcoin Mine In 360 Video

Video: Ever wondered what a large-scale Bitcoin mine looks like? Well this video allows you to step inside a Chinese factory where the equivalent of $11 million of the cryptocurrency is generated every single year.

Craig Wright Backs Out Of Promise To Move Bitcoin

The saga of Bitcoin’s mysterious founder took another bizarre turn today, when Dr Craig Wright, an Australian businessman who claims to be the inventor of the cryptocurrency, reneged on his promise to move early bitcoins. Moving the bitcoins was widely perceived by experts as the primary method for Wright to prove his identity.

Bitcoin: Is Dave Kleiman The Missing Link In Craig Wright's Satoshi Story?

When Wright, an Australian computer engineer and inventor, publicly claimed that he is Satoshi this week, he also alluded to receiving help from Dave Kleiman, a Palm Beach County-based computer forensics specialist who died in 2013. According to Wright, Kleiman provided extensive help with the writing of the so-called Bitcoin whitepaper, the document that introduced the digital currency to the world in 2008.

Craig Wright Claims He Will Move Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin 'In The Coming Days'

On Monday, Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright announced that he was the elusive creator of Bitcoin. His proclamation was immediately met with an avalanche of suspicion, with one prominent cryptography expert describing it as “flimflam and hokum”. Now, through a spokesman, Wright has promised that further proof for his claims is coming.

Budget 2016: CSIRO Will Explore Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology

The government’s just-announced 2016 Federal Budget will see the “encouragement” of private companies and the government itself exploring blockchain technology, the peer-to-peer protocol popularised by bitcoin. New legislation, too, will ensure that Australian citizens are not double-taxed when they use, buy and sell digital currencies like bitcoin itself.

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