Report: Mt Gox Gives Up And Files For Liquidation

The failed bitcoin exchange Mt Gox has given up on its plan to rise from the ashes under bankruptcy protection. Instead, according to the Wall Street Journal, it has asked a Tokyo court for permission to be liquidated.

Why The Future Of Bitcoin Depends On The Silk Road Trial

Over the weekend, Ross Ulbricht’s lawyer, Joshua Dratel, filed a motion asking the court to dismiss all charges against the Silk Road kingpin. It’s largely what you’d expect from a bullish defence attorney. But here’s the twist: Dratel throws bitcoin under the bus.

IRS Declares Bitcoin Is Property And Must Be Taxed As Such

With April 15 looming, plenty of Bitcoin barons have been wondering how to treat their newfound crypto-fortunes. Does it count as capital gains? Is it taxed like a currency? Is it taxed at all? Well, on Tuesday, the Internal Revenue Service announced definitively that Bitcoin is property, and will be taxed as such.

Mt. Gox Found Over $US100 Million In Bitcoin In A Random Wallet

Bitcoin is big money. When Mt. Gox went belly up, hundreds of millions in Bitcoin up and disappeared. Now, the troubled exchange just happens to have stumbled into 200,000 ‘coin it thought was lost, or roughly 116 million dollars.

What Bitcoin Would Have Been Like If It Existed In The 90s

Bitcoin! It’s wild! It’s crazy! It’s all the rage! But what if instead of bubbling up to the surface and making waves here in the twenty-teens it had gotten popular way back in the 90s? Well, it would have looked a little something like this.

Bitcoin Software Fixed To Avoid Another Mt. Gox

In a bid to avoid another Mt. Gox, the software which drives Bitcoin transactions on the Internet has been updated to fix the weakness which contributed to digital vault’s downfall.

Conan Explains Bitcoin Once And For All

We have endeavoured more than once to explain Bitcoin, but do any of you really understand it? It doesn’t help that the mysterious digital currency keeps disappearing. Thankfully, here’s a Conan O’Brien bit to set the record straight once and for all.

Hackers Claim Mt Gox Still Has Investors' Bitcoins

The Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox filed for bankruptcy protection last week, admitting to an outstanding debt of around $US63.6 million. Now, a team of hackers claims that the company still has investors’ bitcoins.

The Guy Who Invented Bitcoin Is A Reclusive Oddball (Surprise!)

Bitcoin, like all great fantasies, has a compelling creation myth: one Satoshi Nakamoto existed on the internet just long enough to give birth to everyone’s favourite cryptocurrency before disappearing for six years. Theories abounded as to the man’s true identity. No one could track him down. That is, until Newsweek did just now.

There's Reportedly A Bitcoin Car Chase Happening Right Now, And It's Bonkers

According to a few different sources on Twitter, the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is on the run from journalists. Newsweek “uncovered” him, and after a bunch of journos showed up at his house, He chose one out of a gaggle to take with him. Now the rest of them are reportedly engaged in a car chase through LA.